“By this summer the whole south is going to be full of poor people carrying out dangerous abortions, or carrying unwanted pregnancies to term”

MY Religion
Trumpfs your
Poverty and raises
you one Baby* and a
Lifetime (or two) of Poverty

you Shouldda picked
Better Parents

--@Below the Bible Belt

*well once it’s Born
the little shit’s all Y’ALLs

good luck!
you’re really
gonna Need it.


@1, no doubt adoption agencies in that region will have lines out the door of good Christian folk waiting to adopt and save life. right? right?


if not there's Plenty 'nough
Work for them in our Juvenile
Just US! system. cradle-to-Grave
we ❤ each and Every Baby we Save.

too bad the Rich can't participate too.
they don't not know what they're Missing


@2 If you've ever known anyone who works at a medical office that provides reproductive health care ask them about the good Pro-Life Christian folk, sneaking in, to exercise their right to an abortion.


You'd think DeJoy's enthusiastic participation in Trump's coup would be enough to get him removed from his position, but no...


"The group essentially argued that the initiative's lack of an identified funding source will just mean one more public development authority fighting for public/private scraps, and they allege without evidence that the mere existence of the campaign "undermined the legitimacy of existing public and non-profit organizations that are already engaged in this vital affordable housing work."

Exactly, that's why it should be trashed.


@6. You are exactly right. What is really happening is that the “leaders” of the various entities, that claim to help the homeless, are using those positions to polish their resumes. They couldn’t care less about helping the homeless. Same goes for Sawant, whose supposed advocacy for lower income people is nothing but a cover for her personal ambition to rule.


“ but be nice to the signature-gatherers — it's just a job.”
No no no! There are hundreds of other jobs open that do not require elimination of $300 million in education funds sourced from obscene profit taking. Those signature gatherers are exactly part of the problem. They’re tools. Nobody forced them to do that job.

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