You love to see it.
You love to see it. Courtesy of the Cultural Space Agency

ICYMI: Seattle's Cultural Space Agency made a second big acquisition. This time they partnered with Rainier Avenue Radio to buy Columbia City Theater. For the first time in the building's 100-year history, it will be Black-owned. According to a press release, the two organizations threw down $3.2 million for the theater with funds coming from the Strategic Investment Fund and private donors. The plan is to reopen Columbia City Theater next year after doing renovations. They need to improve accessibility, do some seismic upgrades, and add better air filtration. “I’ve been dreaming about owning this building for decades,” says RAR's Tony Benton in the press release. “I’m committed to creating opportunities for this space to be available to the community, to be supportive of our growth, to be a part of making this neighborhood thrive.”

Activision Blizzard workers have their union! Twenty-eight quality assurance testers at Raven Software, an Activision Blizzard subsidiary, have voted to join the Communication Workers of America, reports NPR. The Gamer Workers Alliance is only the second formalized union in the American video game industry. In a statement they said their "biggest hope is that our union serves as inspiration for the growing movement of workers organizing at video game studios."

Pierce County sheriff caught being weird: A lawyer representing Sedrick Altheimer has filed a temporary anti-harassment protection order against Ed Troyer after the Sheriff allegedly followed Altheimer "on several occasions while he was driving his paper route, flashing his lights at him," reports KING 5. Through his attorney, Troyer denies following Altheimer around. Currently, Altheimer is suing both the Sheriff and Pierce County for $5 million after Troyer allegedly lied about a confrontation between himself and the Black newspaper carrier, causing a massive police response.

A huge two-car crash on the Ship Canal Bridge caused southbound I-5 to shut down for hours: A missing driver from that crash is believed to have fallen into the icy waters below, reports KIRO. According to authorities, rescue swimmers and divers now consider their search a recovery mission. Cops also say that the other driver, a 22-year-old man, has been arrested "under suspicion of DUI."

Weather break!!! Though the highs will only hover in the low 60s instead of the 70s, that won't stop Seattleites from breaking out their shorts. I swear, it gets above 55 degrees and people bring out the flip flops. Make it stop! I don't want to see your toes!

David Perdue is a sore loser: The Georgian dweeb and former Senator is trailing incumbent Brian Kemp in the Governor's race. So what's a guy to do? Make racist remarks, of course! In an rant to a mostly white crowd, Perdue said that Stacey Abrams—the presumptive Dem nominee—was "demeaning her own race" in how she wanted to address Georgia's problems and said she should "go back where she came from" (Wisconsin) if the Peach State was such a bad place to live. !!!!! The unvarnished truth from these GOP bottom-feeders.

And Abrams's response? “Regardless of which Republican it is, I have yet to hear them articulate a plan for the future of Georgia." The fact that she had to have such a composed reaction to Trump-supported Perdue's disgusting racism lest she get targeted more is infuriating—he was hardly even competition! In any case, Georgia and several other states are having high profile primaries today. You can follow election coverage here.

Oh, the horror of an AI's mind's eye: These images are freaky!

Meanwhile: That sneaky little momma's boy Mike Pence is low-key distancing himself from Trump and laying the groundwork for a 2024 run. The New York Times reports that he popped up in Georgia just yesterday to endorse Trump's (one of several) mortal enemy, Gov. Kemp, in the gubernatorial primary. Already, Trump's flaks are saying that Pence is "desperate to chase his lost relevance," so you know the ol' Commander in Chief is heated. Drama!

Jesus: Seattle cops arrested a man who allegedly tried to ram his SUV into two pedestrians on a Capitol Hill sidewalk, reports the Seattle Times. Police said the three got into a verbal fight after the suspect yelled a racial slur at a street performer and then tried to hit the pedestrians twice with his car. They arrested him in his Queen Anne home and booked him into King County Jail.

I wish I was this free: Such a win.

Just in time for Pride: Seattle Pacific University continues its draconian and homophobic attitude towards its queer and straight employees. The board of trustees kept rules banning workers from engaging in gay sex, extramarital sex, and cohabitating before marriage in accordance with the Free Methodist Church USA, reports KING 5. I thought Methodists were supposed to be chill! Today, SPU students have planned a walkout to protest this heinous, backward, and deeply ridiculous policy.

Amazon's Just Walk Out tech debuts at T-Mobile Park: The new so-called "Walk-Off Market" got its start at last night's Mariners game, giving baseball fans the option to get their overpriced food and drink purchases without having to wait in a long-ass line. According to GeekWire, fans seemed "a little confused about how and if they paid," unaware of the thousands of cameras watching their every move. I'm not a baseball fan, so I'm going to keep my mouth shut, but isn't waiting in line for a hot dog kind of part of the ~experience~?

Are you a rewards-based person? Then Seattle Public Library's summer reading challenge is for you! SPL has a 2022 Adult Book Bingo card made in partnership with Seattle Arts Lectures. If you get Bingo or blackout, you'll get entered into a contest to win prizes. Just like in elementary school! Reading categories include "banned or challenged book," "a book about books," "outside your comfort zone," and more. I love having a lil' task.

For your listening pleasure: Blood Orange's "Dark & Handsome (feat. Toro y Moi)."