"This act is not suicide. This is a deeply fearless act of compassion to bring attention to climate crisis."

What a stupid statement. Of course it was suicide. Looks like climate change extremists are susceptible to the cultist horrors along the lines of PETA and QAnon.

Poor dude.


Bye, Hatch. The death of an evil asshole GQP Senator, even an ex-GQP Senator, is always welcome.


«Supreme Court to Rule on God»
Because god requires the intervention of the Federalist Society SCOTUS to get his way. And tax-free donations.


'public high school football coach
accused of pressuring players'

nah unless by pressure
you mean high school age
athletes seeking peer approval
or their innate fear of being Shunned

but Yeah expect far 'right' 'christians'
to redefine 'freedom From religion'
to include Mandated Prayer in
ALL aspects of American life

where it'll soon be
just The Natural
Order of Things

oh how we
thank you


«Seattle sidewalks aren’t safe. A drunk driver killed a man walking on the sidewalk near Gilman Drive West at 15th Ave West on Saturday night»

That was actually a crosswalk, not a sidewalk. So update the headline to 'Seattle streets are unsafe'. [Edmonds too].


5 - The Edmonds collision, that is


Why doesn't Sen. Murray retire? Was there even a primary for her seat? Washington State sure needs new and younger people representing us in the other Warshington.


I wonder, does Edmonds thinks they'll recover the cost of fining and jailing all those unsheltered folks with the often-overlooked piles of money they keep in their tents and tarps, or are they truly just blowing money out their ass for the chance to shake down those of their citizens who have the least? Let's watch and find out!


Does anyone have a link to the proposed Edmonds homeless ordinance? Matt sucks at his job, so the link he provided merely directs you to the main Edmonds City Council page.


I've said it once but I'll say it again: it's time for mandatory helmets on all pedestrians! And if one dies or is seriously injured while not wearing one we should shame them and/or unabashedly proclaim they're not worthy of medical care.


Also, that photo of Biden and those cronies is horrific. Is anyone still excited about this president? And yes, I understand the alternative was so much worse but, c'mon? If you can't see that both parties are corrupt to the core by now, I don't know what else to tell you.


Pretty sure the Bible has a clear stance against performative prayers. If your god is unable to hear you praying privately, find a god with better hearing.


@11: I am excited by the job he's doing, actually. i don't see 'cronies'; i see a bunch of dorks and wonks who are infinitely preferable to republics.

bothsiderism is a cop out. one party literally tried to overthrow democracy. the other wanted to pass a social spending bill. mountains vs. molehills.


Separation of church and state. Separation of church and state. Separation of church and state. If we didn't have a corrupt, compromised SCOTUS this case would heard.

Coach wants to pray on the field? Go teach at a Catholic (or other religious school).

It's bad enough the white supremacist fascist faction of this country is doing everything it can to destroy everything and everyone other than themselves, we have to listen to their fucking GOD bullshit, everywhere we go, too?


The irony of that photo is that Fox news could post and list the donations they get from what the right would call "radical leftist" organizations.

And are we really going to pretend that puny individual contributions are the same as big corporate donations or lobbyist shenanigans?

Even Sanders took an individual contributions from fossil fuel employees. $203,885 according to And $24 whole dollars from an oil industry lobbyist! OH NO! PUT IN IN A PHOTO MEME!


@11 Bothsider fallacy bullshit.


@9: There's a story on Edmonds' response to homelessness here:

It focuses more on prevention and aid than on punishment. The ordinance to prevent encampments was intentionally passed after aid was offered, so as to prevent homelessness from happening in the first place, rather than to punish it after it happens.

As to whether the Stranger's omission of this context was intentional or not, well, that's for every reader to decide, now isn't it?


@13 better bothsiderism than whataboutism. I'm not saying Republicans aren't horrible politicians. I'm not saying Biden wasn't the better choice between him and a turd-sandwich with a herpes-jus. I'm just tired of the cheerleading for any of them. They're all too corrupt to be effective for the working class so stop being excited. Curb your enthusiasm. Stop rooting for your preferred colour tie like they're teams on a sports field.


There is no downside whatsoever from trying to prevent encampments from taking root.

