Small’s comments start at 16 minutes in the C-Span video, and run for 6 minutes.
It’s well worth watching!!


It may rain all this weekend, but you can still participate in workshops on Saturday and Sunday from Noon till 9 helping build the in-person Fremont Solstice Parade at the Fremont Powerhouse on 3910 Fremont Ave N.

Oh and there's boat parades from 10-2 along the cut if you're not too drenched


This column is the best thing The Stranger has ever done.


Being a billionaire can't prevent it from curling up around your toes, HowieBoy.


high school students looking
into anti-Union shenanigans?

won't Someone think of the Chirrens?

America was Built
on the Backs of

how DARE they


when money equals 'free' speech
corporations -- who are actually
Peeps too - friendo! - Dwarf
the Fuck outta we the
Peeps. in Everything
but Numbers.

too bad they OWN
the mass fucking Media

so how Fucked
are we?


there's Power
in Numbers
lil bird


I never got into the habit of paying several dollars for a cup of burnt-roasted bean juice when I could make my own coffee at home for about a quarter. Starbuck's is nothing but another global outlet for gratuitous consumption.


@ 11 - Apparently coffee snobs such as yourself are in the minority, as Starbucks does huge business. Perhaps you have deluded your enormous ego into thinking your taste is far superior to the coffee hoi polloi?

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