Jess Stein
Corgi With AirPods
What a cutie.
What a cutie. JK
Who do you think this sweet little dog is listening to? Here's my guess:

Does This Bitch Fall Off?
Good to know.
Good to know. JK
I wish I could subtitle my life in this script.

I Saw This One Under the Jose Rizal Bridge
Me when I get old. Boobs never get boring.
Me when I'm in my grave. Boobs never get boring. JK
Thanks, Gkayul.

Ok, This Is the Last One. I Was a Hermit This Week.
This one was ON the Jose Rizal Bridge.
Saw this beauty ON the Jose Rizal Bridge. JK
We always love a Gnartoons sighting. And now, I'm weirdly hungry...

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