That wastewater covid survey is really cool but note that it shows wastewater itself (the dark blue line) is climbing, covid may have just hit a local peak




Neither Stanwood nor Port Townsend are in any way "suburbs."

And I'm glad to see the Stranger at least acknowledging that bike theft is a problem. If only there were concentrated areas (for example, next to freeways or along the Ship Canal) that seemed to have piles of stolen bikes next to some tents, where said bikes could be recovered . . .

Finally, other papers are reporting that the monkeypox outbreak may have happened through sexual transmission at some large rave parties that brought people from all over Europe together. Seems like there is a furry joke in there somewhere.


Matt, you really think people at a John Mulaney show were "expecting comedy" but got upset at Chapelle's "Fox-News-Grandpa" joke?

Do you not know what Mulaney did last year? They paid good money to see him in 2022; they're obviously ready to forgive those transgressions.


Matt wins today's coveted Dori Monson Bullshitter Award © for lying in a headline!

Saying we should have safe corridors doesn't equal telling cyclist to drop dead. But this is The Stranger, and Matt is a Fox News level bullshitter.

Congrats to Matt!


It's kinda weird how even though the Stranger was a sponsor to the U-Dist Street Fair there was barely a mention of it here. Meanwhile, we get multiple photos of a Bothell street fair?


“If two cars need to pass each other, they have to wait for bike traffic to clear, then maneuver into the bike lanes to go around each other.”

but that isn’t how it Is
on the teevee – it’s All
Wide Open Spaces where
we’re Free to steer whichever
way our Heart desires – thru fields
mud Protesters! & the like
‘cause isn’t that the Deal*
we made with Big Auto?

“Drivers in the Netherlands are able to handle this arrangement just fine, but we’ll see how Americans, who are all morons, will react.”

not sure if we’ve fully Re-
covered from roundabouts
quite yet but if everyone is Well-
Armed and Dangerous we ‘should’
be just fine and let God sort out the

*Freedom -- for $19,995 - $100K
(and up) to go UN-impeded
as FAST as possible
and the Devil take
the Foremost


‘Sure, Louisiana has a massive problem with people dying in pregnancy — but not if you stop counting Black parents, Senator Bill Cassidy (R) (rrr) pointed out’

hey ‘republicans’
just go back to Olden
Times – make ‘em 3/5*
Peeps & Problem Solved!

*of course we’ll need to make
Corporations 5/3 Citizens
to balance Everything
out but again that’s
just The Natural
Order of Things
and Remember
(or oughtta!)
be Done.


@5 no shit. Not to mention SoDo is the industrial area of the city not a residential neighborhood or even an office district. Having one or two streets with a safe bike lane seems to be a good balance between the need for safety and the continued movement of goods in and out of the port.


@3, furries ARE the joke.


Lackey calling People of Color, Colored People was weird for sure. We should enlist the NAACP to cancel her.


You see the Office of Shameless Self Promotion is an adjunct of the Advertising Department and for reasons of journalistic integrity is hidebound from coordinating from with the Editorial Department, which is likely in utter disarray at the moment anyways.


"...just the latest in a string of motorist homicides in the [SODO] neighborhood..."

Homicide requires intent, Matt. If you think there's been a string of INTENTIONAL vehicular homicides, you're burying the lede about a potential car-based serial killer lurking around the industrial district. Or, more likely, you're using sensationalist phrasing with big words you don't understand because you're a hack. Perhaps you should stick to familiar ground like furries and the yiffing scene, but I'm not your editor. (Does the Stranger still employ editors, in the purely-online era?)


".....(just the latest in a string of motorist homicides in the neighborhood)...."
Gee....I haven't heard about any homicide convictions involving the deaths of cyclists. Must be that SLOG lacks any credibility or influence as a journalistic endeavor.....or could it just be the usual shitty reporting by Matt Baume when he demonstrates anew his total lack of understanding of journalism, or even in fact for a minimal grasp of the English language.
That's in addition to SLOG & Baume's lack of understanding of the political process wherein going from zero safe bike lanes to some safe bike lanes would be considered by most rational human beings to be a victory.....esp by cyclists who don't get run over.

"Starbucks....Find somewhere else to get your coffee — workers...on strike today:"
Who drinks that inferior brew anyway? It's the customers who should be on strike as well.

"escalators...Sound Transit’s plan isn’t to get them all working properly until 2031."
Where the heck is AARP & The American Association of People with Disabilities? Another example of SLOG's total impotence. If you Google "national association of disabled" it returns the names of about a gazillion organizations. I don't know what language it is but SLOG must be an acronym for Limp Dick in some language.

@7, that was tough to watch. And first, without ANY qualification, the semi driver ought to be crucified. There was no reason or excuse for that, other than he didn't care one whit about the cyclists. The bikes were visible, he could have taken the right turn, he could have slowed, there were a dozen ways he could/should have avoided the bike. That said, as I wrote last week, when I was in Bordeaux France last month, cars, buses, trams, bikes, motorcycles, scooters (gas, manual & electric) all coexisted happily on the same the inner city where the max possible speed was about 25MPH. In the burbs & on the expressways, you only saw cars & trucks. There's a reason for that. I can't imagine what would possess anyone to ride down the middle of a high speed road like that. (Yeah, I saw that they were in the right most through lane. But it was still an insane place to ride.)


When people jaywalk, they do not have the right of way. That’s why, when they get hit, it is not a homicide. When they do it wearing black, at night, they’re just not rational. Where were this citizen’s peers about his jaywalking habit?

