Lemme answer that question about the SCC culinary program: Because the Seattle Colleges District has been incredibly poorly managed, with a structure that one district leader once described as "designed to prevent accountability," by centralized bureaucrats that pull resources away from students, faculty, and staff. SCD faculty is among the lowest paid in the region, but the Chancellor makes about twice the Governor's salary.


«Just a befuddlingly unpleasant attitude.»

Seattle Times is an overt mouth breather for east-side wing-nut politics.
The MAGA attitude of automatically barking character assassinations has crept down into the staff writers' skin.

Go Erica - harsh those squares!


Are you not going to mention that Sound Transit is apparently pushing out the East Link launch to 2024?


"adorable pit bulls" is an oxymoron.


@4 I'll give you a broken clock commendation today.


broken sundial
more aptly


@2, i like how you whine about character assassination after characterizing everyone on the eastside as "wingnuts".

but, hey, seattle voted for a "trump republican" as city attorney, so i imagine things are getting a bit confusing for you urban dwellers.


That dog's absolutely freaking adorable! I'd wager she's also smarter than the drip, though I suppose that may be debatable, depending on the testing methodology.


if a kristofarian makes a post
without referring to trump
does it make a


7 Glad you like it, cuz we gotta lotta where that came from.
That the wingnuts exist is an annoying FACT. Embrace it your essence, snowflake.


I'm so glad that seeing a bald eagle is still a big deal to some, maybe most. They are one of the Endangered Species Act's biggest success stories and are turning up in the most unlikely places now - places that haven't seen them for years, especially back east. I remember when train service to Vancouver resumed in Seattle back in the mid-90s. Just north of Bellingham, the train passes through an inlet where you'd occasionally see one, and everyone looked out their windows and ah-ed. Now, you see them all the time. Still majestic and heartwarming, however. Gonna have to solve the wind turbine issue though.

Humans have their aberrations: Charles Manson and his crew, Richard Speck. Eugene Butler, Charles Starkweather, et al. I suspect dogs do too. When I hear of an American Staffordshire Terrier tearing off the face of a baby or attacking without provocation someone who is just walking by on the sidewalk, that's the first or second thing I consider. It's not just pit bull terriers. Other breeds, too, can share this flaw like Akitas and Rottweilers. I've even heard of a St. Bernard going off. Pit bulls (I don't like calling them that as it denotes their cruel heritage) are very sweet, affectionate, intelligent animals, but they can be very, very protective without guidance and socialization. Remember that those who are so heartlessly made to fight, go into that pit not for their own vanity, but for the love and sense of duty they have for their...trainer? (I hesitate because I don't know what to call a person who does that. I can't think of any words dirty enough or harsh enough.) The shelters are usually full of them which points to uncaring, irresponsible owners allowing them to breed freely. Shame. Shame. Shame. Dogs are one of the greatest things on Earth, and I trust that if there is a heaven, and if I get to go, my dogs will be there waiting for me.

So, as a rule? Don't blame the dog before you check out the owner.


legacy news NEVER fails to as-reported-by ITSELF


Of all the dog breeds I’ve encountered, pitties are by far the friendliest and most outgoing. They just want to make people happy. That dog is cute but my favorite bullies are the big chunky blockheads.


The Times reporter was correct: Erika didn’t “break” a damn thing. There isn’t any attribution needed. But we know how ECB likes to play the victim.


I need to remember not to read TS when I’ve already woken up in a bad mood.


“A union......article begins, going on to list such “costs” as higher wages, better benefits, and more opportunities to move to better jobs.”
About 30 years ago, at a union training class @ the UofI Urbana campus I was taught that, on average, a business will increase its profits 14% by going union.


@11 & 13 spot on... there ain't no bad dogs, just shitty owners (former vet tech, handled at least 12k different pooches over my career).


Thanks to all the people who helped out the owl! Beautiful bird. And that dog is fucking adorable.


What is up with the car-centric bullshit about West Seattle? Buses have been going over the short bridge just fine for months. They are only a tiny bit slower than they were before. Buses are largely back to normal (e. g. the 21 is running as often as it ever has). As we drag ourselves out of the pandemic, service will shift to West Seattle, and riders will be in better shape than ever*. The only thing that is much slower is driving to West Seattle. That sort of attitude (driving is the only way to get around) is something I would expect from The Seattle Times editorial board, not The Stranger.


@14 Technically you may be right but it would still have been a gracious professional courtesy to note that someone else called their attention to it. And (much more to the point) there is nothing gracious or professional about the ST reporter's response. Erica has her idiosyncracies, to be sure (she wrote a book about them!) but as a journalist she's still head and shoulders above almost everyone at the ST. I think they know this; hence the snark.

I can't imagine what SCC is thinking either. Its decision a decade ago to shut down its nationally renowned filmmaker program -- that had a WAITING LIST to get in! -- still baffles me today.


@20, The film school made money but they thought whatever they replaced it with was worth more.


@17: Oh yeah, all the way up until you "great" dog trainers and owners inevitably exclaim "I don't understand, he's never bitten anyone before!"

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