Capitol Hills dog park is also a rat park...
Capitol Hill's dog park is also a rat park... Charles Mudede

The past 20 or so hours have been nuts. US mainstream politics has nothing that remotely looks like a center. It's either the crazy or pretty much everything else. The former has a whole major party to itself. The latter must cover political positions from moderate Republicans to outright socialists. The first party has a great deal of power because rural white voters are obscenely over-represented, and because the business interest, which keeps the crazy party in power, is willing to go along with and pay for the crazy as long as their irrational accumulation capital for capital's sake faces as little resistance from democracy as a possible.

The question that's now asked by many is how long can, say, a North Dakota determine the will of a California? How long can these terrific imbalances, which are expressed in the Supreme Court's confirmed decision to eventually vaporize a law established 50 years ago, stand? And if they can go that far back, then they are only a stone's throw from things like Loving v. Virginia and Jim Crow laws, and those stones are already being thrown. This is the nightmare America that blocked every attempt I made to reach sleep last night.

Deepa Bhandura channeling the rise of the Reaganism, which boils down to the business interest capturing the crazy called Christian Nationalism for votes:

Will Casey, the new Stranger writer with a background in law, has this to say about Justice Alito’s draft opinion to overturn to Roe v. Wade: "After reading all 65 pages of what amounts to nothing more than Federalist Society talking points, I’m here to say that we’d be here literally all day if I took the time to point out every logical inconsistency or false equivalency in Alito’s draft opinion."

Yesterday, Matt Baume reminded us that "Cal Anderson Park is a dog park." Fine. And the owners of those unleashed dogs are breaking the law. But that is a law you are allowed to break. Sleeping in the park is one that you can't. So, there are "laws" and there are Laws. Dog owners get the laws. The homeless get the Law. But another point is this. Cal Anderson is a rat park. Indeed, the rodents certainly outnumber the unleashed dogs. And at dusk, they are everywhere. Darting to the fountain, darting to the football field, darting to the little that remains of a social experiment ignited by the murder of George Floyd.

Ok, back to the nightmare.

Read Hannah Krieg to find out why Kshama Sawant always gets the national climate wrong. She is great on local issues and politics but seems to always to be pretty useless when it comes to the big picture. She tweeted: "I completely disagree with Sanders & AOC. This is a misplaced focus on legislative means. Now's the time for mass protests in 100s of cities across the nation." I will stick with Sanders and AOC on this one (and with Elizabeth Warren), for reasons that are obvious. Also, that law would be still in place if Hillary Clinton (who I have no love for) would have won in 2016. So, now we must storm the streets and be traumatized by flash bangs, choked by tear gas for something we could have simply voted to protect?

That said, Krieg also describes a likely post-Roe v. Wade scenario in these stark terms: "Overturning Roe v. Wade would mean that the number of 'women of reproductive age' seeing Washington as the closest place to seek abortion care would increase by 385%, per estimates from the Guttmacher Institute."

Krieg at Westlake:

The Seattle Times at the Temple of Justice in Olympia:

Can someone give me a drink? No. Not yet. Still working. Ok, well, let's take another break from what kept me up all night and enter the dim world of a fox and 25 dead flamingos. All of those limp and punctured necks in the night, all of those feathers on the ground. The bird blood. The slaughter happened not far from the building that houses the Supreme Court justices, DC's Smithsonian National Zoo. The totally wild fox broke into the zoo, saw all of these beautiful and defenseless birds, and went on a killing spree that also claimed the life of one duck. According to The Hill, the zoo is “devastated and mourning the loss of 25 American flamingos and one Northern pintail duck."

King County Executive Dow Constantine has picked Undersheriff Patti Cole-Tindall to be the new Sheriff in town. She's not new, but she will be the county’s "next full-time sheriff."
Goodnight, Norman Mineta, the first Asian-American Cabinet Secretary. He entered the eternal unknown at 90.

Of course, Chief Justice John Roberts will investigate the leak, but show no interest whatsoever in the fact that Ginni Thomas, Justice Clarence Thomas's wife, actively participated in the Jan 6 coup attempt.

This is too much. Let's visit Canada, and not for an abortion — that'll happen in 2025 — but to watch Canadian crows enjoying spring flowers on a sidewalk:

When it comes to this matter, I'm like a Trisolarian. Meaning, I cannot lie. This is my fav Paul McCartney track. It's techno. It's about a working-class condition that post-Marxists would at the turn of the millennium call precariat. It's "Temporary Secretary":