Here's the link that Matt is too snarky and full of himself to post, as if his snide take on the matter is an excuse for not providing convenience for Slog readers.


It's going to be great when this bat shit insane SCOTUS goes after their rights. All of the people cheering in glee about women being demoted to subhuman incubators and the incarcerated having to suck up shitty legal representation are going to lose their fucking minds when their rights get gutted. I mean, who cares, right? Until the court decides you don't deserve human rights either.


"It’s no surprise that conservatives
hate reading - probably because
it makes their lips so tired... "

they were
Reading for

they sure seem to have
Mastered the Art of Politics
(and Very Wealthy Sponsors)


@xina -- I can't Wait to
see Uncle Thomas escorted off
the Bench black-robed & sportin' Shackles:

''but I didn't Know
that was the Slavery
one! or I NEVER wouldda
Voted to Repeal the damn thing!

you guys
Tricked me!

yet Another Lynchin'!''


Heck, I’ll thank Mayor Harrel for giving us back Woodland Park.

Right now, we have a development drama in our little corner of Beacon Hill. A full city block that has never been developed (in part because of steep slopes) is set to become 44 townhomes, but the NIMBY’s are suddenly realizing that we don’t have a park, and that we need tribal blessing. Public hearings are forthcoming!


@1 As always, fuck off.



I see plenty of widely respected news sources neglecting to link to disturbing video these days. Give it a rest.

Bummer about the NYC pay phones! I know I've answered at least a couple randomly ringing public phones in my day. Always seemed such an enticing prospect, fraught with all the possibility and excitement that I could soon be speaking to anyone, anywhere, about anything. Don't recall how any of those conversations went of course, and so it's probably safe to assume the boundless possibility of those calls failed to delver on their potential, but still!



@8: Not including a link is fine. Describing an available link but deliberately not linking to it is playing games with the reader, standoffish, annoying, if not rude - regardless of the subject.


no dewey it's playing
Games with You
more* please

see also: @7

@5 jtrplk
Believe it or don't
they have actual Busses
to Port Townsend and Sequim
right from the ferry terminals. know
how to do a Transfer? you might even Get there!

*less Disturbing thnx!
let dewey search
for the Atrocities
keep 'em Busy
the Busier the


@6 we recently had nimbys force the city to buy an undeveloped woodlot to maintain it as their personal backyard rather than risk exposure to new taxpaying neighbors in Olympia, it is infuriating (and housing remains unaffordable).


To understand the history of planned improvements for the 48, it helps to go back to Mayor Murray, and SDOT chief Scott Kubly. They were in charge when the city passed "Move Seattle", that was supposed to fund several big improvements for transportation in the city. They were corrupt or incompetent (or likely, a mix of both) and when the levy passed, informed everyone that it wouldn't pay for much of what was planned. This included improvements on 23rd. A lot of the history has been wiped clean, but on page 82 of an archived document you can see "Corridor 4"

This was to be a combination of the 48 and the 7. That idea was nixed fairly quickly, but it made sense to add all of the improvements listed there. This should include BAT lanes from 520 to Thomas, and then again from Jackson to Rainier. It wouldn't be as much as on some other corridors, but it would likely make a huge difference. It is also likely that there will be BAT lanes on top of 520, once the dust settles. This will not only speed up the 48, but express buses from the UW to the East Side (e. g. the 255).

It is a shame these improvements are moving so slowly, but you can only blame the current administration -- or even the previous one -- so much. Kubly was eventually replaced with Zimbabwe, who did a pretty good job.The proposal for the 40 is outstanding. Now he is gone, and the acting director probably doesn't want to do anything bold. They are also struggling with lack of funds, partly due to Kubly and Murray's mismanagement.


@5 -- There are buses to Port Townsend -- they just don't run that often. After you take a ferry, you have to take buses from two different counties (Kitsap and Jefferson). Neither county has a huge amount of money to spend on transit, and relatively few riders. There just aren't that many people headed to Port Townsend, and it is a long distance. This makes it very expensive.


Yes, there are still working pay phones in Seattle.

But you can discover them for yourself.


Comrade Harrell doesn't get that Seattle doesn't like Mayors who think they work for the suburbanites instead of the actual voting citizens.

Another in a long line of Epic Fails.


@14: It was all about Matt's anger at Jason Rantz. There is nothing particularly upsetting about a car crash, expect stupid people.


The video doesn't even show the hammer being used. It was out of range.


“It was all about
Matt's anger at
Jason Rantz.”

thought it
was Cramps

“There is nothing
particularly upset-
ting about a car crash… “

might be a Be-
Heading who

“… expect stupid people.”

them damn Dunning
Kroger basterds

“The video
doesn't even show
the hammer being used.

It was out of range.”

you musta been Devasted
perhaps there’s more
Carnage elsewhere?
happy haunting &
Happy hunting!

ccc: @7


@23: You make no sense as I have no idea who assaulted who in the crash aftermath, nor do I know who was to blame. I didn’t have a dog in this fight. Sorry, but your extrapolations are inaccurate.


@24: Matt didn’t mention the hammer. You teased the hammer, I clarified the video doesn’t show it. So?


I didn't see any more information on GenderCool's project that's being vilified. I wanted to point out that the WA chapter of GLSEN has an ongoing Rainbow Library project that sends LGBTQ-related books to middle and high schools.


@27: ok, mea culpa, I overlooked that the headline/url of that mynorthwest article had those words.


fourteen of fifteen DEAD
in latest Massacre in NYC

[sorry no video]

Australia had a Massacre
and they Fixed it. so.
could. We. not over-
fucking Nite but
fucking Still


14 maybe 15 dead.

wtff this is what we get
for letting the so-called right
Dictate the Conversation here


no, sorry
make that a Texas
School shooting with


@19: "Comrade Harrell doesn't get that Seattle doesn't like Mayors who think they work for the suburbanites instead of the actual voting citizens."

Then why are "actual voting citizens" of Seattle thanking him, right here in this very comment thread?

(Oh, and on the topic of Seattle's Mayors, and citizens' perceptions thereof, how's that RECALL DURKAN thing working out for you?)


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