You are wrong on the etymology of "sheriff", Mr. Mudede: "From Middle English shirreve, from Old English sċīrġerēfa, corresponding to shire +‎ reeve. There is no etymological connection to Sharif (شَرِيف‎ (šarīf)), an Arabic title of honour"


Charles, you disagreeing with Sawant's statement does not really jive well with "the business interest, which keeps the crazy party in power, is willing to go along with and pay for the crazy as long as their irrational accumulation capital for capital's sake faces as little resistance from democracy as a possible."

Voting is broken. The legislative process is broken. Every time we put Democrats in power, all we get are excuses as to why they can't actually exercise that power. If you want citizens to actually resist deranged theocrats and unchecked capitalism, massive protests nationwide are needed. A general strike is needed. Vote, sure, whatever. But unless people grind the economy to a halt, no one is going to really listen. So, good luck trusting the processes that have ultimately led to this clusterfuck I guess.


@ 2,

The Women’s Marches and the Black Lives Matter protests were the largest civil actions in this nation’s history.

And here we are. We got nothing.

A national strike that targets the cash flows that are the only thing that the United States’ despicable sociopathic ruling elites care about would be effective, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to overcome most Americans’ nihilism, apathy, and loathsome ignorance.

It’s like Winston Smith pathetically wishing that the proletariat would care about anything other than booze and lottery tickets.

Good luck with the Millennials and Gen Z—they’ve fried their brains on too much playback.

Find the key to the proles, and we’ve got a revolution.


@2 --


@2 we don't (can't) give the Ds enough power. We need 52-53 senators to be able to get 50 for any centrist position. Charles is right, the Ds are the entire range of sanity, what used to be left to right. The Rs are rightwing insanity only.

Unfortunately I don't know how doable it is to replace 2-3 R senators with Ds to the left of Machine/Sinema


Ginni Thomas is the leaker.


Seattle will have a vast, expansive, city-wide underground transit system in place that serves the entire metropolitan region before the country sees a viable progressive majority in the United States Senate.


@9 soooooo never?

And I agree. There are some mistakes that cannot be undone. I’ve said it before (and been proven correct time and time again): Electing Trump has broken American democracy. And it’s very likely not going to be fixed in any of our lifetimes.

The not-bad but not-really-good news is CoVID19 will continue to ravage the self destructive antivax MAGA strongholds and thin out the most rabid of the base for another half decade. It might break the healthcare system. But at least there’s some consequences.

Things are going to continue to get worse for a whole lot of Americans. And you know what? A whole lot of them sort of deserve it.

I’m half way to just not caring anymore.


@1) you are right. But what a fucking coincidence.


That is a pretty extreme overharvest by that fox. I thought only primates did that. Welcome to the club, urban fox!


If idiot liberals didn't vote for alternative party candidates in major important elections we wouldn't be here. (Johnson?!?! Seriously? Or Nader? "I believe in him" Well believe in Hand Maiden's Tale because you just made it possible moron.)

@2 "Vote sure whatever"?!? You are a moron and part of the apathy that made this shit show possible. Republicans vote, not "whatever", and look what happens.


5 calm down queen


Washington GOP representatives quickly moved forward with a proposal to appoint that wild fox to a lifetime position as official guardian of the DC Zoo flamingo enclosure.


@11 - I really appreciate that you’ll chime in on the comments section from time to time. Not sure why it’s so verboten or unique…


A fox killing a flock of lovely defenseless birds for cruel sport has so many allegories to FOX TV going after females and children with their hateful rantings.
It’s sickening in both instances.

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