"I say: Give Nikita Ares one or two of those millions and let her paint the city."

And you don't think her paintings won't get tagged? I've seen plenty of nice murals ruined with graffiti/tagging.


@1 - beat me to it! Gangs don't care about art.


So the Stranger’s new “criminal justice” reporter is only looking for stories about “injustice”. So you’ll ignore criminals and crime. Well, as long as your angle is clear from the start.

Make sure to ignore the crime and violence at the Stranger’s beloved homeless encampments. You’ll fit right in, Cochise.


SIFF workers need a better attitude to deal with ambiguity. Plenty of other jobs available with set hours if that's their need.


3 have you considered crying harder


Every time you clean up a wall or fence etc, with a new fresh coat of paint, you have essentially offered "them" a new canvas.. Makes about as much sense as tossing a camper in jail for 90 days. New home for them, and where the hell are they gonna get a grand to pay this fine. Think outside the office guys.. this proposed encampment law? I call it City Council PR BS.


@5: So what? If your dog pees in the house, you clean it up every time. Same thing.


*7 refers to 6


I have a Great Uncle who has a star in the Walk of Fame. He died broke in the 40’s, so I can’t imagine hi:paying for it, but maybe times were different then.

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