As Dina says, Keep your expectations low, and you should be pleasantly disappointed.
As Dina says, "Keep your expectations low, and you should be pleasantly disappointed." DAVID BELISLE

Seattle’s favorite chaos-clown returns to the stage with an all-new show about God knows what. Really. She’s not releasing details about the new show, aside from the fact that it features accompaniment by "enfant musicale Mr. Chris Jeffries," so there will probably be some singing. But who cares what it's about? If it’s Dina, it’ll be a guaranteed hoot. A self-described “tragic singer, horrible dancer and surreal raconteur,” Dina’s shows grab hold of the audience and throttle them to within an inch of their lives with bizarre storytelling, demented cabaret, and costumes that have their own costumes. “Well, I’ve never seen THAT before,” you will find yourself saying — that is, if you can catch your breath amidst all the gasping. The next day you will wake up and wonder if it was all a dream, until you look in the mirror and discover that thanks to an evil witch’s curse, YOU are now Dina Martina. Then you’ll wake up again and wonder if THAT was a dream.

Dina Martina at the Triple Door will be brazenly committed in nightly shows from Wednesday the 18th through Sunday the 22nd.