matt you forgot to Sign it


nevermind Will
knew it was
You all


Huh. Are you shoplift shaming someone? Remember when Erica C. Got busted for shoplifting wine from the Broadway QFC? All the stranger writers had her back, and wrote about all the shit they had stolen. But Eyeman is an enemy (agreed), so we can pile on?

At least be consistent.


@5 -- they recently discovered
a rusted out 'Monsatan' sign on Mars
so it won't be the First time we Fucked Shit Up.

@3 -- not to Worry
Chairman Eyeman's got
seats with wheels for All of us!

& musical Chairs were
never played so Well


"we could easily solve this problem by simply passing a basic income"

Glad to know there is such a simple solution!


@3 You misunderstand the Stranger's current bias on this issue. If Eyman had attempted to sell his stolen chair on Third Avenue, he would be engaged in the noble profession of "flipping merchandise." Simply stealing for personal use, however, is bad.


Thanks for furnishing the Eyman clip!
You can’t couch it otherwise, that’s the best video I’ve seen so fa r today!



Why even bother engaging if you're not arguing in good faith? You know perfectly well she didn't praise such people. The argument, that's been made thousands of times over, is that the total expenditure in time/resources in prosecuting such people would be better allocated to treatment, diversion, and prevention programs. I'm not even necessarily defending this stance, but I'm not too stupid to recognize it for what it is and neither are you.

Seriously, if you're just gonna troll, why not do so at the Seattle Times or someplace similar where it'd fit right in and satisfy the lower standard for discourse?


not all
of us are
able to choose
our place of employment


not able to choose your
place of employment?
are you being held
against your


@10 -- It is telling that you don't even bother to link to a single article, and then claim that there are more than one. That is what is known as a completely baseless claim.



Most of the current staff weren't around that long ago and I imagine none of them would even be aware of it if you-all didn't keep flagellating that particular deceased equine, so I don't see how you can hold them to some standard of - well, whatever whataboutist standard you're attempting to establish for them to hold.

And it's not just grandparents suffering this same dilemma vis-a-vis struggling to keep at-risk kids out of the foster care system. We've been sheltering an unrelated minor for about eight months - long story, not going to get into the details - and we get virtually NO support from anyone, including the bio-parents who essentially abandoned them to our "temporary" care. In fact, thanks to recent changes in state law, it would now cost us about $15K to go through the legal process of obtaining guardianship status, and frankly, we'd rather devote that money to making sure the kid is fed, clothed, housed, and has access to decent health care.


@tight end

we Must go
to where-
ever Pu-
tin puts



FWIW, this is what he was referring to.

Obviously noone is defending the guy, though I (and at least a couple other people in the comment thread) admired the balls on the guy for the sheer brazenness of the move. I thought it was pretty funny actually, even as I also recognize that there's a considerably larger and serious problem that we have a duty to address.


I saw this word as a lad
but I don't think it's a Word
anymore unless peeps Use it

if we can Change our Language
does that mean we can Change the
way we Think about being Governed?

@17 -- 'go' as to


@3 It's never too late for an unsourced whataboutism!


@4 Exactly so. The absurdity of the Tu Quoque fallacy is forever in vogue with the Trollitariate.


Now now. Timmy was just doing one of those survival crimes we are always hearing about.


@20, as the kids say, just sayin’. I hold Barnett and Eyeman to the same standard, you can call that whataboutismever you want to.


I'd like to hear more about the "...essential social services the rest of us rely on"


Standards. Riiiiiight. So in articles about Barnett do you bring up Eyeman?

No. No you don't.


Awwww, Will! At first, when your headline started with "Pierce County Deputy Shot Someone" I was hoping you meant Tim Eyman! Imagine my disappointment to find that the shitbag isn't showing signs of going away anytime soon, like a yellow jacket lingering over an overflowing dumpster in August. Maybe Office Depot's favorite "Chair-man" might consider taking a trek on foot through the North Cascades near Mt. Sauk off SR 20. Then, while collecting $30 car tab signatures he could easily be "mistaken for a bear" by any of the local NRA gun nuts. I understand they "fahts fer their Free Dumbs" pretty rabidly there.
Unless, of course, failed Ferry County zombie ex-cop-turned-epic-fail-Washington-State-gubernatorial-candidate-now-running-amok-for-Congress Loren Culp has any objections for having competition in any of the Evergreen State's unfunded blood-red territory.
The GOP seems to be digging at the bottom of the barrel for corrupt and hopelessly incompetent sore losers after the MAGA disaster of Orange Turd.

THAT was the big video of Tim Eyman shoplifting a chair from the Lacey Office Depot? No Thurston County Sheriff, local P.D. S.W.A.T. team arrest, or Tim being hauled off in handcuffs by store security for being caught stealing a chair on film?? No movie-of-the-week excitement of nabbing the bad guy? Come on, law enforcement---crime isn't SUPPOSED to pay. If nothing else, I'm surprised none of the underpaid Office Depot employees submitted the video coverage to the America's Funniest Home Videos TV show for the $10,000.00 prize. Not like they would have seen or gotten any of it. Any cash winnings most likely probably would have gone to corporate HQ.

@22 dvs99: Yes---I can see it now---like Tim donating his shoplifted item to a GOP "chair-ity" auction for $2,000.00 a minimum bid.
Such a scenario reminds me of George Dubya Bush's "$2,000.00-a-plate Presidential campaign luncheon. All attendees got for their hard-earned GOP money was a paper plate of plain sliders with only a little bit of iceberg lettuce----no cheese, onion, pickle, or tomato slices, or any condiments. That was IT. So much for a "President you'd (supposedly) like to have a beer with". Further proof that RepubliKKKans kill, eat, and crap on their own, too, for wont of the last U.S. dollar.


@22 dvs99, re @26: Not that I ever actually attended (perish the thought!) Dubya's $2,000.00-a-plate Presidential campaign luncheon. I only heard about it. Anyway, I know to vote Democrat. GOP fraud, waste, and abuse leaves me sick.


Obsessed we are.
28 Oh, so you, and your hate campaign against poor people that do not have shelter are still around. No positive solution on hand do you? Same old same old.

There are places in the world and maybe even in this country that have found that people can have decent housing without having to become millionaires.

You forgot about corporate real estate that gets a lot of housing in an area and rents high sky amounts that most cannot afford. Capitalism creates poverty. Greed kills. You want to blame the victims of this economy which is chicken shit. Jails are not the answer. Dumpling.

Comte: Thank you for helping this young person You are a heroic.


"You want to blame
the victims of this economy ... "

well it is Easier
to Blame the Victims
than blaming the Victors

'specially if they Butter your bread

but if the former
are already Toast
where's the Harm?

some might say


@16 COMTE: Bless you for taking in this young person (and thank you, Ivy R. Nightscales @31 for catching it). How sad that the youth's bio parents couldn't care less. You should be appointed to the sainthood.


@28: Maybe Andrew might also chastise the City Council for not directing more money to alternatives for policing. That army of unarmed social workers who were to replace the defunded SPD seem not to have arrived yet. Oh well, when the Defunderpants Gnomes on Seattle's City Council discovered these pesky things called "contractual obligations" prevented them from defunding SPD, that ran them flat out of idea, and since they just can't think of one on their own, I guess writers at the Stranger have no alternative other than to victim-blame the SPD for the Council's lack of action.

(In a completely totally coincidental and thus absolutely unrelated matter, why can't the Stranger's endorsed candidates get elected any more?)

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