Steven Weissman

Last week, when I told you that my daughter confessed to me that you have emotionally abused her as a coach for the past seven years, you were stunned. The first question you asked, in a shaky voice: "Are you going to tell the other parents?"

It was my turn to be stunned. My first thought as a mother was to be so sad about my traumatized daughter. I hadn't thought of the other parents. But you were, since they are your clients. You have been milking them for 40 years. You have been billing me for seven years, for me to drop off my child at your place of business so that you can thoroughly break her down and emotionally abuse her.

You told parents you were doing "leadership development training" with our kids. You didn't tell us you would be making the children call you "god" and tell them not to look you in the eye. You didn't tell us you would call them "shit" and "lazy" and ignore them if they didn't do exactly as you asked. You didn't tell us that you laughed as you told the children that former parents accused you of running a "concentration camp for kids," that's how infamous you are.

"It's not abuse," you still insist. "It's teaching children how difficult the world is and how to succeed at a high level." You, a gnarled and crooked 75-year-old woman, I do not know how to explain to you that disrespecting and terrorizing children is not good coaching. It's abusive. This letter is just the beginning. The buck stops here.

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