In the snippets of the Alito leak that I have seen there are no real legal rationales... it is all right-wing quackery of the Fox News variety. Embodying itself into the laws of our land.


'republicans' gonna cancel
womenfolk's "right" to Vote
yours too poor White mans
oh & all you off-Whites too

One STRONG Daddy
could be a Trillionaire
could be a Dictator
to Rule them ALL
roll the dice and
take your (last)

it's the Suprem-
acist Court now


UPDATE: yes the whole draft is dripping with right-wing Christian resentments. Alito compares pro-choice advocates to "eugenicists"?!


Good job, purity politics voters. You sure showed the Clinton machine by voting for Jill Stein. You sure showed the DNC cause they were mean to Bernie.

Yep, keep voting for third parties or not voting at all because a candidate doesn’t align 100% with all your beliefs. You guys really showed those capitalist pigs who the boss is!

The election of Trump was a disaster for this country, mainly due to the Supreme Court. But, yeah, there was “no difference” between Clinton and Trump.

Congrats to Sawant for her support of Jill Stein… she shoulda been recalled on that act alone.


3, exactly what I came here to post. Those idiots own this.


100 years ago, a similar bunch of busybody do-gooders and religious control freaks got the 18th Amendment passed, which outlawed booze, beer, and wine. It wasn't any state-by-state business; it was nationwide. And it had a lot more public support than banning abortion has today. The Prohibition Era that followed saw the most widespread civil disobedience and subversion of law enforcement than at any time in the nation's peacetime history. It took 13 years, but Prohibition failed, totally. Ultimately, it was unenforceable.

Want a more recent example of a prohibition that is failing? Look no further than gun control. Unenforceable.

I might be wrong, but I don't think, even in these Bible Belt states, women are going to take this shit lying down, so to speak. I think we're looking at a whole lot of resistance, and a whole lot of frustration for the fetus fascists.


the Patriarchy claims to speak for God

how Deep is the
Stockholm Syndrome
in these here 'united' States?


Literal reading of the Alito draft:
"There are no rights to anything not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution that wasn't also legal in the late 1860's." There is no right to:
Interracial marriage
Marriage equality
Workers rights

Jesus H Christ on a stick.


ah good the Reich Wing
coming here giving Free
political advice to their
much hated Oppo-
sition. thnx fellas

if only We
might be as
Lock-Step as y'alls.


«Yesterday, a Seattle cop struck a pedestrian crossing the street with his car»

Pedestrian was surely doing something wrong to deserve it.
Pedestrian was also cited for obstructing an officer.


This isn't about 2016 and Hillary or third parties or any of that bullshit. That's a laughably simplistic take. This has been a systemic, calculated effort for half a century. An effort that was loudly and proudly announced by these RWNJs. And in that half a century, no Democrats thought it necessary to codify federal abortion protections. And you can look - there are plenty of times they had the numbers in Congress to do so since 1973.

You know what you're getting with the christo-fascists. Democrats thought it more important to take some imaginary high road and delude themselves into thinking those people could be reasoned with, or appealed to though. Welp, good luck everyone! It's only going to get worse. No one is coming to save us.


Had Clinton won in '16, the Boof the rapist, The Handmaiden and Gorsuch wouldn't be on the supreme court, and this ruling wouldn't have happened


@3 Wait. Didn't you vote for MAGA republican Ann Davison? Anyone ask Ann Davison what she thinks? And if she will stay a republican? I bet she will. While yes voting third party is insane, voting for any republican is going to net you much worse. So you can just shut your face on this one.

@10 Unfortunately, yes it is. Anyone that has ever said "both parties are the same" or made apologia for republicans, or voted for a republican after 2016, needs to be slapped across the face every day for the rest of their lives.

The Supreme Court is now simply a rubber stamp for the a fanatical religious and political minority in this nation. It has no legitimacy. And when the republicans steal the next elections we know what will happen in the court.

Welcome to the American Taliban everyone. I hope it felt good to stick it to the liberals.


@5 My grandmother ran booze into ND during prohibition, and later started a very successful beer distributorship with the same customer list.. Also, Cannabis laws are very widely unenforceable on a national level.


@ 11, Clinton did win in 2016 by three million votes. The illegitimate Electoral College installed Prezinazi AntiChrist against our will, just like when the Republinazi Supreme Court installed CaliguBush against the will of the people in 2000 and kicked off two plus decades of nonstop chaos and national failures. This is the only outcome of our abusive, sadistic, destructive, racist system of government, which itself is on the verge of collapse.

The KKKrayzee train is careening over the cliff, and there are no brakes. We have to save ourselves.


@3, @4 - absolutely right. If you know any such people, feel free to slap them.


SCOTUS now knows what its like to have their right to privacy taken away.


Is Geraldo going to open the barrel on TV and show us Jimmy Hoffa?


