I'm convinced the democrats are just abetting the republicans. Neither party is working for this country, it's just good cop bad cop on a national level.


@3 Have someone explain to you what extremist means, because clearly you don't know


extreme Healthcare for ALL
womenfolk GOTTA have them Babies
and NO Healthcare atall
plus Fascism!

sounds Identical to me


@2, don't blame this shit on me. fucking democrats have no spine, meanwhile repubs are getting shit "done" for their idiot followers. one is in the game to win it, one "goes high when they go low".

pokemon go to hell.


@12 Do you really believe we should not have voted for Joe Biden because he's "evil"? The result would have been Trump. Some folks need to grow up. When it gets to the general election, it will be either the Democrat or the Republican. And we can clearly see from the Supreme Court what the results of letting the Republicans win. We will have those consequences for years.


Will, Perhaps you should learn the difference between "disinterested" and "uninterested".


Ah, political polling. Because when you want to take the temperature of things in the modern society, there's no better way than to call some geezer who still has a land line and is sitting at home in the middle of the day, just waiting to yell their opinions into the void.


Anita Khandelwal can f' right off along with her "high utilizers" of the court system. I am so tired of the continued hand wringing over people who have continually shown they have zero regard for the rest of society. From Khandelwal's op-ed

"These actions will harm some of our community’s most vulnerable members — people who are unhoused, experiencing deep poverty, and struggling with unmet behavioral health needs."

You know what Anita? What about the other vulnerable members of our community like this woman who had the audacity to plant flowers in the city and for her effort got curbed stomped by some asshole:

or maybe this woman who was just walking down the street until another of Anita's assholes hit her in the head with a bat:

or maybe you don't care about woman at all Anita so how about this baby who did nothing and had hot coffee thrown in his face by someone who had been through restorative justice 70 times.

There are ZERO people in Seattle, including Ann Davison, who thinks a first or even fourth time offender should be put in jail but when we are talking 15, 20, 50 times at some point you have to realize its not working and that safety of the community takes precedence over someone who is incapable or unwilling to get better. It may be sad but you need to lock them away to protect the rest of us and even protect that person from themselves.


Jesus fuck Slog is a cesspool. not you, @13.


@19, not true I was at a park


@22 It truly is. The worst of the worst.


Joe BIden "embraced the far left?" What?

Here in this thread we have one MAGA dipshit screeching that Joe god damned Biden is a leftist now and another dipshit screeching that Biden and the democrats are just the same rightwing do nothings?

I mean it's like being in a room with Three Christs of Ypsilanti.


that's a $4 word
I'll give you a Quarter for it



@11 blip and @13 KEK55 for the fucking WIN, baybee!!!!


Uh, what happpened to the Slog PM from Friday?


Exactly who got polled in Joe Biden's "polling hits new low" statistic, Will? Cruelly misogynist, racist, gun-crazed MAGAs insanely gullible and dumb enough to ecstatically vote for the Orange Turd against their best interests TWICE, while violently threatening to overthrow the U.S. Government by claiming the 2020 election was "stolen"?

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