I’m not sure it is “discrimination” if the policy is uniformly applied. It does seem there are some process problems here and hopefully this woman is able to find a pro bono attorney to get her day in court.


Too bad sexual health education/birth control isn't more readily accessible to young women. This seems to be a case where she shouldn't have any kids, let alone 4.


Any chance the downstairs neighbor would be willing to swap units? Worth asking, at least.


Ah AmeriKKKa. Hell bent on forcing women to give birth, but once that child is alive who gives a fuck what happens to it or its mother.


@2 Too bad Hannah and her fellow Strangers have so destroyed their journalistic reputation that we have no ability to judge how much of this article is actually true.

And Hannah, don't hold your breath on getting a text back from Randy Redford.


@5 Why do you still read the Stranger, or the Slog if you hate it so?


@3, just a quick note that you can't control whether you end up with an autistic child or not. And behavior modification for any 2-year old, much less an autistic one, is very challenging. Of course, we could all stop having children so they don't bother the neighbors. Or maybe all autistic toddlers should be fortunate enough to live in single family homes far from neighbors? Or.... I mean, what do you suggest?


@7 Just a quick note that accurate journalism requires getting accurate quotes from both sides of a story like this.

Chase decided to run this story without requiring his reporter to get quotes from Gilman Square management, the King County Housing Authority (KCHA), or even a corroborating tennant to back up Aguilar's claim.

No I take that back, I don't think Chase even bothers to read these articles before they are posted. God knows what he does all day but it sure as hell isn't editing a weekly newspaper.

@6 Hey it's Seattle's only newspaper, where the hell else am I supposed to go?


@10 “Karen” is a handy term you use to dismiss a bothersome woman. Folks ‘in the know’ are in on the joke. I’d be curious if an attorney actually did refer to the neighbor as a “Karen” or if that was some editorializing by the writer, those quotation marks are hard working!


Sorry, I was addressing #2, not #3


How is it people having 4 kids think it’s ok to get subsidized housing? I could see having one mistake or two, but if you can’t afford to take care of yourself you can’t afford a kid much less four. You could try closing your legs.


Honestly don't have much sympathy. It's not reasonable to ask the other tenants to endure what sounds like a horrendously obnoxious situation with a loud, out-of-control toddler and a mother who doesn't seem to take the complaints seriously. You have to draw a line somewhere. Of course the only point in this story where Hannah gives the other side a voice is when she paraphrases some of the noise complaint e-mails, so I don't think we're really supposed to "pick a side."


Unfortunately, this is again a very one sided slog report.

We sure as hell have the opinion of the author, but unfortunately very, very few facts.

Its very hard to evict tenants in King County... so if our courts uphold a just cause eviction, then we pretty much have our story. She and her children, would be evicted for just cause.

Just for the record, legal notices are presented in English. There are advocates, free of charge for tenants and there are Spanish interpreters.

Let's see what happens before we draw any conclusion on this author's "spin on the events" .


@#4 Wait a minute, who "forced" this woman to give birth?

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