I don't mind the cold but can someone do something about the goddamn never-ending wind please?


I can bundle up when it's Inclemental but
it's Hard to stay Cool when it's 100° and
only 'cools down' to ninety @ nite but
whattabout the Smoke Factor? when
does that become a dreaded part of
the Forecast? late August? Sept?

at least we're still desperately
trying to get all the Crude outta
the Ground whilst there's still Time

meanwhile the Civilized World's
investing Heavily in alt. Energy


Wait, wait…The Stranger now admits that property taxes disproportionately affect the middle class and are thus largely regressive? That yet another property tax increase maybe shouldn’t be involved every single time Seattle wants to raise money for anything? And that homeowners aren’t all a bunch of cigar-chomping, richy rich plutocrats? Did a pig just fly past my window?


It would help if renters didn’t just have a knee jerk reactions and vote “yes” to anything and everything presented as a levy - especially if they want to try to complain about higher rents.


@4 if home owners want in on the gravy train, all they gotta do is sell their house and rent an apartment. They'll never have to worry about roof, lawn or gutters again.

Why do they persist on their hard, hard road?


@3 & 4
The massive increase is in response to rising property values, not new taxes.


@3 I guess Europe isn't part of the civilized world then because they are still buying Putin's oil.

Japan isn't civilized either evidently because they are still buying Saudi oil.

Actually if that is your criteria I'm not sure there's a civilized country anywhere on this planet since they all are getting most of their energy from fossil fuels.

Well except for France. I think they still generate most of their electricity by splitting atoms instead of burning fossils.

Ironic isn't it? Those of us who opposed nuclear power in the 1970s from environmental groundsndidn't realize we were dooming the world to catastrophic global warming a half century later.

Hell yes we should invest in alternative energy but there is no way alternatives will be able to replace fossil fuels anytime in the next half Century.


@3 Did Charles have a revelation on what a tax on unrealized capital gains actually means?

Maybe his trust wasn't set up with a lot of tax shelters and his tax attorney had to have a long talk with him this past April about Capital Gains taxes after his tech stock boomed during the pandemic, and he sold high baby!

Or do you think maybe Charles put some of his money where his mouth is and bought some apartment buildings and turned them into low-income units, but now their value has soared so much he risks having to raise the rent to cover the taxes and is faced with embracing his inner Snidely Whiplash?

In either case with the market volatility we've got now, we might not be getting articles where Charles tells us about his lunchtime jaunts to Vancouver.


Nice of the Stranger to send clicks over to KIRO7! Public transit breaks my heart.


So, if the government said you do need an AR-15, then you don't need a damn AR-15?


@3 even more so, I'm confused by Seattle's Resident Marxist lambasting taxes on wealth, suggesting instead we should tax income!


Property taxes are not high in Seattle despite the never ending screaming about it. House are obscenely overvalued. Meanwhile, everywhere else where housing is obscenely undervalued, taxes are obscenely high. Example: upstate New York. A house in the Capital District (Albany/Schenectady/Troy) valued at $250,000 has property taxes of nearly $10,000. A house in Seattle, WA that is valued at $1 Million has property taxes of nearly $9000. People who own property in Seattle can't have it both ways - you can't have a house that is overvalued by half a million dollars (or a million dollars or two million dollars, etc.) and demand that you should be paying a few thousand in property taxes.

And life continues (the same as 20 years ago) where Seattle and the state of WA refuse to do what would be the MOST fair in terms of taxation AND HAVE A FREAKING INCOME TAX.
Taxation of the billionaires in Seattle and WA state and taxation of corporations in all states and federally nationwide at a rate less than ZERO PERCENT would also be a reasonable and fair way to balance the obscenely regressive taxation.

