Jess Stein


I Love This Strategy
This is one way to do it!
This is one way to do it! MB

Shoutout to my colleague Matt Baume for spotting this beauty! And thank you to Mousey for making it. Would love to see this in action, tbh.

Haha, Yeah
Literally same.
Literally same. JK

Like please, could anyone tell me what's going on?? ANYONE???? A musical break:

Such a Sweet Face
Sorta like the moon.
Sorta like the moon. JK

One of my favorite things to doodle! (This isn't my work, though).

A Quick Question for Ya
I think I know the answer...
I think I know the answer... JK

Misogyny! By the way, you should see Pleasure.

This Sticker Is Related to the One Above
Spotted on Pine.
Spotted on Pine. JK

I'm pretty sure this was posted during last week's march for abortion rights. Rock on!

What Do You Think Tom Is Up to Right Now?
I can assure you I didnt.
I can assure you I didn't. JK

It crushed me when I found out that MILLIONS of songs on Myspace got completely wiped a few years ago. So much local music gone in an instant! (But it looks like there's a tool to find some of it? I haven't noodled around with it yet, but it looks promising.) Thank Chunky Brewster for this!

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at jkeimig@thestranger.com.