Several years ago, you called into a salon that I worked at and demanded that I cancel someone else's appointment. You wanted to get in for a haircut from our curly hair specialist the next day at a specific time because you were being interviewed for something. I was so polite, so calm, so accommodating to you. After offering you several reasonable alternatives, you threw the most intense Karen entitlement fit and accused me of being incompetent because the schedule was full, and I could not simply cancel someone else's appointment to get you in. You even had the nerve to yell, "Do you know who I am"? Actually, yes.

I knew exactly who you were because I had read your books and had looked up to you for years. I am a student working towards becoming a couples and family therapist. You were so cruel to me over something out of my control, and now I have to sit through classes through a curriculum you wrote the book on. Do you know how difficult it is to respect you when I really know who you are and how you behave when you don't have a camera on you? When you were screaming at me over the phone, I was taking care of my dying husband. Anytime a therapist or instructor mentions being certified by your institute, I have to be conscious about not rolling my eyes. How does someone so emotionally unintelligent become the face of couples' communication? You know who you are, and I sincerely hope that you know how to regulate your own emotions now. Also, an apology would really help me get through the remainder of my schooling without feeling sick every time your name comes up.

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