Lmao. Hannah sounds like the Republicans complaining over Hilarys emails… most likely Mayor Durkan said some unsavory things like maybe she wanted Kshama’s head on a platter or something along those lines.


Shitler sues for right to whine in public, federal judge dismisses suit.

I know it's dumb and petty, though I can't help but get a kick out of it. Also, check out his cool site "TRUTH SOCIAL"



Considering a legal defense would run up more $200,000 in the first month, that's a bargain.

The Times must have known they have a weak case, and the city decided there was no reason to throw good money after bad.


If there were a contest for worst leader/CEO in Seattle, Sharon Lee would probably win.
She can't handle herself in interviews when asked a question she doesn't like, she can't navigate this new landscape where LIHI are no longer the big-boy in town receiving the majority of shelter monies, and she seems prone to tizzy-fits.
People say $225k or whatever her salary is is too much for that role; I disagree, it's too much for her because she's mediocre to bad at her job. Too bad LIHI don't have a board that can toss her and search for someone competent.
Probably shoulda stuck with being an architect, maybe she wasn't good at that either though.


@4, good one. She’s been scrapping it out for decades in a city hostile to affordable housing, with rapidly declining funding sources. LIHI manages tens of thousands of affordable housing units in the region. But yes, give her this fictional “award” because you’re mildly annoyed reading about her online.


re: forced birth

when 'republicans' were
busy screaming re: the Terrors
of Sharia Law who knew they were

just Jealous?

the gop will not stop
with criminalizing Women
they're coming for the trade
Unionists the Left oh & why not

lgbtq too? try not to
look Too Good in
those Jackboots
fellahs you next


I suspect that SCCC is axing the trade programs because people are coming out of those programs and not able to get hired with their 2 year degrees because the industries don't respect them.



I tried to ignore your comment, but it's eating at me and so I gotta ask.... What the fuck are you talking (and presumably laughing your ass off) about? Hannah doesn't sound like anyone doing anything other than a writer reporting on an important development in a local story. Like, 80% of her write-up here is a direct quote from The Seattle Times, and her entire editorial slant would seem to consist of a single word at the end of the post. You're a freakin weirdo.


I thought all of you at the Stranger hated cars? Seems like you'd be cheering for anything that holds the bridge open and stalls drivers.


8 no one is allowed to expect transparency from our government anymore because her emails


Well, there you go … Gameworks is coming back, which will fix everything that’s wrong with downtown Seattle! Why didn’t someone think of this earlier?


@7: Job placement for their trade programs is much better than job placement for other programs. The revenue shortfall is because of the loss of the high out-of-state tuition paid by overseas students, whose numbers are drastically down since 2020. Those students don't go to the trades programs, so that's where the cuts are being made.

The college's primary goal here is not producing graduates with job skills, it's attracting new students who are willing and able to pay a premium.

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