Ohhh, Ricky, why won’t you let me go to the apple cider festival/Lucille Ball look-alike contest? Wait, I know, me and Ethel will get dressed up in giant apple mascot suits so we can sneak in! Brilliant. For now, I’ll just store the suits under this shelf where I keep the itching powder.

Bushel & Barrel’s “I Love Lucy (& Cider) Day” kicks off this weekend, and while the connection between apple cider and Lucille Ball is not entirely clear, who needs it to make sense? Come in your finest red wig (or with your bongo drums if you’re more of a Ricky) and enjoy the look-alike contest, grape smash contest, chocolate and cider pairing, and other fun cider specials. That’s followed by Latin New York-style jazz from Kitsap’s own ¡WEPA! band.

Poor Viv Vance, when’s the Ethel tribute day?

I Love Lucy (& Cider) Day is this Friday, May 13 at 4 pm at Bushel & Barrel Ciderhouse, 201 NW Beaver Ridge Lane in Poulsbo, about an hour’s drive west or two hours by ferry and bus. Find more events recommended by The Stranger here.