Our homies at the Pickford Film Center made this for us!
Our homies at the Pickford Film Center made this for us! Meghan Schilling/Pickford Film Center
If you've been around Slog this week, you might've heard that Unstreamable co-creator Chase Burns recently left The Stranger for another gig. I'm bummed to no longer work with him, but endings are also beginnings, as my mom always likes to say!

So I'm thrilled to announce that we are continuing Unstreamable over on Scarecrow Video's blog!!!!! Three years ago, we started the column on Slog to highlight Seattle non-profit Scarecrow Video's world-class collection. We're stoked to now partner with them directly while we continue supporting them and their 145,000-title-strong archive. (It's the biggest physical media library in the world!!!) The column may move to another site later this year, but for now, Unstreamable is going exclusive with Scarecrow this summer. Hot!

Over on Scarecrow's blog, the setup of our weekly column about movies missing from U.S. streaming services will look much the same: Two recommendations from me and Chase, one recommendation from Unstreamable guest blogger Matt Baume, and one movie or show recommendation from our vaults that is now available to stream. The posts will go live every Wednesday, starting next week. Don't worry—you can still read all of our previous Unstreamable entries on The Stranger's website. This big ol' list isn't going anywhere.

Thank you so much for sticking with us over the past nearly three years (!!!) of Unstreamable. If you have any recommendations, comments, or questions, contact us at unstreamablemovies@gmail.com. We're so excited to start this new chapter! Follow along for an upcoming announcement on a local Unstreamable film series and other projects we have in store. Happy watching! And talk soon!