Do we want more rental units or what? Whatever happened to building our way out of this housing mess? Prices have gone up 29% in the last year according to KUOW this morning. If it’s really a supply problem, might talk to the uh…suppliers.


«Remember that time the thin blue line that defends our people from violence and chaos violently and chaotically defended themselves from the people whose tax dollars pay their fatty fat salary?»

Dearest Hannah Krieg, those guys are imperial culture warriors stomping out any and all human pond-scum, as is written in their mission statement.


Escorting children into riots where they might get inadvertently sprayed by a constable trying to protect lives and property is not good parenting.


«Free transit, BABY!»
Dearest Hannah Krieg - attaching the word "baby" to a phrase does NOT create a newsworthy headline.
Do you see any big-league writers doing that stuff? Nerp you do not.
Next time you feel like adding "baby" you should pause and rethink until you lose that idea.
You are welcome.


3 Correct. Children should not be allowed in public ever. And if they escape they should be wearing helmets and padding.


Oh stop with the “outrage” over actually holding repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat offender criminals responsible for their bullshit.

Nobody benefits from having these criminal assholes on the streets except for the assholes themselves.

The city attorney was given a situation with thousands of cases backlogged for a variety of circumstances - it’s not ideal to just dismiss charges but it’s just about the only way to get caught up. Her hand was forced and I’m quite sure it has nothing to do with copying NTK’s homework.


Transit fines that go to collections do not and would not “financially ruin” someone. Stop with the absurd hyperbole, Han Han.

Financially ruin… my god, you’re fucking stupid.

Oh… And NTK lost… get over it and take the L.


6 Always doing nothing has served you well? Herp derp.


That father should be facing child endangerment charges.
What kind of idiot brings a 7-year-old to a riot?


@4 - In addition, one would expect a young, idealistic, progressive reporter should be advocating citizens to pay their fare -- especially in a pubic transit system using the honor system.


disregard @10, confused with other story


Hannah’s blatant apologies for criminals begs the question, is Hannah herself a criminal? Is she the gaslit abuse victim of a criminal? Or is she just unbelievably naive?


“If I did, do you think I'd be waking up at 5 am to write a news roundup for a job that qualifies me for low-income public housing? ”

The solution to that would be to find a better paying job.
Being a Tech Writer probably pays better than the Stranger. Of course they would expect you to get your facts straight, so maybe it’s beyond your skill set.


“I wonder who that [fare enforcement] law might disproportionately effect.”

Easy. People who don’t pay the fare.

And no, I’m not buying the old saw that fare enforcement officers target poor people or people of color. Every time I have seen fare enforcement officers on Link or Metro, they check everyone.


wow, so much hate - what did James Corden do to you?


@14 That’s my experience as well whether in the Link or the Rapid Ride fare enforcement showed no bias as they routinely checked every passenger.



Why should we have to carry ID and present our papers when we have $3.50 in cash to pay for our ST ticket?????


per usual, well delivered HK.


Gosh, the magat trolly trolls are certainly triggered today.

Was Blue Bloods canceled?

Did they find out Mike Rowe lives in a mansion in San Francisco?

Whatever it may be, it is adorable that they run to SLOG and cry, and thereby giving the rest of us something to laugh at.


"Gosh, the magat trolly trolls are certainly triggered today.
Was Blue Bloods canceled?"

LOL. Now THAT was funny.


@14 The problem isn't that fare enforcement officers themselves deliberately target the poor or people of color for stricter enforcement. I've personally never witnessed that, and it may be true that it doesn't happen very often. The problem, like many other injustices in our society, is structural: the randomly enforced honor system Sound Transit uses to collect fares on Link presents the economically challenged with a hazard (or as some would call it, a "moral hazard") every time they ride, as choosing whether to pay the fare may impact some other aspect of their existence, such as whether they can afford lunch. Thus it becomes a calculated gamble which, when repeated day after day, inevitably they sometimes lose. I'm not saying Sound Transit is wrong to use this system -- it may be the best option available, short of abolishing fares entirely -- but it does behoove the agency to be mindful of its disproportionate impact on certain communities, and to calibrate their enforcement policies accordingly.


Hannah - 93% of Federal Inmates are men. This sounds like gender discrimination to me. Good Gawd.