Take It Out Of Their Hands. Does it depend on who's having their stuff taken away? Does it depend on who's using it the most? Both men and women use guns, drugs, and money. So is it easier to take away something that only women would use? Just send them all the lawyers, guns, and money, quoth the Zevon.


Awaken the sleeping giant and crush these fools


Well. All I know is we better elect more republicans in Seattle because somebody stole the package off my porch!

Of course that package was a soon to be illegal in most of the US home abortion pill. But still.


One wonders if maybe now a meaningful subset of the zombie electorate will realize what it costs to tank up the SUV is not quite the most pressing issue of the day. I wouldn't bet on it.



And the most infuriating aspect of it all, for me at least, is that any hope of ever reforming or overhauling that inherently flawed, corrupt and undemocratic system requires the support of those who benefit the most from it's exploitive structure, thereby ensuring it's continued existence in perpetuity.


@22 Didn't you hear? Somehow "Trans Women in Sports" is the "real" women rights issue! So that dove tails nicely with the soon to come roll-back on LBGTQ. The synergy is beautiful.

Say that reminds me. We haven't seen that one on SLOG in a while. It's due to be plugged into the talking point cycle with the Trollitariate any week now.


@23 The most infuriating thing is this was, like Trump's total incompetence handling the Pandemic crisis and the ensuing culture war over it, utterly predictable.

The moment BUTTERMALEZ became the dominant talking point and Clinton lost in 2016 this was going to happen. Clinton said so. And literally every dude bro laughed at her.


26, smart people choose their battles. 2016 was a time to hold your nose and vote for the (literal) non-evil option.



We question the Democratic Party constantly; it's people like you who NEVER question the GOP that have gotten us where we are today. You were told over and over and over this would be a likely outcome, but your facile, egotistical "both sideism" wouldn't let you set aside your insistent demand for 100% ideological purity long enough to acknowledge the looming threat to our democracy and do something about it when we still had a chance.

You were warned and you willfully ignored the warnings - no we all are forced to reap the whirlwind of your puerile, short-sighted self-interest.


Anyone who is surprised by this has not been paying attention.


@26 Shut up you wounded idiot. We now have forced birth in this nation, asshole. That's the reality. And it was what was at stake in 2016 and everyone told you that and you squealed and stomped.

And it's because people voted republican, voted for some third party nincompoop, or did not vote.

There is a thing called being a grown up. And it's about making difficult choices in less than ideal circumstances. It's time you faced up to it.

So. Which of your rights are you willing to give away so you can stick it to the Libs?


And fuck all the people who stayed home in 2016 because they didn't like Hillary Clinton. This is what happens when people demand the perfect. They don't get the good. They get the bad and ugly.


The radical extremist "supreme court" is out of touch with all Americans in every state.

And they have zero enforcement mechanisms.


In fact, it is literally a myth that they have lifetime appointments (they can be forced to be reconfirmed every ten years) or that they are only nine (they have been 21, 13, and 15 at times).

Impose Term Limits, Ignore the Unconstitutional filibuster, and Pack The Courts with 15 appointed justices subject to 50 percent votes.



@12 Yes, people did ask Ann Davison what she thought, including who she voted for in the last two presidential elections. In both cases she voted for the pro-choice candidates, first Hillary Clinton and then Joe Biden. And so your point is?


May We, the People declare war on RWNJ RepubliKKKan neofascists until every one of them down to their bitches, bootlicking enablers, fixers, and snotnosed heirs is dead, and the GOP faces mass extinction and cornholing in Hell.

Yeshua, gripe, kristofarian, blip, Original Andrew, Brent Gumbo, skidmark, Garb Garblar, RogerTheShrubber, and whoever the brave soul was to expose the SCOTUS leak about overturning Roe vs. Wade for the group WIN! +10 and Bravo to all for telling it like it IS.

@27 Middleman (I keep wanting to call you Spiderman because of your avatar--sorry): I'm a Caucasian female over 50, and at this point, feeling DAMNED fortunate to have gotten a full bilateral hysterectomy in 2020 before this MAGA-disastrous Extreme KKKourt out-of-control neofascist shitshow happened. I have done my part by voting Democrat and always will.
I don't know who to feel sorrier for----women and adolescent girls---especially rape victims---in their reproductive years, or little girls from birth to their preteens who have yet to experience their first menstrual period.
Meh-saying non-voters will find out the hard way the consequences of their willful inactions, as well as every idiotic MAGA rube dumb enough to have voted for the Orange Turd TWICE, still believing that what will most likely go down in history as our last ever legitimate and fair election of 2020 was "stolen".


@32 Will in Seattle: +1 BRAVO AND KUDOS! I add you to the abovementioned WIN list (@34). Agreed and seconded. Well said and congrats!