Speaking of encampments - sweet fire at the I-90/5 area! There was another one the other day just off west Seattle, torches some trees very close to the highway. Good times.


@18: please tell me how the Dems in that picture are "corrupt to the core". be specific.

how is Patty Murray corrupt? she sold out to big wilderness areas? big daylight savings time?


&18, that’s a two party system for you. There’s not much room for nuance. And Dems will lose elections if there’s no energy for their meh candidates, so it’s time to find some candidates you can get excited about. Your comments are not helpful


@17 Moreover, of course, the added enforcement will work by pushing the hardcore "I don't want that shelter" contingent out to more amenable places, like Seattle. De facto "bus therapy".


Here is a collection of Videos of Police Brutality surrounding the George Floyd protests.

And here is a collection of police misconduct news articles, including child sexual abuse, domestic violence, theft, etc, compiled by Greg Doucette. It reads like Dan Savages Clergy Abuse column, but for police.


@21 How are my comments not helpful? I'd love it if the Dems ran candidates that I could get excited about, but they seem to actively do the opposite. The biggest example would be forcing Clinton on us in 2016 instead of giving Sanders an actual chance.

@20 Thanks for proving my point. If you can't think of any examples of the big D's being corrupt you're either not paying attention, which I don't think fits you considering how quickly you are to defend them, or you're treating this like a sports team. "When my team does shady shit I ignore it or think it's justified or pretend it's really just not that bad. But when the other team does shady shit it's the worst thing ever and how could the ref not see that, are they even watching the same game as me?!!!?!?!?!"


19 In Woodland Park / Greenlake encampments several trees were set on fire. Some trees still standing were picked clean of bark as far as humans could reach.
At least one car and one Honey-bucket were also set ablaze there.
In addition to the huge amounts of raw sewage and misc debris left behind and randomly set ablaze.
Pop-up encampments are a public safety hazard.



The proposed ordinance (which can be found in Chase's second link, starting on page 202) is based on the assumption that there would be sufficient overnight shelter space to which unhoused people within the city could be referred; something they admit, in the article you cited, does not currently exist, nor is likely to exist anytime in the near future. So, it doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense to enact an ordinance that legally cannot be enforced, even if it's in anticipation of some far off time in the future, when it might potentially become enforceable; assuming of course the unhoused population doesn't simply continue to outpace the creation and availability of shelter space in Snohomish County, which IS rather likely to occur, at least in the short-to-medium term.

The only reasons for doing so now that come to my mind are: A. to give the impression the city is "cracking down" on the unhoused, when in fact it's just a "smoke and mirrors" feel-good attempt to improve their optics, but which will have no real impact, or; B. an attempt to intimidate unhoused persons living in Edmonds by leaving the impression they may be charged, fined and potentially incarcerated (which again cannot occur in the present circumstances) in the hope a few will fall for the ruse and relocate, which is equally unlikely to occur, since there would not be any compelling reason for them to do so.


with their Iron Fists
on OUR Economy are
the Public Safety Hazard

the Homeless are
just another Symptom.

forcing Democratic Lawmakers
to kowtow to Corps and Billionaires
to Always Be Campaigning will be the

Death of Democracy
right here in the


@25 - yeah, It’s a disgrace what the city has allowed to fester there. Very sad what is happening to the parks and green belts. I don’t really have much empathy left for the “campers” and don’t really think the majority of them can be fixed.


perhaps one day even tS's
Commentariat may be
part of 'The Problem':

Elven King: I thought I ordered that nest to be destroyed
not two moons past

Tauriel: we cleared the forest as ordered my Lord but more spiders keep coming up from the South

they are spawning in the ruins of Dol Guldur. if we
could kill then at their source…

EK: that fortress lies beyond our boundaries. keep our
lands clear of those foul creatures. that is your task

and when we drive
them off, what then? will
they not spread to other lands?

EK: other lands are not my concern
the fortunes of the world will rise and
fall but here in this kingdom we will endure

from brilliant TLOTR
by JRR Toklkein
Peter Jackson
Et al


Corruption is not the only way politicians screw their constituents. Well-meaning stupid does plenty of damage.


