well it ain't Auburn but there's an amazing little day park just outside of Port Hadlock on Indian Island -- has a south-facing, protected warm little lagoon perfect for young kids. it's not the park you see, just across the bridge -- it's a county park shortly past that -- with just a road going down...

oh and a nice little
Restaurant between
P.H. and Indian Island


Wonder where raindrop been. Odd for the guy to go five hours without a post, his last one was five days ago. Hope he's just just taking a break or on vacation or whatever.


"He ran for mayor last year and lost partially because he could not hide the fact that he was once a lobbyist for oil companies. Now he, Casey Sixkiller, has been picked by the Biden administration to be EPA Region 10 Administrator. This position covers EPA "operations in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington state, with its main office in Seattle." Nothing in the world can save this world of ours."
Between this and overseeing the largest sale of offshore federal land for oil exploration, please tell me how Joe Biden is soooooo much better for the environment? Is it because he pretends to care? Do you enjoy the pretty meaningless rhetoric?


Seattle police demand more money, then fuck off back to whatever shithole villages they live in to complain about how the taxes are so high in Seattle. Rinse and repeat.


Escalator repair person = job security!!


"Sea-Tac's international arrivals section is now fully up and running. The project cost nearly a billion bones"

100 Billion dollars later and Sound Transit is still behind schedule and a warm den for druggies.


It wasn't Sixkiller's lobbying (which I just heard about in this column abut Charles, and have yet to spend any time verifying) that caused me to vote for one of his opponents.

It was the fact that Sixkiller seemed like he would be a naive mayor who would get totally bowled over by the City Council.

I'm glad I voted for Bruce Harrell in both the primary and general. His ability to stand up to Herbold and get the SPD hiring bonuses, and his willingness to clear the shanty towns, shows I made the right choice.

As for Sixkiller, he might make a decent EPA District Administrator, a largely budgetary, and paper pushing* role, who will take his lead from Michael S. Regan the head of the agency.

*Note to paper pushers, I'm not using this term in a derogatory fashion. Solid administration is paramount to any successful organization


I had no idea Sixkiller was an oil lobbyist and yet I did not vote for him anyway


think I saw dewey
hanging out over at
the nyt tho it couldda
easily been an Imposter.


To paraphrase Chris Rock: I say Fuck the Police! But I'm also a property owner so. . . .

I've been a liberal all my life and shitty police officers are the worst. But police perform a necessary function. Anyone who thinks differently is living in a fantasy world where everyone is kind, respectful, and law-abiding. Police cost money, and those who perform the job with decency and honor are not few, they are just the ones you hear less about. Pay them well, and yes, incentivize them to work in Seattle, which has become, like it or not, a difficult place to try to uphold the law.


Fun Fact: the police hiring bonuses will NOT INCREASE patrol officers before 2025.

And everyone knows that.

You're just tossing good money after bad.


"The committee approved Council member Sara Nelson’s virtue signal"
Charles, the hypocrite.


Nothing says french restaurant (finistere) like rigatoni bolognese, papardelle and risotto??? Not only does your writing suck but so does your food knowledge.

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