“ It’s a big one, with 127 events throughout the city and over 4,000 volunteers signed up to clean, garden, and whatever it is the City doesn’t want to pay people to do.” = I don’t want to serve my community. I want my community to serve me, while I criticize nearly every consideration made to keep people safe and the wheels on the bus of this civilization which, uh, has seen better days…


cain't Wait till the Reptlicans
outlaw contraception next
and End All Welfare 'cept
for the Corporate kind

'cause nothing says Fascism
like multinational Corporations
unelected bureaucrats and jack-
booted Peace Keepers watching
over the 'citizenry' meting out Pun-
ishment and stealing All the Cream

at least
we won't be having
Any of that damn Socialism.



geo. carlin's
on HBO


"ONE SEATTLE, MOTHERFUCKERS! Tomorrow is Mayor Bruce Harrell's inaugural One Seattle Day of Service. It’s a big one, with 127 events throughout the city and over 4,000 volunteers signed up to clean, garden, and whatever it is the City doesn’t want to pay people to do."

Pay people to do? Why should a city in this day and age need to be cleaned? Oh, yeah, I forgot. We like filth, our parks invaded (parks, the only open area to people living in the sky), and harassed just walking down the street.
Well, mission accomplished!



Why are renters some special class of citizens that deserve the protection of the government? Government needs to get out of the middle of a contract between two adults.


So, in this hit-and-run story from Everett, someone was crossing in the dark while wearing no high-visibility clothing, in the middle of the block instead of at the intersection (let alone a cross-walk) and was hit by a car? Yeah, sounds like the judge made the right call there to not put that on the driver.

I wonder why the Stranger isn't screeching about that train hitting someone for exactly the same reason: not following the safety precautions set up for their own protection and crossing wherever the hell they want, thousands of pounds of speeding metal be damned. It's a real puzzler.


@6 - I just wonder about Amtrak and light rail here in America and why people (accidently?) get hit so frequently. In France and Japan, where trains travel lightning fast, and in the cities there, people don't seem to have a problem keeping off the fucking tracks.

Although it sold a lot of leather, I don't remember The Cramp being a goth-clothing store. I remember it is where you bought Doc Martens and grunge wear if you didn't have any holey, mismatched clothing of your own. And also it was where you could get a piercing done where people didn't usually have piercings. Now, you can have your clitoris pierced at Sears (or whatever), and there are another 10 places within walking distance where you can have it done.

I wish them well, but it won't be the same. Think The Pink Zone is ever coming back?


as a veteran of hundreds of hours of vollunteer service in our parks and gardens, I gotta say; slave labor can really get a lot done. I once moved 4 cubic yards of woodchips by compelling children to pass a bucket hand to hand up a hill until we were all shaking from exhaustion, now that's the kind of child abuse I really like to see.

Seriously, after helping feed homeless people (as a vollunteer, with donated food) for two years , my government did fuck all to help us; basically expected us to clean up their mess as they merrily went along knocking down affordable housing and spending their taxes on cops. I gotta say: can we pay good wages to hire some more park and rec staff so I don't have to rip out invasive weeds and replant your park?


As a part-time pedestrian, and frequent driver (for work. Calm down). Let me say this: While Seattle has notoriously bad drivers, we also have absolutely moronic pedestrians.

Yesterday I was driving on a residential street on Queen Anne, going below the speed limit when a young woman wearing headphones and walking her dog just walked out into the street. She didn't stop to see if anyone was coming. Just walked right out there. The same thing happened later that day in front of Roosevelt High School (although I'm willing to cut teenagers a little slack). It happens all over down, but it seems worse on the north end.

As for the morons who walk in front of moving trains or who get hit by trains because they were goofing around on the tracks, the only sympathy I have is for the people who are inconvenienced by the stupidity of the departed. For some reason, if it's a fatality (as it almost always is) the train cannot move again until the medical examiner arrives and determines that the deceased did indeed walk in front of the train. Than can take several hours.


Of course Hannah has no outrage about the encampment rapist that was charged yet again with rape. This time with a pregnant woman. He was quoted as saying he knew he could do it again after getting released when raping before. If you don’t write about crime in the encampments what does that make you? Hannah Kreig…. Champion of the Rapists.


yeah Hanna
and how in Earth
did you miss THIS:


The Root of Haiti’s Misery:
Reparations to Enslavers


didn't listen to any male artists in high school? why the fuck not? why draw arbitrary lines in the sands when it comes to art?


how Dare she


"Kicking people out before sunset"

The latest sunset this summer will be at about 9:10pm.

So...what you wrote was wrong.


