Sullivan is a sexist racist jerk but he does like to get high (like most people)


How did Ohio edge out GDP for WA State???


Nothing about Bezos losing $13B today? I would think TS staff would be popping champagne on that one.

This is one of the reasons why a wealth tax is such a dumb idea.


bunker oil drinking floating cesspools
filled with 8,000 souls
and Buffet

where to Flush
the Ocean you fool
the Ocean dilution’s the
Solution so put ‘er There.

now who wants
Crab? it’s the
Circle of

@3 -- is it dumber
than half a Million

80 MILLI0N Citizens
un- and Under-

not even Close.


The world's largest cruise ship and its supersized pollution problem

At full power the Harmony of the Seas’ two 16-cylinder engines would each burn 1,377 US gallons an hour of some of the most polluting diesel fuel in the world.

As Harmony of the Seas sets sail from Southampton docks on Sunday she will leave behind a trail of pollution – a toxic problem that is growing as the cruise industry and its ships get ever bigger

Daniel Rieger, a transport officer at German environment group Nabu, said: “Cruise companies create a picture of being a bright, clean and environmentally friendly tourism sector.

But the opposite is true.

One cruise ship emits as many air pollutants as five million cars going the same distance because these ships use heavy fuel that on land would have to be disposed of as hazardous waste.”

[This article is the subject of a legal complaint made on be half of Royal Caribbean International]


Marx and Engels were Racist! All their work should be canceled as it is all inherently racist!


@3 That's 13 billion he wouldn't have to pay wealth tax on. So, what's the problem?


In the KOMO article Charles linked to but didn't finish reading, it goes on to say how the Little Saigon community members have asked for and are now receiving SDP training for personal safety and deescalation, not exactly a nasty Sinclair "the apocalypse has no end" scare piece he teed up.

This is an organic local issue involving people of color and their ability to make a living dealing with crime and their quest to help their community.


@7 the wealth tax won’t be an unlimited source of revenue. The first year you’ll have a massive windfall as unrealized cap gains are taxed. Thereafter you’ll tax the net change in that wealth much like income is today. Like income if someone reports a loss they can write that off and may even be entitled to a refund from the government. Such would most likely be the case in this example. How do you think that will go over among the progressive masses?


If South Korea has universal health care, why do so many K-Dramas feature story lines where some poor person has to sell a limb or do something unsavory for money so grandma can get The Surgery or else perish?


Upstanding citizens


No one gives a shit about your socialist credo, Chuck.


The right wing is to global warming deniers
as the left wing is to rising crime deniers.


Much like AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) which exists now, and certain high income filers are taxed- but the tax is used as a credit when their income declines later.
It’s one more thing accountants and wealthy filers have to track in our belovedly Byzantine tax system in the U S.


@14 accountants & tax lawyers lobby hard to keep it byzantine because that keeps their profit margin where they like it; and they can talk the trumpy talk so their wealthy customers and golf buddies know they're really on their side in the end


A byzantine tax system goes hand in hand with opposing traffic cams; people will pay a lot (for cops not doing any police work, in the traffic enforcing case) for the feeling that they will be able to game the system.


@2: Because Ohio has over 1.5X the number of residents than WA?

Maybe sort by the GDP per capita column if you want to freak out less.


corporate crime
other kind

but ya ain't
gonna See it
on the TeeVee

stay Focused
on the Bottom
and the Status
Quo Stays Put.


@18: In addition Ohio has Procter and Gamble, ranks far higher in Fortune 500 (23) than Microsoft or Boeing. Plus auto manufacturing, steel, etc.


speaking of Dems v Repubs

Against the Trumpian GOP Onslaught – The Dems are Like Deer in the Headlights

There is something about entrenched bureaucracies that transcend nations and cultures. When bureaucracies are confronted with unanticipated or new challenges, they freeze – like a deer facing headlights.

… the national Democratic Party bureaucrats are inept or bewildered. With its record-setting campaign fundraising, the Party can’t seem to figure out how to go on the offensive against the overtly lying, cruel, corrupt, law-breaking, Wall Street over Main Street, Trumpian Republican Party.