I get confronted by it every day. Reminders of how old I am. Today, it's via fashion. Did anyone see any of the Fall lines during last February's Fashion Week? Really, all I can say is, "Eeek!" I think designers have just run out of ideas. Now, no one I know buys haute couture, and maybe that segment of the market has always been a little bizarre. But folks, even the houses responsible for making women and men dress gorgeous for decades are turning out costumes to wear for your audition for The New Bozo Show. But the kids love it, don't they, and my disapproval is just icing on the cake. BTW, Elsa Klensch passed away last month. I'm absolutely no fashionista in anybody's wildest dreams, but for years her coverage of the fashion world helped make Saturday mornings on CNN informative and fun.

Another manifestation of my age is once again seeing a city vote in a wack district attorney because its people are running out of compassion and are feeling unsafe. Let me count the times.


@19 Yes anyone opposed to free-for-all anarchy is a magat.

What color is the sky in your echo chamber?


@21: I used to commute, in part, on a South End RapidRide bus. The only times it lived up to that name was when the fare enforcement team would board, or prepare to board. Then all of the most troublesome riders would suddenly exit, leaving the bus to those of us who were actually going somewhere. The difference in speed of commute was simply amazing, and the fare enforcers would finish checking very, very quickly as well.


@21 There is the Orca Lift Card for low income residents that drops the fare down to $1.50.

There’s also free Orca Cards now for anyone under 18.

How much more handholding do people need?


You're on fire today, Hannah. Nice Slog AM today!


Over $2200 for rent? I'm guessing these kinds of landlords never have to deal with Section 8 or HEN tenants that only get $1000 max to pay for rent. Which means if they can't get people who make enough money to afford the rent, they might as well sell all their properties and find another kind of business to start.


"people who are most caught up in the cycle of crime and probably need the most help to break from it"

If these people haven't altered their behavior after multiple runs though diversionary programs, why would we expect different results from repeating the cycle again?


@28 $2,200 for a 2-BR in a desirable neighborhood of a major US coastal city.

That’s not an unreasonable rent at all. and well within the means of a couple or pair of roommates in a city with a median household income north of $100,000.

If a person is dependent on Section 8 vouchers they should be looking at more affordable parts of town.


Newsbreak: Hannah Krieg wants to exclude facts from her sad attempt at journalism. Information about what Anna Davison is saying and proposing is available in her own words on many news sights. Do your own homework.


@2, 3, 5, 9, yes,a shame, as the child was 3 and the father was lame.........what???? say the child was 240#, 23yrs old,& both he& the father had guns??? Great reporting, Hannah.

@21, 1969 in Salzburg Austria, late for class, & the only time I & my buddy jumped in the tram rear door (legal) without valid tickets (illegal) and the only time we met enforcement. You know it never happened again.


@31, It’s all Trump journalism. The worse you write, the more us chumps jump on it, the more clicks, the more ad revenue.........& round & round.........



Except there’s no ads on the Stranger.

Or my blocker is way better than I thought.


"if Davison thinks you are beyond help because you trespassed a few times, you shouldn't be allowed alternatives to jail."

And this is wrong how, exactly? Criminals belong in jail. Period. Full stop.

(And I love how this is frame as just trespassing a few times. The people who are habitual criminals are committing multiple break-ins, causing thousands of dollars of damage. And this doesn't count the assaults that are surely occurring as well. The support for absolute lawlessness in The Stranger is actually kind of unbelievable.


@34 Of course there are ads. That's the whole Stranger business model, the content only exists to generate page views.

On that note, what blocker are you using?


The ads here are really unobtrusive. Its worth having whitelisted on my adblocker.


U.S. Americans are not required to have documentation of identity, much less to carry it with us and present it upon demand.


Hyperbole Hannah trying to end the week in an up-click.


she can write my
Epitaph anytime
tho now may be
a bit Too Soon.


Phil M dear, you never buy alcohol? Or rent a car? Or travel by aeroplane? Or pick up certain types of pharmaceuticals?


Those terrible landlords. Those terrible department store owners. Those terrible restaurants. Those terrible farmers. Why don’t they just give us everything they make or worked for for free?


those Glorious
rocketing off into
Outer Space and

disinclined to the
Human Race

Owning the Biggest
Dreamed of. Murdoch?
Piker. fawking Piker. we got
bezos and zuckyburgher and
the Musketeer the Chosen few
self-picked to show us how this
Planet's SPOSED to Be -- in Their


for better
or for Worse.

why don't let's
VOTE on that?


Hannah: thank you for not calling football “sportsball”. Dominic would have.

Nobody likes Dominic.


@34, yeah, which Stranger are you reading that’s not covered with ads??????????

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