"a year of electric scooters has taught us something."

Looking at the demographics in the Times article, scooters are primarily used for recreation by white men aged 25-34 earning just under $100,000 annually. In other words, these are annoying toys for tech workers. That's probably not news to most SLOG commenters, but may be news to the Stranger staff.


I don't care what some MAGA-bootlicking federal judge in Florida says, I'm wearing my masks, dammit! So far, so good: the worst I've gotten is a mixed bag of smirks and scowls by the unmasked, or people will cross the street to socially distance themselves.
I'm fully vaccinated (including two boosters) but have the following reasons for still masking in public:

1.) I want to avoid catching a cold or the flu as well as COVID. I haven't had either illness over the last two years and four months and would like to continue this healthy trend;

2.) COVID isn't done with us yet, folks. New variants keep emerging, and people are still getting infected and dying. It is said that over 22 million people globally have died since the initial onset. I have no desire to join that grim statistic.

3.) The U.S. has far too many stubbornly stupid people hellbent on willfully endangering the lives of others because they claim it's their "right" (along with the rest of their RepubliKKKan Death Cult misinformed Free Dumbs).

4.) Violent anti-maskers can go fuck themselves.


@3: And one more reason:

5.) I could be asymptomatic. Masking is courtesy to others who might be more immune-compromised than I am.


@3: Do what you want, but if you have a functioning immune system, it behooves you to catch mild colds every now and again.


If the federal government can mandate a mall cop grabbing your genitals in the name of safety theater then they can mandate your bitch ass wearing a mask to actually keep you and others safe.


Hannah, as a former self-professed "weed junkie" (that's what we called ourselves in the '80s and '90s) I can tell you that not smoking pot does not make you boring, it probably makes you more interesting than any of your stoner friends.


@6 That's kind of the point of the law suit, and the whole purpose of the Federalist Society.

These are the idiots who don't think the Federal government has any powers. The legal arguments in this law suit can be used to challenge EPA regulations, FDA Regulations, and yes even TSA rules concerning air travel.

Yes there are idiots who think that it's your constitutional right to board airlines armed.

Pushing judges who agree with this nonsense has been Mitch McConnell's life work.

So yes it is important to keep the Senate out of Mitch's grasp. It's so important that Manchin and Sinema can be forgiven all ills, so long as they caucus with the Democrats and prevent Mitch from installing more judges like Kathryn Kimball Mizelle on the bench.


I’m glad VV is around, I get that the signage is ambiguous at best but if they are selling those goods at prices affordable to everyone then I don’t really care.


VV absolutely donates to charity, they just do it by gross weight. They give local non-profits $x per pound. So if you donate a 200lb tv that’s broken, VV loses money because they must pay the charity, but can’t sell it and are stuck with disposing it. If you donate a diamond, VV makes a great margin. In the end, I would bet it’s a pretty slim margin because it takes a ton of effort to sort, recycle, and dispose all the stuff we drop off. Hell, keeping half that shit out of a landfill is charitable for the earth.


@5 DOUG: What is the benefit of catching a cold? I am a wind musician, and for obvious reasons don't smoke. My lips chap easily in cold weather, and wearing a mask keeps them smooth as well as safeguard against airborne infections. Wouldn't having a respiratory illness make me more vulnerable to COVID? If the answer is yes, then, no, I really want to safeguard against cold & flu as well as the COVID virus.
I'm currently playing in the pit orchestra for a community theatre production. Having a sore throat is off the table. This is the first gig I have had since the onset of COVID. Spring is here, I'm finally returning to something close to normalcy and don't want to jeopardize it.


Go, Senator Patty Murray, GO!! Bless you for all you do.


Congrats on the Gig
auntie Gee! Stay


Mike Kreidler shouldn't have done what he did, but he is arguably the best insurance commissioner in the country. As such, there's probably a lot of corporate/GOP money to be spent on disgracing him so that they can get Loren Culp of some other nitwit in that office.


stay lifted


@11 - post a link for tickets!


Kreidler SUX! Go to the state insurance commish website and you will find THOUSANDS of complaints against Safeco that he’s never addressed. “We don’t get involved in personal business”. Pages and pages of heinous bullying and ripoffs by Safeco. Right there, last I looked in ‘20*.

And instead of telling grotesquely profitable corporations to just stop discriminating against low credit scores, he allowed the vast majority of responsible (and yet often poor) to have their rates jacked by close to 20%.

He’s been in the job way too long and by watching his actions and worse, inactions, over many years I believe he is OWNED by the companies he supposedly “regulates”. I would like to see a thorough investigation of his personal finances over his long duration at the trough.

During the first lockdown, when we were all at home, going exactly nowhere, and other companies were issuing premium reductions, GEICO tried to tell me that a car sitting in the driveway all the time was a “significant risk” to the company. BS!!! They finally gave about 15% for what, 3 months.

Kreidler just goes along with this corporate bullshit as a matter of habit. We really need a new proactive clean person in that job yesterday!


Mizz Grizz:
A couple I know, in their 60s, who both experience miserable seasonal allergies, both had their symptoms disappear after their first shot of vaccine! Extraordinary! They live in a very maple forested neighborhood too, which is blooming like crazy.

I understand how masks can prevent colds and flu, (our friends in Japan understand this for like forever...) but this ‘side effect’ is a mystery!

Unfortunately this effect is wearing off for one of them. I’m unsure of their status as to second boosters.

Our immune and allergy systems are still a profound complex defense. So much yet to understand. I’d really like to know why getting the occasional cold may be beneficial. I have a theory or two, which doesn’t matter. Let’s see the science!

I sincerely hope you haven’t been harassed for something as personal as wearing a mask! What kind of idiot does that??? (Symbolic question...) That’s like harassing a person for wearing a bra! None of their f’ing business!


@13 kristofarian: Many thanks! Into the Night, the Stephen Sondheim musical, runs from Friday's opening night, June 10, 2022 through our final matinee performance on Sunday, June 26, 2022.

@14 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I can't believe Loren Culp is now running for Congress. I guess he's desperate to beat Dino Rossi's 4-time Loser record.

@16: Visit for ticket information, or call (360) 733-1811 Tuesday - Thursday, 12 noon - 4 pm. Thank you, Rainy, for your interest!

@18 PrincessAngeline#2: Luckily nobody has actually physically threatened or harassed me (yet) about wearing a mask in public. The worst I've faced so far has been getting dirty looks from unmasked people, or laughed and / or sarcastically waved at. One passing idiot loudly belched, apparently forever protecting his "Free Dumbs".

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