GOP fictions are fabricated and reinforced with wild falsifications – e.g., critical race theory being taught in elementary schools, Democratic politicians wanting to defund the police, Democrats being “socialists,” and the latest, that Democrats support teaching gay rights and gay lifestyles to early elementary school children.

These accusations have left the Democratic apparatchiks tongue-tied. They can neither come up with easily pummeling rebuttals, exciting slogans, nor even authentic boasting about delivered and proposed social safety net and infrastructure programs that provide necessary assistance.

How hard is it to boast about the $300 per month to over 60 million children cut off by GOP Congressional callousness? Or a $15 minimum wage? Or good-paying jobs repairing and expanding public services for all workers also opposed by the GOP?

The Democrats have memories of many inept races for the White House and the Congress that they should have won handily over the last 25 years.

What they should remind themselves of now is how the FDR, Truman and LBJ Democrats won their elections against much more tame Republicans than the now vicious, snarling, anything goes GOP candidates that have turned themselves into Trumpian lackeys.

--Ralph Nader

tonnes & tons More at


"The fact that people sleep on our streets is the first crime. The other crimes are made meaningless by the sheer scale of the greed in this region." Well put sir. All the morons who dont get that the shit they sensationalize is caused by this shame, just too much to bear. Just such a well stated perspective.


@21: "Greed" is not a crime.


But it isn't greed that causes homelessness. There aren't tents on the street because of Amazon's profits. Will we see fewer tents as the economy retracts as the misery index of high inflation and high interest rates plunge us into a recession? Less profit equals fewer tents?

The highly addictive street drugs is causing homelessness, not corporate profits which fuel the salaries of just about everyone. Cracking down on Fentanyl pushing thugs and gangbangers is more humane and progressive than sitting on the sidelines pouting about capitalism.


There were way fewer tents on the streets when we had a strong middle class bc the government taxed the shit out of rich people and redistributed through federal programs & infrastructure development. Homelessness as we understand it today emerged in the reagan era.

There is more than enough wealth in this country to provide a basic standard of living for everyone, & even those of us fortunate enough not to be living on the streets would benefit from reduced property crime & urban blight. The only people who stand to lose anything have more than they need to thrive, yet the people who complain endlessly about the consequences of this inequality are the least likely to support the only means we have to fix this problem.


'the people
who complain
endlessly about
the consequences*
of this inequality are
the least likely to support the
only means we have to fix this problem.'

Thank you blip.

drug addiction
ad nauseum


"yet the people who complain endlessly about the consequences of this inequality are the least likely to support the only means we have to fix this problem."

I don't think you meant the folks complaining about inequality (e.g. Charles) but the folks complaining about the tents that some think exist because of the consequences of the inequality.


ya think?

most of 'em know
Precisely whom
they are the
rest are Im-
mune to


@24 wrong. The rich back then paid about the same amount at they do today. No one paid that obscene 90% rate. They just found ways to circumvent it. Taxes should be used to pay for infrastructure and shared services. Using the tax hammer as a way to correct wealth inequality is inefficient and largely ineffective.


@24 - Homelessness increased during the 1980's partly due to the de-institutionalization of the mentally ill because of ALCU court challenges, not Ronald Reagan.


@28 total long debunked nonsense.

And if it WAS true and no big deal and not that effective then why are the wealthy spending millions in lobbying to prevent going back to it?


@29 also total debunked horseshit.

“beginning under Reagan but continuing with the next three presidents, HUD would see its funding reduced. By the time George W. Bush took office, it had been slashed almost 60 percent.

Reagan — who famously could not recognize Samuel Pierce, his own HUD secretary, and failed to recognize and halt a scandal in which HUD money was funneled to Republican consultants rather than building and repairing low-income-housing — didn't shirk his responsibility.

He abdicated it, a wholesale abandonment that signaled the near-end of the federal government's role in managing homelessness and housing policies, a legacy carried on by every American president since.”


@31: Ruminating over the blemishes on the legacies of former presidents several decades ago isn't very helpful for solving the issues of the present day.


Jim Brunner is an actual journalist, unlike you, Charles. His tweet expressed no agenda, made no opinion. Just reported news. Try it sometime.


@33 "Journalist" doesn't appear in Charles' bio. "Writer" and "social critic" does.