Alki Beach can get pretty rough late on summer nights. It take quite a few cops to keep things tamped down. On the relatively rare occasions when there are not cops on the walk it gets ugly quickly. 19 year old guys with testosterone poisoning, mostly.


Contact tracing


thank you.


Based on what you say
The way
You say it…
That you still live….
In your mothers basement
At the age of 45.
I bet
Many will start to read what I’ve written and immediately go to the next comment because they’ll think I’m you. Time to grow up Peter Pan.


down of
Hannah was
quite Manly is that
how you Sweet talk
everyone else? but

sans pic
how'll they
Know? I do
Apologize if
you lack the
Free Will to
pass my po
sts merrily
on by tho
I Feel



In the 50’s and 60’s the black cloths wearing, self indulgent, bores were called Art Zombies. Then, by the 70’s, Art Faggot was the new term. Then, in the 80’s, Goth became the new moniker.


That CUTLASS SPRING description reads like parody of modern art, or a fever dream of a Republican who lives to eliminate funding for the arts.

Or, OOH! It's a joke, right? Rich is doing some test to see if anyone will take the bait and react to this obviously ludicrous thing, and I've taken the bait. This is the basis of some article he wants to write about the poor state of modern discourse or how the Stranger should just shut down the comments feature. ...Right? Those would make more sense than anyone paying money to sit (on a mat, no less) and watch someone stumble around the stage pretending to be a baby with severe ADHD.


@22 - touché


Yay to addressing the graffiti problem!


The Stranger’s ongoing criticism and implications of racism regarding the street-grade light rail through the south end is ridiculous.

If you were there at the time (and I was) Sound Transit took a lot of shit from a lot of entitled jackasses who thought the initial line should serve more white people, pushing for a line to the north. Many thought the airport was not the priority, and if it was we should use it to connect downtown through West Seattle. But ST told those people to stuff it, and instead purposefully brought hugely increased livability to an underserved, historically redlined area.

The project was underfunded at that point, and made some planning mistakes (like the atrocious design of the Mt. Baker station) borne from inexperience as well as a failure to copy models which had already worked elsewhere (Seattle does this all the time for reasons I’ll never understand). There was also a school of thought/wishful thinking that said above-ground rail would actually better serve the neighborhood through increased visibility, which would promote ridership and development near the line. But it was entirely a matter of money. If it was going to go through that neighborhood it had to be above grade. They determined, however, that the benefits to that area outweighed the drawbacks.

They made mistakes, sure. But to imply the south-end surface rail was borne from some kind of racist neglect is grossly unfair, laughably ignorant, and the worst kind of white gatekeeping.


Exactly, @25, it was intentional redlining, so it's ok, right?




Thunk it?


@26: As noted @25, the project was seriously underfunded. There was another route proposed, from Downtown Seattle, via East Marginal Way to Sea-Tac. This was cheaper than the MLK route, but only if the MLK route was above-grade the entire way. Lowering the MLK route to grade reduced the cost to below this threshold.

Yes, there was yelling back then about how this version of the MLK route was horribly racist, when the real question was if it would ever exist at all. (Nobody worried about pedestrians getting hit on East Marginal Way, for the obvious reason that no one ever cares about dead pedestrians there.) If we'd had proper funding, we would have built both the East Marginal route, and the MLK route as an elevated structure, but of course we shortchanged the project because Seattle.

P. S. The Council needs to act fast on that eviction ban, because the Stranger has repeatedly warned us about a "tsunami of evictions" which will arrive any minute now, and if it continues not arriving without an eviction ban, the Stranger will have a sad. )-.;


Glad to see others putting some responsibility on utterly suicidal pedestrians.
Jaywalk in the dark wearing black much? SUVs are being recalled because their headlights are so bright they are blinding other drivers. Contemplate that, jaywalkers.
The laws of physics are stronger than paper delusions of magical nonexistent omnipotence.

That said, everyone needs to remember that once a driver is off the street, ie a shopping center parking lot, pedestrians have 100% of the right of way.


@28 Thanks for the reminder, I completely forgot about the predicted tsunami of evictions. Are the courts now overwhelmed by unlawful detainer actions? Ort was the tsunami just hyperbole?


@26, given budget issues, the choice was:

1) For slightly less money, build at surface along MLK, the mainline of Black-majority residential southeast Seattle, or

2) For slightly more money, build at surface along E Marginal, the mainline of Port businesses and much closer for white people in West Seattle.

They close number one. Building above grade along MLK was not an option without more money. That’s not redlining. If you want to say Sound Transit should have asked for more money, or the city should have pitched in some, fine. But stop with the hyperbole.


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