I haven't subscribed, but I was hoping Chris Wallace would make a go of it after leaving Fox.


I get my CNN news from my Boomer parents. They like to stay informed of all the BREAKING NEWS!!!! in between sessions of Judge Judy and The Weather Channel.


Gotta ad some Peter Tosh for today. The guy taught Bob Marley how to play guitar and sing:


Wow bong hits are still a thing?

I thought it was all about the vaping these days.

In a way, while I have no desire to indulge, I’m kind of bummed that I stopped smoking pot before it became legal.


4 Bong hits are always a thing.


4 Vaping is the very very for the "on the go always" types.. great for backpacking, too.
But down in the basement when the tie comes off, the bong rips come out.


A great rocker stoner song for this day from Rick and the Didjits:

I'll stop when this zoom meeting is finally over.


I'm just shocked to learn that anyone on "the Stranger" staff waits until AFTER work to toke up.


@8 Well Lester Black was sometimes sober.


Man, I miss Lester!


peeps do this
shit SOBER?

how's That work?


'Student Debt'
is to keep Rich
peeps Rich and the
Po' in their Proper Place:

in Serfitude


They are not really cancelling the debt. 40,000 might be eligible to renegotiate the terms and payments of their loan. If they can pay without missing a payment of their renegotiated payment for 10 years the rest of the loan will be forgiven. So not really as advertised but the Biden Administration needs any kind of win right now.


@13: I knew it wouldn't be good enough.

Someone remind me how much Student Loan Debt the Trump Administration addressed?


@13 That is a perfectly sensible solution and precisely the sort of thing Biden said he would do during the campaign and not just erase debt.

But you sure caught him out!


NO criticism
of Smokin' Joe?

I seem to be missing
Something here


Nintendo is widely known in the local industry as being the bottom of the barrel. I've worked in both their CS and QA departments (when I was much younger and didn't have many options), and was appalled at their treatment of contractors. They were treated exactly like migrant day-laborers, only they demanded the "contractors" come to their office before they are told whether there will be work for them that day. I could list other awful aspects of how they treat people, but that should be enough.

FUCK NINTENDO. I hope the unionization effort is successful. It is desperately needed to rein in the Plumber's awful behavior and it would be a major victory for labor in the tech sector to have the company synonymous with video games become organized.


@15 It is not the Elizabeth Warren level of student cancelation just as the ACA isn't socialized medicine.


Forgiving student loan debt is not the right thing to do, it is not a matter of morals at all. The only thing they should do is convert all student loans to non-interest bearing and then apply any interest paid to date to the principal. That is the fair thing to do.

They should really be focusing on the cost of the education, not the funding mechanism. Fix that, and the rest solves itself.


I would take the "cancel student loan debts" crowd more seriously if they also offered viable plans to make future student debt unnecessary.

As it stands it just seems they expect a magic wand eliminating all student loan debt, to be waved once a generation.


or make it like it was formerly:
fucking Affordable to ALL

where's the god damn Harm?
strip-mining the Citizenry
does not Help
the Citizenry


@19 The funding mechanism is the issue. The more you subsidize education the more expensive it becomes because Colleges and Universities charge more.
Also do you provide free college to just US citizens or are we making it free for anyone who make's it to the United States?
Do you make private colleges illegal?
Does the government force colleges to only charge a certain amount?
Should the middle class pay for undergrad/masters/doctorates of rich people?

Bumper Sticker slogans don't make great policy.


@21 "or make it like it was formerly:
fucking Affordable to ALL"

Got a plan for that?


@19 Would you apply the same logic to cars/car loans? Are cars more expensive now because of the ability to get a loan? Do you think the inability to get relief of student loans via bankruptcy unlike all other loans increases the cost of higher education? Certainly home prices are correlated to the cost of mortgages. Although I have zero data and haven't researched it at all, my gut tells me the increased cost of education is linked to higher demand for higher education. The funding mechanism is just coming along for the ride.

Also, unless you're just spit-balling, I never mentioned anything about providing free college, although I do think a degree in english should be cheaper than a degree in engineering.


@18 This may come as a shock to you so hold on to your beanie… but Biden was elected president. Not Elisabeth Warren.


“The more you subsidize education the more expensive it becomes because Colleges and Universities charge more.”

Totally provably preposterous.

Education was cheaper when it more heavily subsidized by state governments.

My man, my tuition in the 1980’s was less than $400 a quarter. And subsidies to state colleges was proportionally waaaaay higher. College costs have increased by 169% since 1980. And state schools got way more support by states themselves.

When the subsidies were PRIVATIZED to bank loans underwritten by the Federal government is when they inflated.


@23 -- sure:

put the Citizenry
ahead of strip-
Mining the


So no plan, just words?


Just ideas.

I'll leave the Planning
to the Planners

it's what
they do


@29 But of course you’ll be more than willing to complain and post your doggerel when those plans don’t match your ideal.


spose I'll complain
bitch & moan &
whine nag rag
and et cetera

my doggerel?
leave that
bitch out-
ta it.

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