Nice write up Will, I like the legal approach you take to slog a couple times per week (similar to our philosophizing economist, Mr. Mudede).

On a snarky note, the oceans are grossly over-fished as well.


There are so many delicious scallop recipes Will, but more often than not a too-rich sauce will upstage the scallops' delicate flavor. Be adventurous, but cautious. Also, pick a good wine.


"I gave up meat because of sustainability issues and instead dramatically multiplied the rate at which I'm emptying & destroying the oceans instead" is certainly a take.

Just eat some fucking plants. Christ.


"Law students have to write an obnoxiously boring scholarly article in order to graduate."

I think that's just a Stetson thing, Will.


In the last few years it seems like the Consent Decree has mostly been used to impede reform. Hopefully it is ends up being a good thing it is gone so we can implement the actual oversight, transparency, and accountability that the CD failed to do.


Butter and garlic powder never fails, when it comes to a delicate sauté of scallops.
And I passed on the $30 per pound!! scallops at the organic store in favor of the $10 per pound scallops at Safeway!


"After giving up meat due to sustainability concerns a few years ago, I eat more seafood"

This is why people hate liberals.


hang 'em up a Disco Ball*
lend 'em up a Hand
& invite 'em 2 x 2
out for wonderful
Dinner. don't
Forget the

& the wine

*on the Beach + solar Powered so
you're Carbon fucking neutral
nevermind our Military's
Massive carbon Pol-
lution it's all for De-


don't forget to Vote!


We can spread out our damage with Surf and Turf!



don't forget to Vote!

*the '+' fell clean off !


WC, I enjoy the long-threads and the summations from deep dives into wonk worlds. Thank you. And, is seafood not meat?? Hm.


Seafood processing is also rife with human rights abuses. See Thai shrimp fishing boats.


Atlantic ocean and Alaska scallop fisheries are definitely worker-safe. I mean, I don't think stock options are involved but no slaves either.

It is amazing to me that off the coast of Normandy and Brittany they have been doing the most destructive possible bottom-dredging for well over a thousand years and they have not run out of scallops or oysters yet. So, have at it, as far as I am concerned.

I always just sear each side and then simmer.


@7 how is that so? the only thing the consent degree did in the last few years is stop the city council from applying half thought out ideas without any vetting or due process. If the consent decree hadn't been around and all those ordinances had gone into effect without any review there is no doubt the city would be litigating them right now and wasting massive amounts of money defending knee jerk legislation.


"After giving up meat due to sustainability concerns a few years ago, I eat more seafood”

Oh, brother. One of the most significant factors in our outrageous housing costs here in Pugetopolis — not to mention a serious aggravating factor in homelessness — is multi-billion dollar compliance with the Endangered Species Act on listed Washington salmon, which continue to be aggressively intercepted in southeast Alaska and northern British Columbia as if everything’s just fine, thank you … all under the protection of the Pacific Salmon Treaty.

The PST is nothing more than AK and BC dividing up our fish with Washington, DC’s approval. Upwards of 70% of the total Washington harvest of Chinook takes place in SE AK and BC. No chitz. Most of the trolling licenses in SE AK, which is the lion’s share of the SE harvest, are held by WA residents who put-put up from Ballard or Bellingham circumventing WA regulation and the Boldt Decision that guarantees half the harvest to the tribes. It gets even better. Those intercepted fish are half the size up there that they’d be if they were allowed to come down here so twice as many have to be caught to get the same money.

We hemorrhage money for hatcheries, habitat, water, runoff, energy costs, culverts, construction permits, shoreline management, growth restrictions, land management planning and God knows what all else and claw each other’s eyes out. And even when our money produces more fish, they just increase their harvest.

Sustainability my fat ass.


Sure - obviously things would be way better if we just paved everywhere, drained the rivers, allowed unlimited sprawl, and stopped fixing culverts. Really, might as well just fill in all the lakes and build McMansions.

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