@Jas missed the opportunity to stump for tighter regulations on the heavily polluting cruise industry and its why we can't have nice things. Presently cruise ships are allowed to burn heavy bottom-of-the-barrel fuels that create the noxious fumes.

However, @Jas could have advocated for WA to have something nice like California does: it requires cruise ships burn clean fuels when ashore or w/in 3 miles of several cities, and coastline is protected by a no discharge zone that applies to both sewage and greywater (meaning none treated or raw can be dumped in Marine Sanctuaries or within 3nm of the coast).

This thread has more deets

But, she didn't


Jesus H. Christ. Maybe you can tell us what the House Dems are supposed to do about an action of the judicial branch, when there is zero chance of getting anything to protect abortion rights through the Senate? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that no, you have no constructive suggestion for House action that would change a goddamn thing.

FFS, if all of you Dem-haters had held your noses and voted for Hillary instead of whining because she was not going to buy you all kinds of shiny stuff, the Orange Disaster would never have been Prez and we would not be facing this. Pelosi is the LAST fucking person to blame for this.


And it is surely at least a million and a half dead. At least we can hope that most of them were MAGAts.


1 - Jas is doing fine - not running a journalism concierge desk.


@2 Except that Pelosi is a strong symbol of how out of touch politicians are in general, Democrats included. And why so many people would rather watch it all burn than give their support to any of these people. But I'm gonna go out on a limb here and surmise that you don't see how corrupt Nancy Pelosi is because she wears a blue tie instead of a red one.


@6 - even if you were right that she's corrupt (you are not, and she isn't), that in no way negates my point that there is not a goddamn thing she can do about the Court's decision. Want to blame someone? start with the asshats who stayed home because the Dems didn't nominate Bernie and let Trump become president. And spare me your "all politicians" bullshit. If you really think, after the Trump years, that there is no difference between different politicians, you are an absolute fucking cretin.


@dvs99 YAAAAAAAASSSSSS! Serve it up!!!


Also, a hard pass on student loan forgiveness. It is fraught with so many problems.

The highest-income 40% of households owe almost 60% of the outstanding education debt and make almost three-quarters of the payments. A broad-based cut in debt would undeniably help low-income borrowers. But it would come at the cost of helping out some future doctors, lawyers, and other advanced-degree holders who are likely to be fine repaying their debt anyway.


Ask @6 what his past usernames were and then you can find out how full of shit he is.


@1 Puget Sound is already a no discharge zone at least


@7 Yep, there ya go. Blame democracy. "The people didn't vote how I wanted them to therefore they're idiots. Boo hoo hoo."
Do you know how much money Nancy Pelosi has made during her time in office? She has more in common with Jeff Bezos than either me or you. Yet you defend her against your fellow have-nots, why?


So chappelle gets accosted on stage and uses it as an opportunity to once again punch down at transgendered people? What an actual piece of human trash, he deserves the shit he gets.


Pelosi's Congress already passed a measure doing exactly what you want, Jas. She doesn't control the Senate, which is where America's dreams go to die.

@6: again with the corruption accusation. HOW is Pelosi corrupt? specifically, who did she take a bribe from? what was the quid pro quo?


Notice that @12 won't tell you what his previous user names were?


@15 I don't have previous usernames you senile obsessive hilarious ragamuffin.

@14 If you think corruption is a guy handing Pelosi a sack with $$$ on it I'm jeaous. I want to live in the quaint cartoon world you inhabit.


@13 You're actually endorsing terrorism. What it means to be "liberal" sure has changed a lot.

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