Picture that $1,000,000 median per King County house while driving through Auburn and Enumclaw


"The corporation moved to your city to get away from unionized labor, but that didn't work out because planes started falling out of the sky."

Not quite Charles. Chicago is probably a more unionized city than Seattle. Hell if getting away from Unions was the primary motivation they would have moved to fucking Dallas (one of the runner-ups).

The move had more to do with easy access to potential customers in the Middle-East and Asia (even today ORD has more international flights than SEA could possibly dream of) along with more and higher quality restaurants, hotels, and entertainment to wine and dine those potential customers. Also UAL was HQed in Chicago and at the time it had an all Boeing fleet.

I lived in Denver at the time, which was one of the two runners up, along with Dallas. Both the Denver Post and Denver Business Journal did long stories after the decision. It mostly came down to the ease of getting execs from Dubai, Tokyo, and other locations in Asia, to Chicago and having some place world class to wine and dine them.

Since the current iteration of Boeing can't seem to make airplanes, spacecraft, or computer programs it makes sense that they are moving to DC as their only hope is government largess and cost-plus contracts.


"So, Bernie Sanders tried to get the Senate to authorize a bill that would make it impossible for US semiconductor companies, benefitting from federal aid and research, to outsource jobs and attack unionization efforts. Only six senators voted for this pro-American jobs bill."
Tell me again why I should blindly vote Democrat? But they did manage to mandate a minimum number of leases for oil and gas drilling annually and strip $8B from the Green Climate Fund to invest in weaponry. So there's that >.>


@2, that text caught my eye too. “Headquarters” is a bunch of management suits, right? Or are they organized card carrying union members? In which case we say thank a union rep for bargaining your relocation package. Seattle is Boeing HQs ex-girlfriend. Let’s not make it awkward by public pining over the guy who walked out on us years ago.



Don't nobody want you to "blindly vote Democrat."

We want you to vote Democrat in the interest of your fellow citizens and for the future of society at large, while also continuing to call attention to the many and infuriating flaws of the larger two-party system and governmental structure that forces you to advocate for glaringly flawed candidates in the noble interest of your fellow citizens and bettering society.


Sure. The specter is haunting the world. In a Ghostbusters kind of way.


It's the complete disregard for the facts exhibited by Stranger writers that get me.

Sure promote your agenda and choose news stories that promote your agenda.

But good God to just make shit up....


Karl Marx was a racist. All of his works are inherently racist and should be dismissed.


@5 Thank you. That's the most reasonable response I've read yet. And you did it without calling me a MAGA or a dipshit or projecting any personal insecurities onto me.


Skilled workers can be well-trained slaves


@2 They moved because Phil Condit was tired of getting buttonholed by politicians at the opera, demanding he do something for the region in exchange for all the tax breaks.

I know this because I was here at the time.


how ya gonna
Concentrate Wealth
by paying your Fair Share?


@10 -- can we not teach our
Prisoners to put together
Airplane parts? how
Hard can it Be?

if they can Lego
they can Learn
to Earn their



Boeing moved it's office because there was a management theory at the time (popularized by GE's Jack Welch) that management should be physically removed from interacting with workers. The idea is that if management is half a continent away they won't let silly things like personal relationships with workers interfere with dispassionate business decisions. In other words, it's hard to shut down the factory and outsource the labor if your daughter is on a select soccer team with the worker's kids.... But it turns out this business theory - even if it makes life easier for executives - is stupid. Having management disconnected from design and manufacturing is NOT good for quality control. It's not necessarily an indictment of capitalism writ large, but it IS an indictment of Capitalists who want to avoid looking at the consequences of their decisions.


"... an indictment of Capitalists
who want to avoid looking at the
consequences of their decisions."

which is why we have
Gated Communities.


The move to Chicago was made, in large part, to pacify the acquired components of McDonnell Douglas. And reassure them that they would not be second fiddle in a Seattle-centric commercial aviation company. In hind sight, the first move should have been to the DC area.


@9: but you are corrupt. so, so corrupt.


"The corporation moved to your city to get away from unionized labor."

Is Charles under the impression Boeing's executives are unionized? The company moved it's corporate headquarters, not its manufacturing facilities.


This is a great reason to build nationwide high speed passenger and freight rail.

That's the future.

Planes are the past.


@17 That may be true, but I have no power to affect anything by my corruption.


@7, @18: For Charles, Boeing really has become this decade's Amanda Knox, hasn't it? At least in this case, his obsession seems somewhat less creepy, even if he still gets his basic facts wrong by the bucketload.



I wasn't here so didn't read the Stranger back then. Did Charles get all stalkery on Amanda?


Nader's the same way
you should see how Upset
he got when his young Niece
plummeted outta the Sky in one
of Boeing's finest.

boeing's under the Deluslion
that their sole Stakeholders
are Mgmt & Shareholders
& squeezing every Last
Dime outta its workers
& the Citizenry. our
Biggest Exporter
& it's All About

Corps gotta Re-invest
in the Country they Occupy

or what's the
bloody Fucking Point?
Harvesting the Citizenry
is a Dead End road for US

tho 'repubs' have made that
exactly their Business Model

hell alls we need
is another Planet
and Then we can
Destroy This One

but Not til

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