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The court found that the city ordinance was pre-empted by a state law (that is, the state has claimed that it alone will regulate the field of firearms). It expressed no opinion on whether the law "went too far" or not, and did not suggest that tey would strike down a similar state law that was not so pre-empted, Describing it this way misinforms those who might want to ask their State legislators to enact a similar law (hint, hint).

Actually, what might be better would be a Texas-style law that allows any resident of Washington to sue anyone who stores his/her gun unsafely. Pretty clearly the new and improved Federal courts would say this is just fine.


'Florida lawmakers have voted to strip Disney of its special status as a self-governing area as the war between Governor Ron DeSantis and the company rumbles on.'

There, that's a win win if I ever heard one.


Yes, that deal with Disney is one that Florida never should have made. His repellent motives aside, DeSantis isn't wrong to push for ending it. But count on him and the legislature to do so in a way that screws over the poor as much as possible.


Democratic Presidents always stay at the Westin because it's a union hotel. One of two union hotels downtown, and the only unionized hotel that can accomodate the Secret Service' requirements for presidential accomodation.

And why the hand-wringing about "sweeping" the homeless? What do you expect the city to do? Let the country see how we allow people to live in squalor while we tell everyone how progressive we are?


Those Floriduh Republinazi Ku Klux Fux just stuck their taxpayers with some $1 billion in debt, city services and maintenance that they’ve no way to pay for, ha ha ha.

Let’s Go Braindead.

Disney is ruled by soulless, two-faced, backstabbing liars that’ve been funding Republinazis all these years in their attacks against the LGBTQ+ community, so it’s way past time they got their own faces chewed off by the GOPnazi bath salts cannibals.

Let them fight.


I guess if you are white you are incapable of representing the people or your constituency.

Does the reverse also hold true if you are a person of color you can't represent white people in your district or constituency?

This is a real pickle. We have white people and non white and they can't represent fairly their districts. Golly!

I hope President Biden visits more often,... then we can excelerate the removal of the homeless on a grander scale. Bravo and don't forget to vote for Biden or any other center party candidate.


@2, you don't need a Texas-style law to allow people to sue anybody for anything. Your suit may get thrown out of court, but you're entitled to sue, if you have the $250 to file in Superior Court.



Once the Secret Service has vetted a location and determined it's vulnerabilities and how to counteract them it will be their preferred location.

And squalor had nothing to do with removing those 13 tents. They were in the security perimeter. Far too easy for a potential attacker to hide in plain site in a tent outside the hotel that the President is staying in. Getting rid of those tents was all about security, but bonus for Seattle we removed another 13 tents from the street.

But as far as sweeping goes I'm in favor. Sweep sweep sweep, every single tent, every single day. I don't care if it's one tent that pops up in Myrtle Edwards Park or dozens lined up on Western by Columbia, sweep them. Sweep them every damn day until they move on to a more accommodating city.


Will Sen. Cantwell make an appearance with Biden? I feel like she has been MIA for years. At least Sen. Murray says something about veterans or the budget once a quarter. They should be helping our House Dems fundraise for 2022. Hate to lose the 8th again and will the 3rd be in play?


You can’t take a train to Vancouver.


@10: Good question. Maria's office is always putting down rumors that she died but she has been indisposed for years now and hasn't been accepting many visitors, appearing only rarely in pubic (agoraphobia some say) but accounting to KING5 she'll be with sister Patty hanging out with Joe today:

Biden will be joined by Gov. Jay Inslee, Congresswoman Kim Schrier, and Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell during his appearances in Seattle Friday, according to Press Secretary Jen Psaki.


13 tents weren't removed from the streets. 13 tents were moved to other streets.



Then we need to sweep them again today wherever they went.
Then again
Then again

We need to make the criminal vagrants understand that wherever they establish a camp it will be swept immediately.

It’s not rocket science. If we make Seattle less welcoming to vagrants we’ll have fewer vagrants.


