Got creeping authoritarianism on your mind lately, for reasons that might possibly have something to do with current events? There’s never been a better time for Miss Margarida’s Way, a 1978 play by Brazilian writer Roberto Athayde, set in a classroom ruled by a dictatorial teacher who uses any means necessary to get her way. The show does a neat trick of turning the audience into part of her class — you may not realize you’re under a monster’s thumb until it’s too late. Resistance is easy when the villain is grotesque (an orange-powdered millionaire sex pest, for example) but a lot more challenging when subjugation happens so slowly, one joke or tease or flirt at a time, that totalitarianism seems normal. Things to know before you go: Proof of vaccination and mask are required; the show is for people age 16 and up; and the theater has steps and is not ADA accessible.

Miss Margarida’s Way runs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights for the next two weekends at West of Lenin, 203 North 36th Street. Find more events suggested by The Stranger here.

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