Jess Stein

The Good to Bad Dog Ratio Is Definitely Off

Ruff ruff lil angel.
Ruff ruff lil' angel. JK
Thanks Totan! This sticker reminds me of All Dogs Go to Heaven—obviously—which I saw once as a child and then vowed to never see again because it was so freaking sad. I never grew up with dogs or any other pet, but those cartoon doggies got me. Also, I remember thinking the main dog was weirdly sexy, which makes sense as Burt Reynolds voices him... Anyway... here's the trailer:

A What Now?
One of my best finds this week.
One of my best finds this week. JK
This sticker gets 10/10 for content and material. If you know who made this gem, please send them my way.

One Tab Too Many
You definitely shouldnt.
You definitely shouldn't. JK
The whole crowd getting ready to blast off with Ron Trent on Saturday night.

I Love Gen Z
What do you know about Laura Les?
What do you know about Laura Les? JK
For the uninitiated, "Haunted" is hard to explain, you just gotta listen:

Mood, LOL
Peace. Love. Etc.
Peace. Love. Etc. JK
Me trying to react to these last two weeks of horrific news.

Go Out There and...
No, not THOSE paws.
No, not THOSE paws. JK
Spotted somewhere on the Hill. Happy weekend :)

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