Such a weak response from government. So afraid of pissing off the hateful right, they’re unwilling to act.


@1 - no shit. The MAGAt fools are so far gone they are beyond saving, but at least government could try & help those who actually care about themselves (let alone others).


so does 'red' come when the last bit of hallspace in the ER is taken, or when the first person who doesn't fit is kept out on the loading dock?


I know you all think it's ok to go unmasked on transit and inside in crowded locations when you're moving around (e.g. bars, sports, concerts), but it's not.

COVID-19 doesn't care why you do it. It's just an RNA with a mutation cycle every 12-18 months that just infects. That's it. It has no politics, it doesn't care who your mom is, and it has no feelings about your power or influence, other than spreading.

Mask. Up.


@3 when the ICUs and all beds are filled and we stop treating people based on triage rules, but yes if all the doctors and nurses are infected that's the same thing.


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