It’s tragic for the jaywalker, but all those crosswalks, walk/don’t walk lights, sidewalks and wheelchair ramps are there for pedestrian safety. These items come out of the DOT budget, not residential taxes.

This city has been invaded by 200,000 more residents than it was designed for. Pedestrians need to realize they are in an overcrowded city where idiots drive talking on phones. Be ALERT! Stay in your designated spaces. This isn’t a little town where one can amble across the sleepy street any old place you choose.



No. Homicide is the killing of one human by another human with or without malice, and with or without intent.

So yes a motorist hitting a bicyclist would be considered a homicide.


@18: I guess the dictionary definition - which I verified before posting - is lacking, then. And where does that put manslaughter under your summary?


Until we start killing cyclists at the same rate as we are killing workers with COVID, I don’t consider this a problem.


@19 read harder


Put the bike people on the Busway. It’s way underutilized. Or complete the bike path that runs alongside it from the Stadium station to Lander Street.

You’d have to be nuts to want to ride on any of the Avenues in SODO, or Airport Way. Trucks have limited visibility and they need a wide arc to turn. Also, the streets are in rotten shape down there.



“Merriam-Webster Webster
a killing of one human being by another”

Seems pretty straight forward to me.

I’m the first to criticize the Stranger’s lack of editorial oversight but in this case Matt is absolutely right, the killing of one person by another is a homicide. It might be accidental, intentional, justified, or negligent but it is a homicide.


@21: Ah, yes, Wikipedia. Thank you. I've never heard of this website before, how fascinating!

I verified the definition from a simple google "define homicide" check and its result is from "Oxford language." I'm pretty sure this is more verification than Matt has ever bothered to perform on literally anything at the Stranger, so I felt that was sufficient.

@23: Again, "killing a human without intent" can also be manslaughter, but I guess your legal definition is as surface-level as mine and you decided instead to side-step that question instead of admitting you don't know where the line is drawn. Cool.


Uh, what happpened to the Slog PM from Friday?


@24 -- A homicide requires only a volitional act or omission that causes the death of another, and thus a homicide may result from accidental, reckless, or negligent acts even if there is no intent to cause harm. (

Manslaughter is a common law legal term for homicide considered by law as less culpable than murder. (

So basically manslaughter is a type of homicide.

This means you were completely fucking wrong, and your pedantic little rant was pointless. You owe Matt and everyone else here an apology for wasting our time. You could have simply raised the question ("Is it really homicide if there is no intent?") but instead you just jumped at the chance to correct a professional writer. Filled with arrogance, you made a minimal amount of effort to check yourself. When corrected, you didn't bother to admit your mistake, but made baseless claims on one of those that corrected you.

What was the fucking point? Assume, for a second, that Matt used the wrong word. What difference does it make? Would using different words somehow clarify the situation? Is there any confusion because of the words he used?

Fuck no! It was clear from the very beginning what he meant. Your comment was never meant to clarify, it was meant merely as an insult. It was a dick move, and it turns out, a baseless dick move.


@24 Per Meriam-Webster the English language definition of "homicide" is "a killing of one human being by another."

Whether accidentally or purposefully kill another human and it's a homicide.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to criticize the Stranger, and Matt's writing. This is not one of them.


@26 bravo

lotta Hate on tS's
at times sloppy af
writers these days

will the Complaintariat
EVER be Gruntled?

I say call 'em Out
when they Fuck up
let 'em have
their Heads and
see what they Make of it


The advisory bike lanes would work if we had universal health care (as most of Europe does) to take care of injured bike riders, but no, this is the U S A, so instead we just have a bunch of lawyers to sue each other!


Two points: 1. Not sure when NAACP became an organization with a “slur” in its name rather than just an antiquated word. 2. Most people including liberals agree with many of J.K. Rowling and Dave Chappelle’s concerns, it is only the loud very-online community that believes these people should be pariahs after only seeing excerpts shared on Twitter.


"Currently, Sound Transit’s plan isn’t to get them all working properly until 2031."

I used to defend Sound Transit from accusations of it being a big boondoggle. No longer. That proposed timetable is just clear confirmation this town is the town that don't know how. One problem with Sound Transit is its board is made up of local elected government officials. That's just doubling down.


It must burn you up that your efforts to cancel Dave Chappelle have failed. Reminds me of Glinda's line from Wizard of Oz -- "You have no power here. Be gone before someone drops a house on you, too."


speaking of Chappell & dropping homes on peeps
here's Eddie Murphy's (over-the-top) response


Hey Matt, JK Rowling is much cooler than you. Also, how do you, in the same dumb post, bitch that no one cares about Covid anymore and then also glamorize a packed street festival concert because it's in the burbs? Are your editors all high? Oh....


rockyboy, as usual, Our Dear Matt was a wee hysterical in his writings. While he didn't cite anything official about the escalator situation, the petition he linked to alluded to the replacement of the downtown equipment being completed by 2031, which seems reasonable for a capitol improvement project of that scope and expense.

I suppose that they will have to limp along with what they have for the time being. Not an optimal arrangement at all, but it's not like they are deferring maintenance for the next nine years.


they oughtta have
the Escalators fully
fixed just in Time for
The BIG ONE & unless
I'm mistaken we're Overdue

let's Hire peeps who need
the Exercise and they can
just carry peeps up or down
although Sleds might be the
funnest or even better yet get
Prisoners who gotta Work for Free

any Excuse to get Out
prolly be Good for them.

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