Fairly sure if they did it in front of a Supreme Court justice's house, the cops would arrest the bigots, but it is what it is.

SPD is so out of touch with Seattle citizens, when we pay their bills, not the out of towners.


Are they in the street? That’s not legal.


Hell is fake.


A similar group of bigot-idiots used to do this in front of Jakes in Olympia (in the pre-Covid times). As I recall, the bigots were likewise “defended” by the cops, but ended up being doxxed & (more effectively) “escorted out of town” by (armed) Antifa & other allies. They’re doing it to make (marketable) video, so wreck the cameras first, then the speakers. Pro tip: a few laser pointers really mess up phonevideos.


some of those who work forces
are the same that burn croses


Rumor has it if you play copyrighted Disney music while they are ranting, the Mouse will go after any site playing their videos.


Tolerating intolerance is simply intolerance by proxy.


So I assume all of you would have also supported the police arresting the bigots who spray painted homophonic slurs outside Mayor Durkans house? Assholes gonna asshole and if someone had kicked their ass they would have deserved it. Turning the whole thing into an anti police screed is pretty pathetic even for Matt.


Yes, assholes will be assholes.
Get a giant horse-sized rubber dick, wave it in their faces, and then go inside the bar and ignore the silly repressed people.


@4, @6, and @10 have the right idea. Repay the bigots in their own coin. They didn't travel all of that way just to hear mockery and derisive laughter.

@8: The SPD should know of the existence of such provocateurs, to know that these bigots are active in Seattle, and to plan in advance a response with the Seattle community. This can include very aggressive policing of the bigots: step into the street, get a jaywalking ticket. Using an amplifier at night? Oooh, that may be a noise violation, and lookie here, the SPD officer just so happened to bring a sound-meter with her. Is that your car parked over there? Looks like it's just over the line into the next space... say, are YOU trying to enter this VERY VERY GAY Bar? Then please get in line. You're not? Then please move along, no loitering on the sidewalk; that could get you a ticket. Even bigots would probably get the idea pretty quickly.


It’s all about the COCAINE AND MALT LIQUOR.


dvs99 dear, if nothing else, it would be somewhat hilarious to drown them out by blasting "It's a Small World After All"


Douchebags gotta douche


Just ignore them. It's like when you're standing in line at Safeco or Seahawks stadium. The garbage those folks spew on the loudspeaker just needs to be ignored.

And if you're not going to ignore them, then "they pull a knife, you pull a gun, they send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue". Are you ready to match violence with more violence? If not, you kids may just need to grow some thicker skin.


@16 is correct.

Ignore these idiots.... like something you'd scrape off your shoe. Simply walk right past them go have a beer.

I can understand the frustration, but attacking them or their speaker isn't the solution and in fact can land you in jail. That isn't effective and only stokes their engines of hate.

@2 really... they were in the streets... that's hardly a point.. after the BLM protests. You can't argue both ways on that one.


well they're just Jealous

is there no
You Can Come Out Now
song you can sing for them?

next thing ya know
they'll be Joining
in the Chorus


Ok, so a bunch of losers show up at your bar with a camera yelling a bunch of hate. They're obviously there to provoke a reaction, film it, then edit to fit their narrative. Why do exactly what they want you to do? You are not obligated to take part in their little project. Laugh in their face and move on and ignore.


As if it wouldn't be hateful if it was couched in religion ???


I like the idea of blasting Disney princess anthems. The mouse is not going to want Let it Go to be the next bigot rally song.


@11 is correct, let the Mouse roar!


People have the right to hold opinions you don't like and express them. This is actually what the ACLU used to stand for, protecting all speech. Things have gone crazy with the "speech is violence" crowd. Grow the fuck up.

Though I have wondered (especially with religious nuts by the stadium) what the actual rule is with how loud you can broadcast something.

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