About a quarter of pregnancies end in miscarriage. If abortion is murder is a miscarriage manslaughter? What if the miscarriage happens after a fender bender - is the driver at fault a murderer? Do the police need to investigate miscarriages or stillbirths? A well written law could make sure these questions are answered, but I don't expect most of these laws to be well written.


sure, pick on middle aged men. you think young males are vaccinated at higher rates?

would be nice to see them not be able to procreate, tho.


a fucking box of RAIN?
Welcome To Warsh-
ington Will!


"…according to this reap in SFGate."

What is a "reap"?


the Point is the Cruelty
keeping the womenfolk in
their Proper Place is just a Bonus*

now who can't Wait
till they outlaw
the Homos?

the Moralizing Minority
won't stop till their
God is our Head
of State and the
Rich are truly

*or do I have that


The anti-abortion movement is not and has never been powered by logic. Why would we expect laws that are now being written by that movement to have any?

If you want to understand more about the true nature of these laws and the “thinking” behind them, check out this thread from a professor with expertise in women and gender in the early modern era (1500-1700). The people making laws right now are quite literally following the same philosophy as “witch” burners from 400 years ago.


The SF police breaking up a teacher protest is a perfect example of why police unions don't deserve to be recognized as part of the broader labor movement. King County Labor Coalition did the right thing in expelling spog.


Also, Will, I’m sorry to inform you that nearly every spring in Seattle is like this. The only way to survive it with your mental health at least somewhat intact is to go somewhere sunny for at least a week between January and May. For as long as you live here, you’ll need to budget for that.

You’ll also need a tolerance for the web-footed weirdo locals who actually get off on this shit.


"The police need more money!" says the We Can't Keep Throwing Money At The Problem crowd.

Maybe they should hold a bake sale. Or auction off some of their ridiculously excessive military equipment. Ukraine could probably use it.


Minor nit Will, the Arizona territory sided with the Confederacy, not a state until 1912. The New Mexico territory sided with the Union and became a state when Arizona did.


@8: it's powered by theology. the belief that god creates an eternal soul at the moment of conception and adds it into the fertilized egg. that soul is how we exist in the afterlife. therefore, abortion = murder.

that rationale is impervious to logic, to science, to any argument. you cannot disprove the existence of a soul, of an afterlife, of the God of Abraham. it's faith.

BTW, do not suggest that souls pre-exist their placement into the fertilized egg. that's just crazy heresy. that's what Muslims believe!


This is who Republicans support. This is the world they want. They do not care about any life whatsoever. They are sick, sadistic death cult.

Every single anti-choice person in this country needs to be put out to pasture, permanently. Vote them all out and make sure they never get their hands on any power ever again.

There really is only one reasonable solution to preventing unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Castrate all males at birth. No more unwanted pregnancies, no more abortions, no more out of control population destroying the earth.

Forced birtherism in this country is more obscene than castrating all males at birth.


Box of Rain- Phew, just what I needed to get through this long wet stretch.Thank you for the uplifting memory :)


@19 They just want votes. It's all about the votes. Everything they say and do, they say and do because it gets them votes. If you don't like what they're saying, it's not for you. They don't want your vote. They want the votes of the people who like what they are saying, and by saying and doing the things that they talk about, they get votes. And this seems to be really effective at getting a lot of them.

It's really that simple. Manchin and Sinema don't hate you. I don't think they give two shits about you or me or anyone outside the voters in their district they're targeting. They want the votes of a majority of people in their district and by doing and saying what they are doing and saying, they are going to get them.


If comedians can get tackled, so can the GOP. "We don't negotiate with terrorists", said Reagan. The GOP only has terrorists for voters so they have to make deals and keep making deals.


Spring in Seattle ain't so bad. At least not compared w the places I've lived where it's been even shittier.


'Yesterday he weighed in on the ongoing debate around hiring bonuses for cops, calling it an “outstanding” proposal from noted eco-block enthusiast Sara Nelson. Harrell's opinion flies in the face of an analysis from Seattle Department of Human Resources showing inconclusive results on the effectiveness of using hiring bonuses to lure police.'

Cripes, that "analysis" is a two page document, which contains no absolutely no salary, bonus, or retention data -- in fact, it contains no hard numbers of any kind. It surveyed opinions from heads of departments in the city bureaucracy, and then the two authors took those opinions and formed opinions of their own. That's it. There's no substance there at all.

I understand the Stranger still wants the police de-funded, and so will publish pretty much anything to oppose hiring more cops. But ignoring the signing bonuses offered by other police departments in the region, in favor of this insubstantial wisp of an "analysis," really shows just how desperate the Stranger's position has become.


@5, Yeshua, @8 schmacky, and @19 xina for the WIN! +3 Agreed, seconded, thirded, & fourthed, and word up! Thank you for beating me to it--I have nothing more to add.

As a Western Washington native I must agree that fall 2021 and winter 2022 have both been particularly shitty, reminiscent of 2012. However, Rich--if you hate the weather here so much after five years, I recommend as schmacky suggests that you try a warmer and regularly sunnier climate. At least do so during the winter months.
Have you been to San Diego, California? Weather forecasters there have the most boring of day jobs: "Sunny, moderate, light winds, high temperatures in the 70s to low 80s..." Then, if only to add a bit of hope for moisture: "...with a slight chance of rain off the coast (ha!--like that'll happen, but they're ever hopeful)..." Palm Springs, CA is even hotter and more arid if you like desert climates.


Color me psychic for having the amazingly good fortune to have had a full bilateral hysterectomy back in 2020, during the Err of Orange Turd. My empathetic godsend of a recently retired Ob-gynecologist should be appointed to the sainthood for correcting 43 years of the worst monthly misery imaginable. The average Party of Turd white supremacist male politician, priest, pope, or grossly misinformed male voter would bawl like a baby if ever having to go through the monthly hell that I did for over four decades.
If RepubliKKKan men could get pregnant from rape, incest, or unprotected sex, the Planned Parenthood clinics would exponentially outnumber the churches and gas stations. Roe would no longer be a bullshit subject of "debate" and instead, be protected forever.
Brilliant call, xina--let's castrate all RepubliKKKan males at birth until their ugly death cult is extinct. Problem solved.


Now if only COVID could make limp and permanently dysfunctional wet noodles of every Trumpist and Putin-worshipping dick worldwide. Wild rejoicing would go on all over the globe.


hey auntie Gee
I heard a fellow
Composer on NPR
the other day and she
was talking about some
computer program you plug in &
it (easily, apparently) sets your music to video

it made me think of you and your Work
her name is Joslyn Hagel (or thereabouts)
and she'd given a TED talk, perhaps about
the program. thought it might be Interesting...

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