I think rich people really really want loud gay sex on their front lawns. Let the sequel to Eyes Wide Shut commence!


MySpace Tom sold it for over half a billion dollars then fucked off to travel the world. Bravo, I guess.


Would they even hear it? Or even care? Given the loud and lustful passionate sex they're having in their chateaus?


Weird kink shaming.

Is it the same mechanics of patriarchy that make women who like things like breath play, spanking/flogging, binding and general rough stuff or are they considered part of healthy non shameful sexuality?

If it’s normal sexuality for those women who prefer their sex to include the elements above and its abnormal sexuality for men to be ok with or take pleasure from participating in these sex acts with a woman then does any man who agrees to rough up his partner a bit at their request a good and giving partner or an opressor? would it be a form of assault for a woman to ask a man to restrain her or provide some element or pain during sex if he didn’t take discrete pleasure from these acts and would feel more comfortable not partaking in them as he does not enjoy women in pain even if that pain is part of maximizing her pleasure but she coerced him into doing so somehow?

I personally don’t take any joy in images of women in discomfort and am pretty darn vanilla in my tastes and my wife really prefers a good roughing up to go with her orgasms. In order to defeat the patriarchy should I stop fucking her right?

And raindrop shut up and go away.


You were "crushed" by the loss of the music, but can't be bothered to even try to figure out whether the recovery tool would get some of it back?


So I have two responses to the question about why men are aroused by images of women in pain.

The first is that it is a fundamental part of human biology. If we see something that seems like us in pain and distress our nervous system responds and it triggers the triple F response. How the imagery is presented has a lot to do with which F gets precedence.

Secondly, is is bold of you to assume that the folks who aroused by images of women in pain are not also aroused to images of men in pain.

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