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So are Hard Boiled and The Tall Guy!



Hard Boiled will remain in a rights stranglehold for the time being

I see what you did there. (For everyone else: the only decent R1 Blu-ray release of Hard Boiled was a bonus disc included in a PS3 game called "Stranglehold" which was a sequel to the film.)

The general state of availability of Hong Kong films from the 1990s is a crime, and a strong argument for piracy being an actual social good.


That Hard Boiled trailer is pretty delightful. Like, I'd have to imagine it'd be an entertaining challenge for a screenwriter to be presented with that trailer, and then be asked to craft a narrative story that somehow coherently incorporates all those ridiculous scenes into it. I liked the part where the guys were stomping on and smashing open locked birdcages that were for some reason full of handguns to get access to those guns to shoot a bunch more people that apparently somehow hadn't been shot in any of the earlier scenes.


Hard Boiled is a total blast. Definitely worth renting from Scarecrow. We are so lucky to have that video store here. I mean for the nursery climax alone. But the whole movie rules.


I remember watching HardBoiled back in the day, entirely on the back of one review that described it as "like a Kung Fu movie, but the gun has replaced the fist".


The music rights for Northern Exposure (I have the complete series, packaged in a pseudo-leather shoulder pouch) are so tangled and dicey that even the official home video / rental releases have entirely different music cues in some spots in order to get around the legalities.

Still worth it to watch all of it, especially the Trebuchet and Casey At The Bat episodes.


This is the best and most complete Region A Blu-ray of HARD BOILED in my opinion — but buy the download because the physical product may never arrive! (dude is seriously flaky)

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