Deinstitutionalization was bad but defunding hud during a recession was way worse. The entire premise of Reagan’s economic agenda was giving money to rich people with the expectation that it would simply trickle down to the huddled masses but it didn’t work out that way.

“The early 1980s marked the emergence of what now may be considered the modern era of homelessness. Major forces that changed the complexion of homelessness in the modern era include gentrification of the inner city, deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill, high unemployment rate, the emergence of HIV/AIDS, an inadequate supply of affordable housing options, and deep budget cuts to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and social service agencies in response to what was then the country's worst recession since the Great Depression (Jones, 2015).”


The American middle class emerged post-ww2, thanks in large part to federal redistribution programs like the gi bill & the strength of new deal-era organizing, but that all cratered during reagan’s presidency.

“A post-war rise in unionism, the passage of the GI Bill, a housing program, and other progressive actions led to a doubling of the median family income in only 30 years, creating a middle class that included nearly 60 percent of Americans by the late 1970s.”


@35: Are you through? Or do you have additional disparaging of Ronald Reagan to get out of your system?


that's a BINGO blip & yet
corporate bootlickers
jackboot lickers and
the Happily Un-Mis-
and Mal-informed

will fight you to the Death
to spread their Lies. Why
you may ask. Good
question. let's
Ask them?

Why do you Hate
the Middle Class?


see: @37


It’s downright adorable how the conversation went from “it wasn’t reagan, it was the aclu’s fault” to “ruminating over the past doesn’t help anyone” as though no one can scroll up and read your previous comments. It’s like talking to a baby who has full command of the english language but still hasn’t figured out how object permanence works.



I think my fave will always be Nance's astrologist driving national policy agenda.

Great as that is though, I've always thought it a missed opportunity that such a forward thinking administration didn't also keep a phrenologist on staff to offer additional and valuable advice. Just think how much more they could've accomplished!


There's always the Iran Contra affair and El Salvador and giving the mujahideen Taliban 5 billion dollars and supporting Apartheid in South Africa.


let us never forget bringing in
Central American cocaine
to our Inner Cities*

*and Conveniently
locking peeps up:

it's the American Way
thanks, Central!



Honestly Garb, I don't think you can criticize all that heavily for the $5 billion donation to the Taliban. I mean, assuming there was a celestial alliance between the Gemini moon and Mercury at the time, I'd think it would've been an ideal opportunity to support a needy cause and so what are you gonna do?


well mike we're STILL don't it
with a special & Hearty thnx
to the CHENEY/bush
sovereign nation
Invading mal-

the "gift"
that keeps
on taking away

they are why
we cannot
have Nice

so Who ya gonna Vote for

I know the KkKonnell Court
formerly OUR USSC made
it Mandatory for lawmakers
to chase Corporate hand-
outs so we the Peeps
get Monopolies and
Billionaires and
NEVER get to
Vote on the
Shit that


quick dewdropper
Change the


blip and kristofarian for the WIN!

@22: Greedy, self-serving, willfully misleading, mass-murdering, oligarchical fossil fuel industry-coddling corporate RepubliKKKans are indeed, heartless criminals, Elmer. No one person is worth $1 billion, let alone $300 billion, FFS. Especially with homelessness rising at an alarmingly exponential rate.

@23: You're so pathetically out-of-touch and paranoid, Elmer, that I'd describe you as an ostrich. But two glaring factors prove otherwise, making such an observation a mismatch:
1.) That would be insulting to ostriches, and
2.) You actually have more of a tendency to bury your head up your butt rather than in the sand. Perhaps if you went outside for fresh air more often?

@37: Oh that's right. You and your fellow MAGA rubes will STILL be stubbornly fahtin' fer yer Free Dumbs, even after your glue supply runs out and you're permanently stuck to your remotes. D'OH!
By the way, I noticed that you didn't answer Kristofarian's bullseye question on why you hate the middle class so much, Elmer. Is your conscience starting to catch up with you? Methinks it's more likely you couldn't come up with anything close to a good retort.
Either that, or your maw called you and your stooges in for Yoohoos and Cocoa Puffs before your brain-addling daily SuperFriends ritual on Channel 4.


That's entertainment! I had to refill my popcorn after the third paragraph.

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