“… the white supremacist fascist faction of this country is doing everything it can to destroy everything and everyone other than themselves, we have to listen to their fucking GOD bullshit, everywhere we go, too?

well that’s a Bingo*
with the Evangelical Vote
they can trumpf the Electorate
not to mention Crafty Gerrymandeering
OWNING the (formerly our) Supreme Court

*the $mall price ‘Republican$’
will be Billing US for for
Forever Owning ‘our’
Gbmn’t which they
Profess to HATE

but’re more than Happy to
Rule the Rest of US fucks by.

tuck in your shirt
grow that Beard!
let’s not see them
titties shall we girls?


“What a stupid statement.” --@dewey
giving one’s LIFE for
such a Cause?

Soldiers are known
to have given the Ultimate
Gift for much poorer reasons.*

it’s how the Arab Spring
Began then US War Profiteers
Stepped in & stepped all over the
Locals and Rebuilt their very own Wallets

are we Still there yet?

is there Nothing
Worth Dying

WMDs for


When ever someone says “thanks for proving my point” you can always be sure they didn’t have one.


@32: Soldiers die in battle, they don't commit suicide.

This idiot was far from a fearless act of compassion, he was a total selfish coward. He could have achieved so much more in living and and working for the cause he so passionate about rather than devastating his family and loved ones not to mention the life changing horror he gave to those as he set himself on fire and the responders who had to clean up the gore.

Have you ever had a friend or relative commit suicide in kristo? Probably not it seems, you have no idea the haunting void it leaves. Consider yourself lucky.

I had three times!


color me

and Congrats
for missing all
the Salient Points


You're incapable of salient points so they weren't there to miss.


@33 Lol. Okay, chief. You're right. You're always right.


@32: "is there Nothing
Worth Dying

That's right, nothing is worth dying for.


SOCIAL HOUSING can and could solve Homelessness. The wonderful success story of Vienna show the true reveal of Social Housing. Cruel police sweeps only make matters worse and one result would be far more desperate people. This practice is also illegal under Human Rights laws and the city could face prosecution. For many, it only takes one tragedy for someone or a family to become homeless.

This vast homeless increase began in around 1980 under the Reagan administration when the attack on Unions, when the attack on the social safety net was increased.
Banks caused the loss of homes for millions during the 2007 - 8 financial collapse. And
low cost housing was systemically destroyed by developers.

More job loss took place under Clinton's transfer of industries overseas.

Developers and corporate landlords caused costs to rise incredibly and beyond the reach of many working class persons and the already poor. Politicians continued to sell us out.


35 and 28 Plenty can be fixed with positive changes such as Housing First and Social Housing approaches that heal instead of destroy.

This city is creating more problems and a class war with its illegal and punitive approach to poor people.


Sorry NOT 35 but 25 the previous message was addressed to.


@26: Your argument relies upon a very expansive reading of "Martin v. Boise," and seems to miss a couple of key points.

First, "Martin v. Boise" allows the local government to enforce penalties against camping, vagrancy, etc. so long as the unhoused person refuses the government's offer of shelter. (Whether the government could make good on the offer does not matter.) I do not know the statistics for Edmonds, but when an encampment is cleared in Seattle, a majority of the campers refuse the aid offered.

Second, even if the government cannot provide shelter, it is not required to allow public property to be seized indefinitely by private individuals for their own personal use. For example, the city of Sacramento allows unhoused persons to sleep in city parks at night, but not to camp in city parks in the daytime.

Third, I can think of a very good reason Edmonds has acted at this time. Seattle currently allows a large number of unhoused persons to seize and occupy public property, but that allowance may soon come to an end, due to November's landslide elections of Mayor Harrell and City Attorney Davison. Edmonds may be getting their legal house in order, anticipating an influx of already-homeless persons from Seattle.


@7: Did you just move here from a red state? Senator Patty Murray is one of the best, most diligently hard working representatives for the people of Washington State that we have. Younger voices deserve to be heard, but not by replacing Senator Patty Murray. tiffany Smiley is no substitute. SHe's a Trump bimbo. Don't be fooled.

@14 xina and @13 & @20 Max Solomon: +3 WORD. Thank you and bless you both for beating me to it.


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