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A new proposal would tax weed to right the wrongs of the drug war



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Do you really need a 15 person commission to do this work? It sounds like 3-5 would be fine.


Jesus Christ. $5 million a year to fund a commission?!


@3, @4. The money doesn't all go to the members of the commission. This won't be a full time job (the article made that clear). Presumably the stipend is for a few hours a week they spend in meetings, making recommendations. That is why they used the word "stipend", not "wage" or "salary".


No. I've ponied up thousands in the black market days to pay legal fees for our dealers when they get caught. I've done my share as far as I am concerned.


Anyway, back to the article. Excellent work again, and I totally agree. This is an excellent idea, and long overdue. The victims of the drug war weren't the privileged white kids that couldn't get high as cheaply or easily as they wanted, but the mostly low income people of color whose lives were ruined. That was the goal initially ( That's a quote from John Fucking Ehrlichman, by the way, the former Chief Domestic Advisor for Nixon, one of the most powerful men in the country.

Trump is nothing more than a stupid version of Nixon.


@5 Hannah's post is my only source of information on this issue, so I could very well have it all wrong. However, this statement:

"The money from the tax would pay for the Equity Commission, which Edgerton described as the 'meat' of the proposal."

led me to believe the funding was primarily destined for the commission. Moreover, that is the only concrete example of what the tax might be spent on that I could find in Hannah's post. If you have a better source, by all means please share. I am also confused as to why this local proposal is a better plan than reallocating the state tax as proposed in HB-1827 in the last legislative session.


Stores will raise their prices which will hurt consumers so that a commission can make money. Brilliant. I understand the politician money grabbing, but why is UFCW involved? To collect dues from budtenders? No thanks. I made $60,000 last year and I have healthcare and vacation pay. I don't need their fake asses telling me what I need.


Russians who lived through the Cold War have a joke: "Everything the Bolsheviks told us about Communism was a lie, but everything they told us about Capitalism was the truth."

In a similar vein, everything the Republicans tell us about tax cuts is a lie, but some of what they say about left-wing government programs is the truth.


I am not going to lie this article looks like it was cobbled together in a day and is missing the nuance of the issue. The union is trying to help workers ultimately but we need to hear more voices from the stakeholders and the mayor. Where does Harold stand on Cannabis equity? Will he stick his head in the sand? Will the business leaders force him to play politics or will he be decisive like he is on the homelessness issue? It's definitely another litmus test for his office and hopefully, he isn't bullied by the big business or growers and does the right thing by workers

Also, no more pipe dream proposals (unfunded mandates). We need laws that are going to help the community and it should be funded by the Cannibus fat cats... Looking at you Unkle Ike...Eisenberg...


they can fuck right-off with this. there's already a massive excise tax on-top of a sales tax for weed. they want to add another 10 bucks to the price of a cartridge or eighth?
fuuuuuuuck nooooooo. maybe let me grow my own at home, then we'll talk.


@13: Just don't pay it. I hear that the city is not prosecuting non-violent crimes.

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