Jackkay dear, I say better late than never - as it would be if we were dumb enough to elect Republican Senators.


Glad to see Senator Murray taking the lead on this. Washington state legalized cannabis, and as one of the persons tasked with representing the interests of the state in our federal system, she's standing up to get federal support for her state's policy.

As this story relates, the perfect remains the enemy of the good. Pass Sen. Murray's bill already, and after the world -- yet again! -- fails to collapse whilst wheezing a cloud of cannabis smoke, Sen. Schumer's more comprehensive bill can pass as well.


“The bill would [Finally!] end a[n insidious] requirement that the Postal Service finance workers' health care benefits ahead of time for the next 75 years, an obligation that private companies and federal agencies do not face.”


oh and let’s have our Post Offices
become little Banks as well
serving peeps way out
in the Boonies

you think Citibank’s
serving them now?

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