No right to privacy. No right to one's own body if you are a girl or a woman who is impregnated. Men are responsible for all pregnancies. Let's go after their bodies and sterilize them at birth. Better yet, castrate them all and there will be no pregnancies, period.

No? Too far?

You cannot harvest the organs from a corpse without prior written permission from the living person that existed in that body before it died. Girls and women in this country already endure obscene inequality in this so-called first world, great country, and now they're going to have less rights than a FUCKING CORPSE.

I no longer have it in me to even pretend to be civil to any motherfucker who votes Republican or claims their personal beliefs (religious or otherwise) matter more than the rights of other human beings.

Women need to burn this country to motherfucking ground and take as many of these forced birther sadistic psychopaths with them.

The GOP and the SCOTUS are appalled that the information was leaked? I hope it ruins them. It's too bad all of the violent nut jobs are on their side. We really need someone to terminate every last one of them.


We all knew this day was coming, right? Doesn't make it any easier to swallow, but really, what can we do? The American people are helpless when it comes to the US Supreme Court and are almost powerless over the determination of its membership. I'm thinking only a relatively few people vote for leaders and lawmakers based on whom he or she might appoint or support for the Court. And even if you are one of them, it only matters if one of the judges dies or resigns, So...powerless?

I know the Supreme Court is supposed to be above the fray of politics, and I think historically it has been when it comes to decisions,,,until recently. But modern appointments have been politically strategic, Just ask ol' Mitchy McConnell whose had a big stick up his ass ever since the Bork rejection (Bork was every bad -ist and -ic you can think of - and maybe a little off his rocker as it turns out).

So what is going to happen is this (and it's a drag if your a woman), you'll have to move or keep some reserves to travel in order to get the health services you might need. Or, drive many, many miles to the one or two abortion providers in your state, but don't be more than a month or two pregnant. Can't believe we are having to take this huge step backward as we inch toward Margaret Atwood's Gilead. Like gay people had to do in years past (and still do), you'll just have to go where your friends are.

Sorry, sisters. I bow my head in shame.

Our Governor Newsom is promising to make California a sanctuary for women in need - offering maybe to furnish travel expenses for those seeking reproductive health. That'll help some. We'll see. And here in California, while we support voices of varying opinions, we don't much feature obnoxious anti-choice protesters in clinic parking lots. Yes, you may protest, but you must keep you distance. Like, from Barstow or Redding.

I see much of this as the product of religion and the poisons it produces whether it's too much Catholicism on the Supreme Court, the rabid backwardness of some branches of Islam that keep people afraid and oppressed, or the Russian Orthodox Church who roots for Putin and validates the horrors of Ukraine as purification,,,and whose head is vehemently homophobic and yet goes nowhere without his gowns and jewels. It's a crazy ass world that isn't ever helped by dogma.


Everyone on both sides seems to be assuming that a pro-choice clerk leaked this draft, but I wonder: Wouldn't be better for Republicans if whatever pro-choice backlash this decision generates were to happen NOW, rather than this summer when more primaries are taking place and more voters are (presumably) dialed in to current events? Worth considering at least.


one reader's comment from nyt:

Roberts purportedly angrily said an investigation was needed to uncover the leak. I suggest an investigation of the entire court and their religious and political affiliations should disqualify the federalist jurists.

It is absurd that a faction of zealots, whose philosophy of American culture married to anachronistic centuries old dogma, is now imposing their barbaric beliefs on a majority of the country clearly opposed to their intentions.

They can are are entitled to live however they wish. But to impose it upon the rest of us is the real crime here, not who leaked the decision.

Peter; Traverse City Mi

more at:


@41 triggered snowflake


A further question for @40: Why can't we stop you? You're certainly not in the majority.


@33 Suuuuuure.

Then WHY is she a republican? The party with the stated aim to over turn Roe v. Wade. The party of Trump. She switched NOW when this was all on the line. Fuck her and fuck you.

Makes about as much sense as joining the the Nazi party and then voting for the Weimar candidates!



Hey Jas, just wanted to let you know you did a great job of blaming Democrats for something that Republicans did.

And the leaker was probably not some lefty superhero:

"Justice Alito was no doubt worried that Chief Justice Roberts, who sketched out a middle-ground position at the argument, might threaten his majority. The chief justice suggested that the court could uphold the Mississippi law at issue in the case, which bans abortions after 15 weeks, but stop short of overruling Roe outright.

"In an editorial last week, The Wall Street Journal expressed concern that Chief Justice Roberts was trying to persuade Justices Kavanaugh and Barrett to take his narrower approach.

"The point of the leak, then, may have been to lock in the five-justice conservative majority."


