This whole column gave me a sinking feeling over Progressives’ chances at the ballots this midterm. Why are we encouraging parking scofflaws as a policy to address homelessness. Do not recommend.


"Palestinian Catastrophe, when in 1948 Israeli troops displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians."

Yeah, bad shit happens to you when you lose a war. Back in the day, Mandate Palestine sided with the Axis. When the world learned that the Nazis (the real ones - not the Progressive cartoons) had murdered six million Jews, there was a surge of support that lead to the creation of the Israeli state in Palestinian territory. Of course, there is much more complexity and nuance to the whole story. Over 12,000 Palestinians (traitors, in the minds of some) fought on the side of the British, for example. It is long past time for the two sides to make peace.


People parking discretely in their cars for a few days here and there are not a problem. But the guys in Camp Farley on Lake Union who are cutting up (totally certainly for sure not stolen) cars on the street and leaving huge piles of trash and barrels of sewage around need to go.

Sorry, but they do. Perhaps if the titles on said chopped-up cars are investigated, they will qualify for secure County shelter beds.


I got two broken links, the West Seattle yard sale map and then also the one about the moon (which was a ST piece that I'd have not been able to read anyway, owing to the paywall. I understand a lot of news gets reported there, though I do wish slog writers would try to avoid linking it if possible.)


There have been the same cars parked around Ballard commons for YEARS, no exaggeration. Just enforce the laws equally, no more no less.


By all means those North of SODO take a trip to West Seattle and understand our lack of accessibility to the rest of the City that we have to deal with.


Hanna, Transit already is free.

And don't forget to bring the kids. With commuters smoking fentanyl it could be the kids best train ride ever! Bet they will go to bed early too!


The 72 hour rule should apply to bikes, and all the electric rentals too.


Don't worry the parking rule was never enforced before the pandemic.


Never enforced against certain people.

Park your Subaru in front of your house for a week while you are out of town? You will absolutely get a ticket.

Park your dilapidated school bus at 11th and Leary for a couple months, while discharging your "waste" into the curb? You are good. No Problems whatsoever. Wouldn't want to infringe on your lifestyle.


Aw… Han Han thinks laws are “facist”. Deep stuff.

FYI, Hanni-poo… everything is above your pay grade.


does the 72 hour rule apply to sprinter vans on phinney ridge?


I doesn’t bother me that Hannah calling people fascists. She’s young and probably led a pretty sheltered life so it’s understandable that she says stupid shit like that. The sad things is that there are old liberal vampires trying to be “cool” and condone this shit.


What is the kickback for the churches? Do they get money from the RHA for "renting" their land to LIHI?
Churches are shady. Pretty sure one of the LIHI villages sits on a property owned by a "church" that honestly seems like a massive tax/ponzi scheme. I can't remember the name of the church right now, but a couple years ago they sold a large historic property downtown to developers instead of preserving the building or throwing-up some low-cost housing instead; it was somewhat of a contraversy in the news at the time.


guys, she said she would have called it ‘fascist’ to be dramatic but didn’t because you idiots won’t get that she’s just playing around, and here you are proving her right


Yes, parking enforcement = Kristallnacht. No question.


@11- oddly, you hardly notice the Sprinters without the piles of garbage and stolen bikes. I think there are a couple around somewhere tho.


“I would like to be a little dramatic and call this fascism, but the political right has a very difficult time interpreting tone, so I will not.”

and a Tender lot they are

“I’m surprised they [SDOT] didn’t go back to the 72-hour rule around the same time the City Council tried to tell grocery workers to stop being a bunch of babies about their low-wages and deadly working conditions.”

how Dare they?






I expect the Palestinian Authority will reveal the bullet and evidence to the world at any moment, they are waiting because......


Slog: The Seattle Times is bad!

Also Slog: (links to five different Seattle Times articles in a single slog pm post)


That's not what scourge means, Hannah. You mean scrounge. And while you're using a free online dictionary to figure out the difference, also learn to differentiate between astrology and astronomy. Jesus christ. I like The Stranger a lot but clearly nobody does any editing and most of the writers don't really have a complete grasp of English. It's embarrassing.


18 & 19: I think she used “scourge “correctly in this context. Perhaps unintentionally.


Staffers trolling readers is kinda weird, and gets our eye off the ball. In this case, even playfully, it's nullifying the impact of a very important word: fascism. Fascism what we saw in the Top's supermarket in Buffalo, so let's not dilute it down to parking enforcements. It's a word that should unite us all in opposing, not divide by trollspeak.


West Seattle Garage Sale Day was Saturday, not Sunday. Thanks.


@24, 💯%


@25: THAT'S why all the stoned out fuckers were wandering around the WS nabes in the rain today!



It honestly didn't strike me as trolling, insomuch as she came right out and explicitly said she wasn't invoking the term, then some readers with apparently little to no reading comprehension skills came on to whine about her invocation of that term.

