Enjoy his presidency now, because the Republinazis are gonna either jail or assassinate Biden when they overthrow democracy and install their illegitimate Tr666pist dictatorship.

They’re screaming out loud that they’re gonna steal the elections in 2022 and 2024, and the Demonrats are too weak, cowardly, corrupt, and incompetent to do anything about it.

Ru$$ia’s implosion into all-out fascism has been a fun preview of the former United States circa 2025 under braindead thug Tr666p or Floriduh’s repulsive moRon DeathSentence.


Could you link to any comments Jordan Peterson has made that prove he hates trans people as you assert? Or that he's antisemitic or transphobic. I did a few google searches and the best I could come up with was an article by a jewish non-profit bemoaning that he brings up the holocaust a bit too much and doesn't talk about everything they wish he would. Other than that I read an article by a person who started the protest against him in Toronto but, again, there was no quotes or anything he said that could be construed as transphobic. She seems to despise him for opposing a law that would curtail free speech. In fact he very clearly states he has no problem calling anyone by the pronoun they wish to be called by he just doesn't want the government involved in prosecuting that exchange. But, if I'm missing something please provide a link. or perhaps he's transphobic the same way Chappelle is, I just have to willfully ignore context, pretend nuance doesn't exist, and make up things he said out of nothing and voila a transphobe.


How delightfully disingenuous, Seattle's progressives are having meltdowns because their beloved progressive president got them stuck in traffic spewing climate changing gasses on Earth day.


Burning a horse slaughterhouse isn’t eco-anything. It may be part of an animal rights agenda, but don’t blame it on people who care about the environment.



With only 3 major North-South arterials it doesn’t take much to mess up traffic in Seattle.
Whether a spilled shipment of bees, or some spilled frozen salmon, or a Presidential motorcade, any break from the normal will make a mess of traffic in this hourglass shaped city surrounded by water.


2, I just googled jordan peterson transphobic & a bunch of hits show up? A huge part of his rise to fame was over his disagreement with his university’s policy on preferred pronouns. Here is one where he called it a social contagion on joe rogan but there are plenty more

Personally I think people should not take life advice from a drug addict who couldn’t sleep for 4 weeks after drinking a glass of apple juice because his all beef diet fucked up his metabolism but there are plenty other valid reasons to not like the guy. He also has terrible opinions about climate change, for example.


Locking up arsonists is a good thing as is locking up terrorists. Looks as though Dibee is both.


Seriously, why is this traffic thing even in the news. If Biden didn't fuck it up, something or someone else was going to.


“KUOW reported that Google will spend another $100 million building office space with amentities like theaters and dog lounges so their employees never want to leave again.”

have they in-house
Day Care for those
with actual Kids?

hell they’d Never
hafta Leave!

perhaps that’s
Capitalism’s bright
Future – ‘live’ and Die

@ Work!

@3 -- 'Progressive President"?

kindly Fuck. Off.



Yeah, NPR did a segment on the GOP opting out of the non-prof presidential debate commission. They have a ridiculous quote from Ronna McDaniel, the head of the RNC (her name is actually Ronna Romney-McDaniel, though dear leader made her drop Romney from her name once she took the job) about that decision to quit the commission.

She notes that her party deserves better and that, "...if we have a free and fair forum, we win because our policies are the best for the American people."

So it's a foregone conclusion that if they don't win it's only because Dems cheated and so we're gonna see more hissy fits and revolts.

On some bizarre level, I kinda hope they DO win, just because it'll be the far less violent outcome.


“Bentley's Law: The Tennessee State Legislature unanimously passed a law, known as 'Bentley’s Law,' that would require DUI offenders to pay child support if their actions resulted in the death of a parent.”

Fucking UNANIMOUSLY? wow!

Tennessee home of Jack Daniels
is gonna Piss Off BIG Booze

reminder: do NOT
Imbibe and drive
the MONEY you
$AVE may be
Your OWN.


3 Looking for any stupid crumb you can lick up from the floor, huh?


"...if we (Rs) have a free and fair forum,
we win because our policies are the
best for* the American people."

so name ONE
titular 'head'
of the RNC

*a teensie
Few of


@ 11,

Maybe for you, but the GOPnazis are clear that they plan to mass murder all of us that aren’t straight, white, male and ChrISIStian.

That’s what the non-stop hate-crazed lies, demonization, conspiracy theories against LGBTQ+ people, immigrants, and people of color, along with the proliferation of guns are goading their vile mass psychosis MAGAt cult to do.

