Blech. Lefty liberals eating their own. This is why we can't have nice things.


Shouldn't this story have been written by one of the Stranger staff members who are people of color?

I can think of two very prominent ones who are both much better writers than the Gen-Z, Libra Caucasian Hannah.


@2: Indeed, it's racist to not let POC speak for themselves.


Seward folly.


@Get friggin real

Most progressives up here are not liberal. They did not vote for Biden in the primaries. We voted for Bernie Sanders and for real, not token, politics.

There is a common mistake in this country that assumes we are all 100% supportive of whoever gets elected within a party. That could not be further from the truth. We are not "eating ourselves." We are having healthy disagreements which is what politics is supposed to be.

Perhaps Republicans are sheep and follow the leader blindly. We do not.


KHT is a quitter and Santos is pretty useless. Not sorry they didn’t get any exposure from the event.


@7 Nailed it. The smugness and sanctimony is unreal.


Well - Joe IS an abhorrent racist so....


Han Han is getting story ideas from Facebook comments. Hard hitting “journalism”.

Hannah, you were complaining about your salary the other day on Slog. Given that you are “reporting” on non-issues you read on Facebook comments, maybe underpay isn’t the issue?

@5 Lol… Bernie for “real” politics.


This will be the only time I say this: #11 is correct. This was a floating complaint written long before Biden was even president just looking for a thin ledge to land on.


lol this is so pathetic


Oh great, so the stranger is making fun of speech impediments now. Great job, Hannah. Totally necessary. Don’t worry folks, SCOTUS has just voted to overturn Roe, but let’s please nitpick TF out of everything, esp in this white ass city. I’d be more offended if that photo op acted like Seattle was some bastion of diversity. foh woke scouts


Just absolutely brilliant to bash Biden on the day that the opinion overturning Roe leaks. Well done. Could not be a better illustration of how idiotic people are who will only be satisfied with perfection rather than Al Gore or Hillary Clinton. Congrats! You're getting what you wanted.


Obviously, the best solution would have been to hold the photo-op' in Magnolia. (Then the only outrage would have been from out-of-town white guys, wondering WTF the BIPOC guy was doing in the picture.)


@16 Progressives are the best allies Mitch McConnell has ever had.

Mitch knows that in modern American politics the only thing that matters is the confirmation of justices, justices of the Supreme, Appellate, and District courts.

Progressives think the only thing that matters is performative posturing.

I think Mitch just check mated the progressives.


Beaconhill is more diverse than Seward Park. Does the author actually live in Seattle? Have they actually been to Seward Park? Because I have been there many times and I would never descrbe it as diverse. Stories of this nature are only used to distract and divide, when we should be concentrating on real problems, like inflation, wage stagnation, crime, rising rate of mental illness and addiction, climate change, I could go on and on. The left and right are equally guilty of these distractions and articles of this nature will contribute to the Republicans ability to take the house in the midterms. Would you please stop it.


The thought of the Seward Park neighborhood - the location of Mayor Harrell's home - being diverse gave me a case of the giggles. Why, it's every bit as diverse as Mount Baker!

seaguy11 dear, Seward Park is solidly Adam Smith's territory. Representative Jayapal's district is west of I-5, and then north of Madison Street.


Would have been cool to see Zahilay there.


Diversity means chasing down the last white person, who will probably be a liberal.


@18 Says the guy who voted for a MAGA republican.

You wonder what 'ol Ann has to say about the impending ruling resulting in forced pregnancy? Have you called her office demanding she make a statement condemning it? Demanding she switch parties?

No. Of course you haven't. And of course she won't.


"To celebrate Earth Day this year, President Joe Biden visited Seattle and gave a speech in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country, surrounded by almost entirely white people who work in the other Washington."

Jesus fucking christ learn how to write, kid. Was he surrounded by people who are almost entirely white, but not quite white? Or was he almost entirely surrounded by white people?

For fuck sake


"overwhelming whiteness"

"Overwhelming whiteness" sounds so awful! I'm sure nobody would ever describe a location or an event as being burdened with "overwhelming blackness".

Can someone please finally define the characteristics of "whiteness" and the characteristics of "blackness"?

No one will answer this question.


@23 I never voted for a MAGA Republican. Hell I've only voted for two Republicans in the last 40 years, one was a Senator a long time ago in a state far far away. The other was for a City Attorney who voted for both Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden.

I did not know that MAGAs voted for Hillary or Joe.

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