«Cinco de Drinko: Today, the girlies will be stepping out, testing the limits of just how drunk you can get on a work night.»

I predict a spike in broken ankles arriving at Harborview.


«Cawthorn...claimed on a podcast that people in Washington D.C. have invited him to participate in orgies and used cocaine in front of him.»

Nobody in the GOP is denying the cocaine & hooker orgies, either.


It would be the height of idiocy for blue state protestors to destroy blue state property in order to protest red state anti-abortion fanatics. Go to the red states and smash their shit up. Or to the Supreme Court.

Also, Biden was never accused of “rape” to my knowledge. Inappropriate touching, yes. But last I checked, that’s not rape. Trump on the other hand…yeah, he’s a rapist POS.


Too Funny: The latest Hannah narrative.

I love me some "rip it up" protests! Waaay better than those boring Dems that don't actually support abortion!!!!
Literal next paragraph is about a boring Dem who is assisting on abortion.
After shouting about killing the environment in various ways she doesn't approve of, a glowing yippie about a fast-fashion chain opening in Seattle.

I've come to the conclusion Hannah doesn't really exist. She's just a performance art collective doing a parody of the lefty stereotype.


Getting totes drunk with the girlies on one of the amateur night drunk holidays then using the term “basic bitch” later on is pretty funny.


"cinco de drinko" - ugh, sounds like a stupid tourist.


4 - So you are heckling the daily news rundown as a conspiracy that created Hannah Krieg?
Where do you intend to go with that?


@7, she is seeming a lot like a slog bot, isn't she?

and that weird, kinda creepy head tilt in her photo seems a bit contrived.


“Attention basic bitch boys: You will no longer have to drive your hybrid all the way to Bellevue to get your slightly elevated basics.”

I will admit to having absolutely no idea what a “glowing yipee” is supposed to be but if i had to guess it would be the opposite of “slightly elevated basics for bitch boys”

I’ve never been in the same room with hannah so for all i know she could actually be AI but I’m far less convinced @4 would pass the voight-kampff test.


It would be better if people came to recognize the Democratic Party as a coalition of interest groups united only by their antithesis groups in the GOP coalition. Thinking of the Democrats as a "brand" or, worse, an ideology is a mistake. This way, for progressives, the moderates, the liberals, etc stop being a problem to be solved and become, instead, a partner to be bargained with.

Anybody with eyes to see it knew this Roe reversal has been coming since the day RBG died but evidently the Democratic Party's leadership made no plans and now they look feeble. Politicians will act only when their constituents compel them to do so. If you control a lot of money or a lot of votes, they'll worry about your concerns. If you don't, they won't. This is why organizing is so important.


I was told that God watches over drunks and little children.
Jeez Louise, some Yeshua you turned out to be.


Most of the complaints i hear about the democratic party boil down to disillusionment with our system of governance, which is understandable, but nonetheless it's the system you have to work within, and it's just much easier for republicans to game it when they are representing a monolithic, single-issue constituency who would rather have government that does nothing than one that does nice things for its citizens. It's much easier to break things and strip people of rights than to craft effective policy that strikes a happy balance for a big-tent coalition, because eventually everyone inside the tent is going to feel disappointed about something.


"Anybody with eyes to see it knew this Roe reversal has been coming since the day RBG died but evidently the Democratic Party's leadership made no plans and now they look feeble."

No Dem plan???2?
H.R.3755 - Women's Health Protection Act of 2021

The Dems tried. It failed to pass 46 to 48.


Thank you for publishing the picture of the deep thinkers in black. Look, I can hold a flare and pose for a picture! Mommy, are you proud of me now? I've got a GED AND a cause!


The moment it became standard practice to treat all accusations against a public figure of sexual misconduct as automatically true, and expressing any skepticism or concern for due process became commonly regarded as de facto support for violence against women, the odds of you ever getting a chance to vote for a presidential candidate who didn't have such charges leveled against them dropped to ~zero.


"The moment it became standard practice to treat all accusations against a public figure of sexual misconduct as automatically true"

That's not what happened. What happened was a movement asking to treat the women making those accusation as if they were not automatic liars like they had been for centuries. Big difference.

That it was then weaponized by bad faith rightwing shitbags and internet point seekers is an entirely different thing.


people really saw a social media campaign that argued we should take all allegations of sexual misconduct seriously and concluded not only that they demanded these allegations must be accepted without further investigation but that society actually went along with this


tbh, best part of my morning. ty hk.


Sh*t is torn up. And it’s miserable. Next idea pls


@12 Ding! Yep. And as long as the left of center side we are all in keeps expecting everything they want, and throws tantrums when they don't get it the right will keep winning.


@17 Take a peek at the at sock puppet's account history. It literally only appears to justify why rape victims must be liars.

I saw it's first postings and went back and looked at the Dave Meinert threads. You would be shocked (/sarcasm) to see how many of our current troll accounts were present in that — and guess what side of the issue they were on? There is a consistent pattern of hating women.


@20 You cannot change democracy without power. And voting third party in the current system will never ever get you power. Ever.


And the rightwing doesn't even want democracy at all. So voting for them just betrays your own contempt for democracy.


The defeat of the French Army at Puebla in 1962 should be celebrated in the US but not for the reason the screaming drunk Frat Boys think.

Had the French won Napoleon III would likely have intervened in the US Civil was on behalf of the Confederacy. This could have caused other European countries to do the same.
At the time the outcome of the Civil War was very much in doubt. This could have tipped the balance.

So if you are going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.



As opposed to deep thinkers such yourself who hunker down in a darkened basement. Look, I can type words and press buttons! Mommy, can you bring me a sandwich and another Diet Mountain Dew? I AM DOING IMPORTANT THINGZ ON TEH INTERNET! WHY AREN'T YOU PROUD OF ME?!?



Matt Fucking Hickey, is that you?


@24 I notice you keep trying to throw away that swastika but it keeps sticking to your hand. Perhaps if you dressed in all black you could hide it. You could then join the other anonymous little bitches who want to destroy "ur state."


By the way, the internet has been around for 39 years. How much longer will it take you to stop typing in all caps?


@25 he’s either that troll or that Tensor guy.


@28 and you are that troll professor guy. How long until you get booted again?


Maybe if we promised some of the closet-case Proud Boyz facials, they would have lined up to be vaccinated too.


@13 skidmark: H.R. 3755---Women's Health Protection Act
If it didn't pass, it's because obstructionist RepubliKKKans, as usual, were blocking it.

@30 dvs99 for the WIN, baybee!!

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