This grotesque KKKrayzee train is careening over the cliff, and there are no brakes. Our only hope is that $hitler strokes out on the toilet while moRon DeathSentence and Texass’ Governor Dalek croak from COVID.


No one is being prevented from not liking Jordan Peterson.
The issue is canceling someone (preventing them from speaking) because something they said (or the awkward way they said it) makes some people uncomfortable.
Granted some speech should be censored, such as advocating violence or propagating harmful, injurious falsehoods.
But the purity test that only type of speech that should be allowed is non-offensive speech by people who think the same way you do—this is not what is intended by the idea of free speech.
Our civic/media culture has unfortunately become so degenerate that each end of the political spectrum simply wants to cancel the “other.” We have become a house divided against itself. Please don’t be part of the problem.


"an incredibly weaselly term that should actually be outlawed in journalism."

I like that Hannah stuck this gem in the middle of an opinion piece masquerading as news. That is peak Stranger right there.


@1 - If they win via democracy, democracy wins.

@3: Progressive enough. All set to ramrod BBB with hardly any fraud controls and if you think inflation is bad now, my god.


if R's 'win'
they will Destroy
Democracy. they've
made this Dramatically Clear.

perhaps they
shall let you Live.

say you're not Gay
are you? if you answer 'yes'
don't Expect to Last for very Long pard.


Taylor Swift should run against Marsha Blackburn for the Tennessee Senate seat.


@9: Naw, Brent. It was a particularly Presidential clusterfuck that Seattle hasn't experienced since Obama's terms.

Every entrance to I-5 was blocked off at 5 pm. Took me 75 minutes when it normally (Covid normally) takes 20. Crawled up and over Capitol Hill, crawled through Montlake.

Yes I should have taken light rail & transferred to a bus, but I didn't know it was coming.


Kristofarian translation service:

if R's 'win', they will Destroy Democracy. they've made this Dramatically Clear. perhaps they shall let you Live. say you're not Gay. are you? if you answer 'yes', don't Expect to Last for very Long, pard.


Joe Biden a war criminal? Hmm. I wonder what the Jewish people who were made to walk through Poland in the dead of winter, through snow and ice. practically barefoot, would have to say about that. The problem with using that term so freely is that it loses its punch when you use it appropriately.

If it was said in jest? Um...not funny.


Free speech...but only if I like what you say



Now, hold on there just a minute pal!

Are you honestly on here trying to suggest an alternative weekly paper writes with.....

an EDITORIAL BIAS!?! The nerve!!! Cancel my subscription, STAT!


@16: actually, to argue that a person’s opinions are not worth being given a forum is itself a form of free speech. As is a privately-run venue making a decision to respond to those concerns by canceling an appearance by that person. Nothing about any of that is a free speech issue. On the other hand, a governmental body in Florida recently struck an entire body of historical information from schools across the state. If you want to get upset about free speech issues, maybe you should look in that direction.


@23 - i was wracking my brain trying to think of anyone else that the demented author of this piece could have been referring to.


@19: No doubt. But let's not make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Plenty of time and hope for a dem win in 2024 unless they, as they saying goes that makes Hillary cringe, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

BTW, there's rumblings that ol' Bernie may give it a run again. Bless his heart.

@13: Crumb? It was a freshly baked baguette.


It took 2 hours to drive up to Seattle from Olympia last night 'cause there was car wreck in Lakewood.

It really doesn't take much to slap an extra hour or 2 onto any I5 trip.

However, I wish Biden's homeland security department would help me get the info I need to verify if I am eligible for an Italian passport before 2024 I feel like I am really going to need to know that. My paperwork has been hanging fire with them for a year already.




@26: I agree that the government of Florida infringing on speech is a much worse problem than private citizens trying to ‘cancel’ a particular individual’s speech. But that doesn’t make the latter case ok, just less egregious than the former.
Ironically, it was Peterson’s objection to the Canadian government’s infringement on speech (dictating pronoun usage) that first gained him notoriety.


The canadian government is not dictating pronoun usage. They passed a bill that gave stronger anti -discrimination protections for gender id


2016 had a Russian stooge saying war will happen if HRC wins. Then the Make USSR Great Again idiots win Trump's mouth on their asses until 2020. Then any old middle of the road Democrat becomes POTUS and what happens? WAR.
Gee, maybe HRC should have won, because after 4 years of Trump giving people permission to be total assholes, somehow Jan 6th really wasn't much of a surprise, was it?


