Ready for their closeup.
Ready for their closeup. Matt Baume

Puppies and kittens. This weekend was Tuxes and Tails, the annual fundraiser for Seattle Humane Society where well-heeled animal lovers gathered to pledge thousands of dollars for animal welfare. (How well-heeled are we talking? Well, the evening began with a tray of cocktails getting auctioned off for $4,000.) The evening’s festivities included a pet runway show (!!!!) and I’ll have a full photo gallery to show you later this week.

Big sweep coming tomorrow. Are we still pretending these have any effect other than pushing unhoused people from place to place? Okay then, get ready for another raid on Tuesday. The city is expected to descend on Woodland Park at 8 am.

Not fully vaccinated yet? Want $50? The state’s giving $50 gift cards to people getting their first or second dose. Should they have been doing this from the beginning? Yes, of course, but the second best time to do it is now. Here’s a list of upcoming mobile vaccination events around the state. Walk-ins are welcome, vaccines are available for people age 5 and up.

World class infrastructure here. Yes, sure, freeways and cities are a great combination, why do you ask? (Meanwhile, Seattle decided not to pursue federal grants for transportation projects this year, probably because all of our city streets are already perfect.)

A three-hour tour. Some high-seas hijinks this weekend — a luxury yacht had a little door trouble and nearly sank, requiring a Coast Guard rescue. It’s now on its way to a repair yard. You can check out some pics of the interior here. It was sold just a year ago with an asking price of $8.5 million. Money well spent!

It’s a privilege to pee. Hats off to this community activist compiling bathroom codes for buildings around the city. If they can keep it updated, it'll be invaluable for delivery workers, people with disabilities, parents with fussy kids, yacht owners whose boat just sank, etc. Clean, dignified bathroom access ought to be something the city provides, but until the day comes when Seattle has real leadership, this hack will have to do.

Going somewhere? Consider consulting this recently-discovered ferry map from 1928 for all your travel needs. A model of accurate cartography! Whidbey’s surely around here somewhere …

Oh, great, on top of everything else babies expect to be FED? What a bunch of deadbeats. Babies, who have never worked a day in their lives, are demanding handouts from responsible adults in the form of baby food. In all seriousness, there’s an urgent nationwide shortage for formula going on right now, with no end in sight. What a great time for the Supreme Court to cut off access to reproductive care!

Blow it out your hole. Behold, a majestic aquatic commuter crossing the sound! The boat’s nice too.

Did you know harbor seals can get kidney stones? Must be all that rhubarb in their diet. Anyway, a term of surgeons at the Vancouver Aquarium just successfully piloted a new method for breaking up kidney stones in animals with ~sound waves~ (seal anatomy makes the stones unusually hard to treat). Kind of like if you could heal cirrhosis from all your drinking by just screaming at your liver loud enough.

Congrats MaKayla. Fifty five feet? What a champ. I don’t think I could make a paper airplane go that far.

Lol Starbucks is in trouble. The National Labor Relations Board has issued a complaint against Starbucks with charges of illegal union-busting. This is just the start of a looooong process to hold the company accountable, and with over 200 violations listed in the complaint it’s going to be a real thorny knot to untangle. Meanwhile, the value of Howard Schultz’s Starbucks shares increased by nearly a billion dollars over the pandemic.

Rosebud frozen peas, full of country goodness and green pea-ness. Nobody can know why Orson Welles was trending this weekend, but you owe it to yourself to read this thread of him talking shit about jerks.

She's got it all. Nilla the Siberian Husky is a strong powerful lady who doesn't need a man to toss a tennis ball for her.