Though I don't really disagree with your broader point. Where've you been?


@28 - ok, let's just call it snarky

I've been around, trying to gather my thoughts on the gut wrenching events of our times.


First they came for the dead vans cooking meth', and I did not speak out -- because I was not cooking meth'.

Then they came for the trashed-out RVs harboring fugitives from other jurisdictions, and I did not speak out -- because I was not a fugitive from another jurisdiction.

Then they came for the broken-down trucks carrying parts from chopped-up bicycles, and I did not speak out -- because I was not selling stol-- sorry, "flipped merchandise."

Then they came for me -- and there was no room left in the impound yard.


oh they're a' Comin' for you too tentsores
it's a Race to Trillionaireship &
they're Heavily Relying
on your Complicity

and so far
you Haven't

here's a wee taste of Thom Hartmann's brilliant takedown of today's USOFA:

"Our Citizens United pay-to-play system of politics has broken our trust; we’re also the only developed country in the world where a half-million families go bankrupt every year because somebody got sick.

We don’t even trust our media anymore because it has become so consolidated in so few hands that people like the former CEO of CBS, Les Moonves, felt free to brag about how much damage Donald Trump was doing to America while making huge profits for his network.

If America is to survive as a functioning democracy, we must recover and restore trust while diminishing the power massive corporate monopolies (including media monopolies) have over our everyday lives."

tonnes more at:


@31: Yes, hauling derelict vehicles off backstreets in Georgetown will swiftly result in gangs of jack-booted trillionaires doing ... um ... something ... uh ... bad. Brilliant analysis, by your standards, anyway.

(You might want to stick with faithful regurgitation of material created for you by others. Riffing on it simply isn't having the effect you think it should have. You'll just have to trust me on this.)


well there's No One
I trust More for the
Billionaire's Take
than our own



@33: Your persistent name-calling really adds solidity to your analysis. Keep up the, uh, something work.


much like Dewey
you Ignore the meat
and grab aholt of the Unsubstantial

whilst some (of us) some prefer Name-calling
others prefer Dehumanization
& your Complicity is
Duly Noted


For the 1000th time
Unpaid readers are doing the simple editing required of so-called publishers.

It’s one thing if all the writers were hitting the bong in English class, but where’s the editor? They obviously are too unprofessional to even check their own work.

Here’s a list of often-confused words for those who actually sign their names to unedited, glaring mistakes.
May The Stranger (and half the garbage in my in box) take note and make it mandatory reading…

Any worker who disrespects their tools (including language) will never keep their job for long.


"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a parking ticket fluttering on a trashed-out RV — forever." -- Jor Jor O'Boinks, "The Laugh of Heaving (1984 mixtape version)"


"Any worker who disrespects their tools (including language) will never keep their job for long."

One C. Mudede is laughing so so so very hard right now, he's at risk of spurting yet another breakfast cocktail out his nose.


You know, I can't recall a single English class at Seattle Central where someone was stoned.

I can recall it during a Seattle Central Environmental Issues class, mind you.

So, let's stop with the aspersions on English Class, @36.


With Deepest Disrespect to Umberto Eco, here are the Stranger’s 14 Signs of Being Driven to Fascism:

The cult of traditional parking structures.

The rejection of high walk scores.

The cult of towing for towing’s sake.

Double-parking is treason.

Fear of opposite-side-of-the-street parking schemes.

Appeal to motorists’ frustration.

The obsession with a spot.

The trashed-out RV is both strong and weak.

Public transit is trafficking with the enemy.

Contempt for the weakly-enforced parking laws.

Everybody is educated to become a meter maid.

Machismo and ticket books.

Selective parking enforcement.


@38: I think we've now found the one person who was stoned in English class! ;-)

@35: Spend a lot of time "Duly Noting" other persons' "Complicity" in whatever new crimes you've defined, do you?


oh Tentsores
how you do
Crack us


Stranger presents: "Triumph of Ticketing & Towing" at Der Flim-Parkplatz. Showings at 8pm sharp. Attendance is required. Reviews will be good. (No, spectacular! You will enjoy it. Or else....)


40 & 41:
I am kind of enjoying this descent into absurdism.



If you're like us, you're getting through Seattle's more-rain-than-even-Seattle-in-Spring Spring Rain by munching more edibles and then devouring the latest cool graphic novel from Breakdown Lane Comics, their retro-futuristic sci-fi manifesto, "Mein Parkkampf." Tonight at UW, the Campus Center for Zionist Conspiracy Thought and BierHalle Prost present three readings. From Part 1, they'll read from Chapter 2, "1918: International Bankers Slash Germany's Rear Tyres," and Chapter 7, "The Imminent Threat from Jewish Bolshevism, or How Trotsky Ate My Beamer." From Part 2, they'll read from Chapter 13, "Repossessing Poland, Building the Autobahn." Polish up your boots, and see you there! 7pm, Seig Hall.

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