"Rap snitches, telling all their business
Sit in the court and be their own star witness" - MF DOOM


$381,200 for a* house on stilts?
‘spose they’ll re-Locate?

& not that it matters
but Jo Manchin (DINO)
‘s a Coal Baron / Big Fossil

don’t these people have
Kids and Grandkids ffs?

*now Long gone


It should be fairly easy to resolve which side fired the bullet that killed Shireen. The P.A. should release it and have a sympathetic party like Norway do an autopsy. At this point, The Stranger is again engaged in biased and lazy-ass reporting. "Al Jazeera said"


I don't like Manchin and can't wait until he goes away, but it's not his fault Democrats have had no plan in the 50 years conservatives have repeatedly said they were gonna do this.


@4 you realize if Manchin loses it would most likely be to a republican challenger. There is zero chance someone more progressive takes his place. If the Dems were serious they would engage in actual policy making and come up with something more akin to the European standards. The US is one of a handful of countries that allow abortion at anytime without a medical reason. Craft something around 12-16 weeks with medical exceptions and it probably gets passed. What is going on now is more about electioneering than policy.


@4 True about Manchin and true, with a qualifier, about the Democrats.

As I pointed out in an earlier post about the subject in the 42 years since the election of Ronald Reagan the Democrats have had control of both branches of the legislature and the White House for a grand total of 8 years (well 7.5). The first 2 years of Clinton's first term, the first 2 years of Obama's first term, and the last 16 months, which is almost the first year and a half of Biden's term.

Best bet would probably have been in the 103rd Congress, Democrats had 58 votes but they could have possibly peeled off a couple of Republicans to invoke closure.

Next best was the 73 days in 111th when the Democrats had 60 votes to break the filibuster.


"The United States surpassed one million overdose deaths since we started keeping track twenty years ago."
If these were Anti Vaxers it would be ok, (right?), to die because of poor decisions?


"The decision must rest with the woman, and not our government,”'

I know he's only in government through nepotism and is unlikely to know anything about how it actually works, but in situations where the government should not be involved, it's only the federal government that can enforce that. It's the federal government's job to protect the citizens from the state legislature meth labs of democracy.


The Duwamish want a casino in Seattle, the other Tribes don't want them to.

Follow the money.


@5 I agree if he ever loses an election it will be because he's not crazy enough

@6 that seems like enough time to enact protections on a very important civil liberty to me

@7 that is correct yes. We'll talk when they make a vaccine that can innoculate against addiction and addicts refuse to take it for stigginit reasons


@5 "Craft something around 12-16 weeks with medical exceptions and it probably gets passed."
Oh baloney. The religious nutters behind this decades long effort won't be satisfied until they've tried to shut down post fertilization contraception. These people (men) are on a mission. From god. Believe it.



I actually agree with the former part of your comment wherein you note that Manchin is the best dems could realistically expect to represent a backward ass hellhole like West Virginia. But @11 is also correct that Trump was explicitly instructed to nominate theocratic fucking nut jobs to the court, and they'll now strike down anything that doesn't comport to their nut job moral standards.


It's almost as if the Democrats also benefit from the status quo. Or at least enough of them do to not want to really change/help in any meaningful way. Go figure.


@7 It's well known on this board my disdain for both anti-vaxers and overdosers, I have no concern for either and feel that their self-inflicted wounds should bar them from taking up space or resources in our health care system.

Hand them a Darwin Award and send them right back out the door.


If you look into the history of the :membership" that the Duwamish traces its heritage to in the 1930s Depression, it seems fairly obvious the "tribe" is composed of what could charitably be called grifters.

And it seems that's also how the Muckleshiot, Tulalip, and Puyallup tribes would describe the group claiming to be Duwamish..


Why are Americans Subsidizing Our Own Extinction?

To stop our climate-change-driven suicide, Congress must stop allowing oil exports, end subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, and promote clean American energy

Each American — man, woman and child — paid around $2000 last year to subsidize the fossil fuel industry, according to an analysis this year by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Worldwide, the fossil fuel industry’s lobbying power has gotten it about $6 trillion a year in subsidies; America’s $600 billion a year gift to the energy barons pours cash into this massively profitable industry at the rate of a million dollars a minute.

--Thom Hartmann; May 12

tonnes more at

as seen on corporate teevee?
do NOT make me laff
fuck Off fossil Fools


@12 I can understand why you believe that but I don't think its a reflection of reality. One of Trumps other big goals was to overturn Obamacare and the court didn't comply with that request. Despite the fall out of repealing Roe v Wade the simple truth is it was a weak ruling that was centered more on a doctor's right to practice medicine rather than a woman's right to health care. Even RBG noted the inherent weaknesses in the ruling. This is really a failure of the legislature to do their job. They should have taken the court's ruling and come up with a sensible plan. Instead they took the easy out and adopted one of the most extreme abortion policies in the world. Even now they choose to try to codify Roe rather than do the work and come up with something more in line with the rest of the world. There will always be the zealots (on both sides of the aisle) but I do think there is a place for a sensible policy.


It's nice that the court has moderated on health care but the concern has always been with "religious" issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. Being sensible on one hand while stripping people of their rights with the other helps the court maintain a veneer of apolitical credibility while still managing to push through an extremist agenda. I don't think it's working -- I think the court surrendered its credibility when they decided the outcome of the 2000 election on party lines and it's been downhill ever since -- but justices have signaled many times in recent years that the public's waning respect for the court concerns them a great deal.


All you males need to understand that a pregnant woman has zero interest in your opinions about her uterus. For you it’s just theoretical and inappropriate control of someone else’s healthcare rights. For her, it is life and death!
Get your nose out of other peoples’ business.
How about you severely punish reckless testicles that are outta control.
Forced birth= castration.

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