@36 xina joins the abovementioned group WIN (see comments @34 & @35)! +1
I could NOT have said it any better. Bravo and kudos!
As a woman well past my conceiving years who recently had a full bilateral hysterectomy in 2020, correcting 43 nightmarish years of monthly hell I consider myself among the lucky ones.
I wear my pink pussy hat and have contributed to Planned Parenthood when I can. I can SO relate to a woman I saw in a Women's March whose sign very aptly read "I shouldn't have to keep doing this shit!" Why don't so-called "pro-lifers" GET it? Fetuses can't cast votes, but unfortunately that's the point.
This bullshit is not about preserving unborn children. It is all about white supremacist men keeping women and girls of all shapes and sizes voiceless, barefoot, pregnant, subservient, and in the kitchen. Once every last woman and girl on this dying planet is dead, what next? How long before these RWNJ sickos resort to fornicating with farm animals?
I weep for women and adolescent girls of reproductive age as well as little girls from birth to their preteens, who have yet to experience their first menstrual period. What kind of future do they have?

@38 CKathes: Hmmm. Certainly food for thought. I luckily don't have a TV so I miss a lot of political debates and propaganda, and when the time comes, just vote. I have had to scroll down when reading online, and avoid overwhelming headlines too glaring in the newspapers. I don't feel like I'm missing anything particularly good on Twitter.
While your observation did occur to me a bit late in the comment thread, I will not soon forget this preventably tragic day, however.

@39 Bravo, kristofarian, and Peter from Traverse City, MI, a reader from the NYT!
Well said and spot on. Thank you for sharing, kris.

@40 David_in_Shoreline: Don't tell me, let me guess lil MAGA rube: You don't put on a mask, either, when sticking your head up your ass, do you? Be careful when flushing or you might fall in. And then where will you be? Wait----whaaaaaat??
By the way, Putin and its sock puppet, Orange Turd are laughing their asses off at you and your ilk as you nosedive into your GOP-made filthy, putrid downward spiral into the sewers. Enjoy your black hole, and try not to leave any skid marks on the way out of civilization.


@40 Bill Clinton won the popular and electoral vote for two terms.
Gore only lost because you scum bags literally stole the vote in Florida.
Obama won the popular vote and the electoral vote for two terms.
Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.
Biden won the popular vote and the electoral vote and you dirtbags attempted a coup.
Trump was a one termer.

When people actually get to vote in free and fair elections democrats win.

You hated the mean lady and now we have forced birth in America. And here you can't even admit when you're wrong and course correct. Literally the worst possible combination of stupid and suicidally vindictive.


FFS. Alito leaked the draft intentionally. To force the Roberts to commit to it. And they will (AND ARE) use the leak as a rhetorical cudgel and distraction.

More than likely they will attempt to frame or taint Ketanji Brown Jackson with the leak to discredit her so when they side with the next GOP coup plot they won't have any dissenter with any power.


I am not attempting to hide anything.


@49 name your last five user names.


You made a claim that Democrats don't win. I just demonstrated that they do. Nd you can't even admit that.

But until you tell us your last five user names so we can see all your history of stupid political claims in the light of day there is no reason to listen to your blathering nonsense.


“Oh to relax with the Capybara...........”
Hey guys, is that a Snickers bar floating there?

“.......a Seattle cop struck a pedestrian crossing the street.......”
‘Great’ reporting which tells us nothing. This is the problem with the great laws that allow people to cross the street without looking...........and they actually do it.

@3, Amen. & double amen on the Sawant comment. A loose canon if there ever was one. @4,5 amen.

@16, I hadn’t thought of that one. Now that’s REALLY funny.

@26, Sorry,but if you’ve got the power to throw your vote into the toilet, you’re NOT powerless. @30, what you said, the grownup thing.


@51 re @49: I believe David_in_Shoreline was one of them.

@55: Be careful when flushing, David, or you might fall in.


@49: Wow---you're really into brown swirlies, aren't you?
You must be a hoot at college frat parties.


@53 Bugs: "........a Seattle cop struck a pedestrian crossing the street........"
I blame the invention of the SmartPhone. It has dumbed down a lot of motorists as well as pedestrians into easily distracted, clueless oblivion. No surprise that there has since been an increase in regional traffic accidents due to people not paying attention.

@54 David_in_Shoreline:.....said the trolling incel covered in his own shit when his toilet backed up. Your dazed and confused expression in the bathroom mirror is a shoo-in for the $10,000.00 prize on America's Funniest Home Videos.
I can just hear you now: "Wait--------whaaaaaaaaaaaat??"


@55, you’re correct, they’re all crooks. It’s the nature of the ‘let’s make a deal’ beast. But in the case of Ronny Reagan, he wanted to get rid of the bank regulators so his friends could rob our money, whereas the Clintons wanted to give us free health care. That’s a tough choice for you?

@58, no argument from me re people driving/walking HUA.


@59 Why won't you give us your past user names? Becuase then we can see how much you lie. That's why.

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