Though clearly the only thing people care about in Seattle (and WA) is to insist that property taxes and car tabs are too high and that the homeless should be killed to satisfy everyone.


did raindrop change their name to guesty? go ask the kids and parents up in Marysville how much they will enjoy their extra couple hundred bucks a year they saved all while cutting funding to their already dilapidated and understaffed schools. At least their kids will be able to help out with the labor shortage being found in the unskilled service sector.



guesty's profile says they have been posting since 2019, so it's not a new handle. Sure don't miss the other one, though. :)


@1 Brent Gumbo +1 Spot on, agreed, and seconded about our excessive wind over the last eight months. My VW & I could do well without the frigid, unseasonably cold temperatures, too.
Speaking of which.....
Will someone just wake me up when it's finally spring, please?
FFS, how many times does Groundhog Day have to keep repeating itself in one year?
I feel like punching Punxsutawney Phil and Jack Frost both in the mouth.
Hopefully we don't end up paying for it with a heatwave as nasty as late June, 2021.
Human made climate change is real.

So the Seahawks' opening game is against the Denver Broncos? Russell Wilson quarterbacking on the opposing team, not looking back after selling his Bellevue mansion for $28 million. Feel the irony.



The car crashes on I-5 are what the drivers get for driving cars! Take public transit instead! You get to inhale drug fumes for free!


It's so random that homeless people on public transportation is an issue suddenly. I've been using the link to commute since the Northgate station opened in October and I can tell you it's way better now than it was in the winter months. There were some mornings where there was almost no place to sit. Sound Transit has security at the stations and they routinely check the cars but they only wake people up if they're sleeping. Metro is no different though, and neither are private vehicles. These are places where people live now and those are the consequences of income inequality and persistent housing cost inflation.


"These are places [in vehicles, transit & on our streets] where people live now and those are the consequences of income inequality and persistent housing cost inflation." --@tmplknght

but if we Eliminate the Homeless
won't Inequality just Go Away?
why won't That work?
this shit's Harder
than it Looks
who Knew!


"Cars need speed, otherwise how do you justify their size and price?"

How about utility? Try picking up several weeks' worth of groceries - or home improvement supplies from Home Depot - and transport them via bus, and tell me how great busses are for solving this need.

How about ease of movement from one transportation desert to another? I've spent 4 hours (and ultimately gave up, because there wouldn't be any bus service running to get me back home by that time) trying to go visit a friend in the next city over when a drive can make the distance in one.

Or flexibility. Running weekend errands are not even an option by bus, when you have to wait 30-60 minutes for a ride to your next stop when a car can get you there immediately.

Seriously, this anti-car crusade the Stranger has been on is childish and tiresome. Change the infrastructure so that public transport can address these situations and no one will need cars; you won't need to make your sanctimonious proclamationsat that point, you'll be preaching to the choir. But do not expect anyone to accept this terrible solution before then.


All this fake "cop funding" stuff keeps jacking up my property taxes, all so they can be wasted on a non-productive "downtown" that has problems that we NEVER have ever fixed, and never will.

How about any increase in police funding be only from Billionaires and their ilk?


"...the generals would not have stopped Trump from stealing the election."

Irresponsible journalism, Charles Mudede.


yes Chas
from Now on
Speculate ONLY on
what you Know to be True


@21 Will in Seattle: +1 for the WIN!

The only U.S. Presidential elections that have ever gotten stolen were in 2000 and 2016 for the sole purpose of benefitting the GOP and its evil profiteering, globally destructive agenda. Any MAGA fool who still believes that the 2020 election was "stolen", and that batshit crazy RWNJs among domestic terrorists were "doing the right thing for their children" by violently threatening to overthrow the U.S Capitol in Washington, D.C. during what SHOULD HAVE BEEN a peaceful transition of executive power at the White House on January 6, 2021 should all be locked up---especially anyone who ecstatically voted twice for the Orange Turd---never to vote or see daylight again. And taxes for their life imprisonment should be funded solely by the corrupt billionaires so insanely gaining from such corporate neofascist RepubliKKKanism.


@12 xina: Washington State really does need to officially implement a state income tax. Jeff Bezos' overly-media-hyped space dildo fired halfway to the moon so he could give his overworked, grossly underpaid serfs at Amazon the finger, and requiring that the Netherlands City of Rotterdam dismantle its historic 1927 bridge, despite renovations and the city council's voting in 2017 to protect the bridge from ever being torn down, just to make room for his mega-yacht is glaring proof of our shameless level of income inequality.
And Bezos and his equally gluttonous ilk are the ones laughing at the surge in homelessness.

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