That doesn't solve any problems though. It just makes them some other places. And most people don't intentionally become "vagrants" or do it for the lulz. Maybe our country should be less welcoming to end-stage capitalism.



Getting the vagrants out of town seems like a solution to me.

And I’m guessing you’re young and/or inexperienced in the darker corners of the world.

There is absolutely a subculture that celebrates being an outlaw and embraces vagrancy.

Maybe kids growing up these days are more sheltered than back in the day, but many of us, in our youth, had plenty of opportunities and offers to make the exact same life choices our local criminal vagrants made and we know damn well it’s a conscious decision, because we’ve seen friends and acquaintances make that decision.


@13 Here's Cantwell down in Vancouver last week meeting with officials working on getting the Interstate Bridge replaced (finally). I'd rather have her working on these type of issues that benefit Washingtonians than doing dumb fundraisers for party elites. But if you want the type of Senator who gets more camera time, you may end up with someone who doesn't have time for things like mass transit or replacement bridges.


Shorter @15:

"We don't need to fix the structural, economic, or cultural causes of homelessness; we just need to keep a'sweepin' them tents around! Sweep, sweep! Sweep, sweep, sweep! Maybe eventually them homeless will get tired of bein' homeless here and go be homeless somewhere else, then we can all pretend there ain't no homeless problem no more! That'll fix things real good!"



'playing' Whack-a-Moley
with Human Beings
is right up st2's

he offers
No Solutions

only 'removing'
the Symptoms of
Unbridled Capitalism


@19 Shorter COMTE

We’re going to ignore the fact that most of the campers are criminals and addicts and pretend they’re just poor people who have fallen on hard times.

We won’t actually help them or reduce their numbers but we’ll sure as heck use them as props for our political and economic campaigns


@19: "homeless will get tired of bein' homeless"

For the majority of homeless who are chronically addicted, such a realization can be the beginning of their recovery.


"his failure to funnel enough federal money into public housing" is bullshit framing.

Congress failing to address the homeless crisis occurs under EVERY President.


@5 Catalina Vel-DuRay, @6 Original Andrew, @19 COMTE, @20 kristofarian, and @23 Max Solomon +5 for the WIN!!!

@11 DOUG: Actually yes, you can go to & from Canada by rail again, from Seattle and all northbound stops in between.
Amtrak Cascades' passenger services have reopened to Vancouver, B.C. since COVID mandates have loosened. I'd still wear a mask when traveling, though. And Canada most likely still wants proof of vaccination at the borders.


@14, @15: It's true. To homeless persons, Seattle's city limits are like the event horizon around a black hole. Once crossed, there is no force in the universe powerful enough to effect escape. That's simply an irrefutable law of physics, and nothing can ever change it.

Seriously, Lisa Vach and Travis Berge each had offers of stable housing outside of Seattle. Each felt comfortable camping in Cal Anderson Park, and each died horribly there. If we'd swept them relentlessly, they might each still be alive, living outside of Seattle. We'll never know, because Seattle did not care enough about them to try.

@21: Bingo. Defenders of this dismal status quo seem completely unable to notice how camping in Seattle is not any sure path to stable housing. Allowing it is, in fact, enabling of the worst possible kind, and as I noted above, actual human beings have died as a result. But there are plenty of people willing and able to use this situation for their own power and profit. It's the cruelest form of exploitation still legally available, and everyone from local politicians to Seattle's failed homeless service providers feast happily upon it. Truly disgusting.


@25 tensor: It's indeed tragic about Lisa Vach and Travis Berge, among many other unsheltered people who have died. I can't imagine camping outdoors, in Seattle or elsewhere in freezing to below freezing weather, let alone during the warm weather months.
It amazes me how some homeless individuals that I have recently read about are more willing to face harsh outdoor elements than go inside because of shelter rules, or if a shelter forbids pets (mainly dogs), or if a prayer of thanks is to be said before a hot meal.
What to do about those who refuse to come inside, in from stormy weather?

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