"Has Joe Manchin ever done one good thing ever in his life?"

He voted to confirm Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

He voted for Chuck Schumer to be Senate Majority Leader.

He twice voted to convict Trump on impeachment charges.

Due to redistricting, the West Virginia 2nd District the Republican Primary features two Republican incumbents. There's Alex Mooney (current 2nd District Incumbent) who was an Insurrectionist on January 6. And David McKinley (current First District incumbent) who is not an insurrectionist.

Yes McKinley is a Republican but he voted to establish the Jan. 6 Commission investigating the insurrection that Mooney was a part of. He has voted in support of LGBT Rights, he voted to fund COVID vaccination, and he wrote an article about Climate change that starts, "climate change is the greatest environmental and energy challenge of our time."

Remember as backward as we in the PNW might think WV is that aren't stupid enough to adopt a top-two primary. Like all the other sensible states they have a Republican Primary, and a Democratic Primary. The winners of the two primaries face each other in the General.

Everyone know that whoever wins the Republican Primary will win the General Election (just like everyone knows whoever wins the Democratic Primary in NYC will win the General).

So Manchin is doing what he can to help a not insurrectionist defeat an insurrectionist.

I don't see the problem.

Sure it's possible that the Democratic Brand is so tarnished in rural America (Thanks to attitudes like Matt's) that Manchin's ad just helped Mooney. But it's possible that Manchin might persuade enough swing voters to keep a Pro-Trump Insurrectionist from being elected.

Matt's supposed to be a "Reporter." So he is either really bad at his job for not understanding this context, or he just likes to feel outraged.


Every park in Seattle is a dog park. Nothing is enforced, ever. And the rules don't apply to my dog, because he's friendly!


So… you don’t like dogs at parks but we must cater to homeless with dogs and believe refusing a shelter bed because of a dog is fine. Ooookkkkaaaayyyyy.

Matt… you ain’t too bright.


This writer is bad and has really bad ideas. Really.
Really, really.


@1 option 3. Matt likes to post inflammatory remarks to get engagement on the site for ad sales. He and Hannah are masters of it.


You would think that in 2022 “Click Bait Specialist” would pay better.

Maybe us commentators aren’t the only ones being used.


Oh dear god:


You forgot to add a song to the end! Oh well, suppose you didn’t need to, I have “I know what buoys like” stuck in my head.


"Cal Anderson Park is a dog park."
And Chaz was better with, really, less piss and shit? At least dogs don't do their drugs there.


@7, we knew it was coming. The only shocker is that Chief Justice Roberts didn't vote for the draft opinion. He will surely be threat--uh, convinced to do so by June.


And that guy who is stumping for a Republican just allowed the Republicans to reverse Roe v. Wade by not getting rid of the filibuster. So now we have forced pregnancy in America. And soon they will attack contraceptive rights and gay rights.

Fuck all Republicans and their traitorous apologists.


Professor you are forgetting your history.

Reid got rid of the filibuster for Judicial Nominees (below the Supreme Court) in 2013.
In 2017, 2018, and 2020 McConnell simply followed Reid's blueprint and expanded it to include the Supreme court.

There was nothing the 117th Congress could do to prevent this decision with or without the filibuster.

Unless you are so deluded as to think that in a 50-50 Senate it would be at all possible to both expand the number of seats on the court, and get those replacement justices confirmed.


@7: I am just as outraged as you are, Phoebe, about the atrocities of this out of control neofascist Extreme Court. We women and girls will NOT go back!
I don't know who to feel sorrier for--women and adolescent girls of reproductive age, especially rape victims unable to get abortions, or little girls from birth to their preteens who have yet to experience their first menstrual period.
I'm still reeling over my unbelievably good timing to have recently had a full bilateral hysterectomy, which corrected 40 years of total monthly misery, and at my own personal good fortune that my childbearing years are thankfully behind me in these seriously messed up times.

@10: "We knew it was coming." Is "meh" your point, Sarah? This is a national disaster. SCOTUS may as well be known as the AmeriKKKan Taliban.

@11: +1 Spot on and seconded.

@12: STII:....said an even more delusional old white man who will never experience pregnancy, a menstrual period, or a breast lump. STFU already.


What did I say in 12 that was untrue?


"Has Joe Manchin ever done one good thing ever in his life?"

Saving the republic from even more financial ruin comes to mind.


What's changed since the 70's for women? Less housewives and more doing the same jobs as men. One thing hasn't changed though, there will still be violence and women having unplanned pregnancies. Financial ruin for the country? How many more disasters do we need to laugh and thumb our noses at?


@14: You're a man, aren't you, Toby? Or at least assigned male at birth? CIS men and boys will never physiologically experience pregnancy, childbirth, labor, & delivery, menstrual cycles, or feel breast lumps.
That's undeniably true, isn't it? What part of my comment @13 left you so dazed and gynecologically confused? Do you share lodgings with Elmer by any chance?
Maybe you should take a summer remedial reading course in biology.

By the way, there IS a lot the 117th Congress CAN do to overturn the Orange Turd's conservative-packed neofascist Extreme Court (ask Will in Seattle if you don't believe me): expand SCOTUS to 15 justices, appoint competent, hard working and earnest SCJs like Ketanji Brown Jackson, end lifelong seats, kick out the RWNJs hellbent on their own interests, & hold them accountable for NOT representing the people of the United States, and GET RID OF THE FILIBUSTER ALTOGETHER.

@15: Oh, yeah, riiiiiight, Elmer----like stupidly investing in dirty, cancerous fossil fuels that have long lost their value, contaminate ground water supplies, pollute the air, and destroy the Earth. Pull your head out of your butt already! If you're still able to breathe on your own, I'm amazed you're not hooked up to a ventilator.
The only good thing Mitch McConnell's #1 overly zealous Senatorial sock puppet, Joe Manchin, will ever do is drop dead.



Do you really think it is possible for a 50-50 Senate to: Overturn the Filibuster in order to expand the court?

Also do you think it is wise to overturn the Filibuster less than a year away form a potential Republican take over of the Senate?

As for ending life long seats, it takes a 2/3 vote of the Senate (and 2/3 of the House, then 2/3 of the State Legislatures) to amend the Constitution. The Democrats don't have even close to the votes to pull that off.

Do I "experience pregnancy, childbirth, labor, & delivery, menstrual cycles, or feel breast lumps."


I completely understand why you are pissed. You should be.

But you have to understand that in the here and now, with a 50-50 Senate, and a 51%-49% House, there's little the 117th Congress can do.

I'll sign up for that summer remedial reading course in biology if you sign up for a remedial reading course in how the us government works.

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