Weekend forecast includes protests for reproductive justice and to end the deadly exchange
Weekend forecast includes protests for reproductive justice and to end the deadly exchange HK

72-hour rule: Today is the day! I would like to be a little dramatic and call this fascism, but the political right has a very difficult time interpreting tone, so I will not. Anyway, today the Seattle Department of Transportation will resume ticketing vehicles that stay still in one spot for longer than 72-hours. This returns the city to a pre-COVID-19 status quo that we all know will hurt people living in their cars. In any case, I’m surprised they didn’t go back to the 72-hour rule around the same time the City Council tried to tell grocery workers to stop being a bunch of babies about their low-wages and deadly working conditions.

Wanna hang out this weekend: On Sunday, over 300 West Seattlites will pour their one-man’s-trash-another-man’s-treasure onto their driveways in this year’s West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day! Check out this cool map from West Seattle Blog to plan your journey to scourge for the goods of this foreign land.

Another cool thing about this weeked: Transit is free! Tell your friends!

Get hyped: This weekend is also a big weekend for the continued struggle for reproductive justice in the wake of the very bad, no good, awful, rotten leaked draft decision from the U.S. Supreme Court. Tomorrow, Planned Parenthood, Stand Up 4 Abortion, and other groups will take to the street to demand that abortion continue to be safe and legal. Tomorrow, 11 a.m., Cal Anderson Park. Be there.

Free Palestine: On Sunday, local organizers for Falastiniyat and End the Deadly Exchange will rally at Westlake to commemorate the anniversary of Nakba, also known as the Palestinian Catastrophe, when in 1948 Israeli troops displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

The conflict rages on: The march feels especially pertinent after the Israeli military shot and killed Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh while she was wearing a protective vest marked with the word “PRESS.” Literally a war crime. To make matters worse, Israeli cops did not allow Palestinians to mourn the iconic storyteller, as shown in an extremely disturbing clip of police beating and kicking pallbearers as they carried her coffin in Jerusalem. Click with caution.

Boats! This morning Councilmember Tammy Morales joined representatives of the Maritime industry to announce the release of $1 million funding by the city to support maritime training and education.

Astrology hoes rejoice: If the weather cooperates, the moon might do a cool thing, and Seattle might see it!

Thou shalt build a tiny shelter village: More churches are sponsoring tiny shelter villages around the Seattle area. I just chatted with Low Income Housing Institute about this the other day. There are a lot of cool benefits that churches get that help these villages stand up faster. At the same time, should we rely on the church (or tiny shelters in general) to solve homelessness?

In 2018, this guy from Tacoma killed a stranger in an attempt to steal the victim’s house and land. Today, a King County Superior Court judge sentenced him to a long, long time in prison.

Bitcoin: So for those of you who have bitcoin bros for friends, I’m sure this week has felt like reliving the whole GameStop fiasco all over again — lots and lots of mansplaining from men who got absolutely conned. For those of you who haven’t got the rundown just yet, an explanation is well above my paygrade, so instead I offer you a link. Very sad for any of the regular people who got bamboozled by the powerful to play this risky little game.

The bird app flies free another day: Elon Musk apparently put the deal to buy Twitter on hold temporarily. Who knows if the man will actually go through with the acquisition and find some creative way to make Twitter even more awful than it already is. But if he calls the deal off, it looks Snoop Dogg is waiting in the wings.

Did you know that James Corden’s kids play with Prince Harry’s kids? And also today I learned that Megan Markle is 40 ??? You’re kidding ????

ICYMI: Kendrick Lamar released a new album, and so far Twitter seems divided, but what can we really know from a first listen?

Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by Taylor Swift: I was convinced that I would wake up to the grand release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) or Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) or maybe even both. I told my friends weeks ago to be on standby for a T-Swift listening party as the 13th (her favorite number) approached and the mad woman herself aligned the grid pattern of her Instagram feed and released suggestive merch. Now I will take accountability for any false hope I inspired and spend the rest of my Friday moping.