@31 So this is another one of Induced Coma Jordan's distortions that keeps getting echoed. Canada dictated no such thing.

And there is this constant whine about "free speech: with 'ol Bezos Peterson fans where they only want speech to go one way.

Free speech is the right to petition and protest. That's like, you know, the whole deal with speech. If people want to petition a venue to cancel a speaker. That's all part of the deal.

And then the mighty market can decide which voices are more important to a privately owned venue.

And if you were the speech absolutist and free marketeer that you pretend you are this dynamic should thrill you.


Sorry. That should read "'ol Benzos Petersen Fans."



Italian citizenship is possible if your grand parents were born in Italy and were not US citizens when your parents were born. In other words it’s okay if your parents were born in the US so long as their parents hadn’t yet naturalized.

There’s also a shitton of Byzantine Italian documentation.


@7 Wow Blip, that was a cordial, useful, dare I say polite response. Well done. But it didn't really satisfy my question. I too got plenty of hits when i googled, but the few articles I skimmed through did not offer any actual quotes that someone could point to and say this is transphobic or antisemitic. Again, I could have missed something I didn't look too hard but I would like Seattle's Only Newspaper to back up with some evidence a claim as slanderous as "has made antisemitic and transphobic comments".


"But it didn't really satisfy my question."

So another word when somebody takes time to provide you with cites you just ignore them and will not accept them.

Trans people say Pedersen is bigoted. How is that not good enough for you?


Hannah, Hannah, Hannah--!!!!!!--Last Legitimately Elected U.S. President Joe Biden is NOT a war criminal! Why are you confusing him with the Orange Turd who gleefully fucked up our country and stunk up the White House illegally form 2017- 2021?

@28: Don't waste such lovely French baked goods on shit sandwiches, Elmer. What did that poor little baguette ever do to you?

@12, @14, & @19 kristofarian, @21 & @22 Max Solomon, and @33 cloudbusdaddy for the WIN!!!


Happy Earth Day, Greta Thunberg. I sincerely hope you're having a good day, despite the senseless destruction of the Earth and all life forms NOT insanely wealthy, corrupt white men such as Vladimir Putin, its sock puppet Orange Turd, the KGB, RepubliKKKan Death Cult and insatiably gluttonous fossil fuel industry.


@23 Bauhaus I: +1 How on Earth did I miss your spot on comment? Bravo and kudos, sir! I nominate you in joining kristofarian, Max Solomon, and cloudbusdaddy for the group WIN!


@40, Part II: I know that my beloved and I are certainly doing our best to leave as small a carbon footprint (and tire tracks) as possible.


God bless America


@30 & @43 little maga: See comment @1 if you so strongly feel the discussion is a non-issue.
I can't help but wonder how many "meh"-sayers and others who were eligible to vote but didn't, particularly in the 2016 election. Just imagine what a utopian world we could all have enjoyed had Al Gore rightfully been elected 43rd President of the United States, or had Hillary Clinton rightfully entered the White House on January 20, 2017 making history as the first female President of the United States.


@38 because I witnessed the hatchet job the media did, or at least tried to do, to Dave Chappelle and I don't trust a small but vocal minority of any group accusing someone of bigotry without evidence no matter how many echoes their accusations produce inside their very insular chamber. Again, if there's comments he's made they should be readily produced considering how many people supposedly hate him and how bigoted he is. I'm happy to be wrong. It's the only way I learn.


@44: Since when is "God bless America" MAGA?


@46: Propaganda, thinly veiled as patriotism, marching in lockstep and symbolized by swastikas is what so many of you pro-Death Cult clowns push, isn't it? Non-voting meh-sayers fall right into your voter suppression plot quite nicely, don't they? Did you even bother to read comment @30, Elmer? Oh, that's right--I forgot you can't read. Boredom @30 seemed to switch to sarcasm by @43, little bird's two cents worth of "whatever".
Why so defensive? Did I jeopardize your Free Dumbs? Deal with it. Besides democracy and diversity, what are you so afraid of, people exercising common sense?
Go get a nap already. Better yet, it's sunny and in the 60s. Get some fresh air.


Liberal fascists continue their cancel campaign for anyone who says something they don't agree with. Jordan Peterson has said some dumb stuff. Fine. That makes him so scary to Wokies that he can't even speak to people who wish to listen to what he has to say?

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